TW Steel Canteen in Cool Black

You would think that with the inception of modern cell phones, needs once met by watches would be overcrowded. Who needs an alarm or chronometer on their watch when a phone can be used as one? It turns out it’s not that simple: guys love redundancies – many carry several bottle openers on them at all times, for example – more on that in future posts.

Watches still need to meet at least one basic criteria: they gotta look real sharp. The Canteen won’t disappoint: it’s got an oversized face available in 2 widths (45 or 50mm), a screw on attached crown-cap, uncluttered dial with date, and unique black-on-black case/numbers/hands. Interestingly, they coated the hands and numbers with a Super Luminova glow in the dark layer (who knew black could glow in the dark?).

Check out TW Steel’s website for more, or pick one up at Amazon for 260$.