The Roost Laptop Stand

We’ve grown to rely on laptop stands at home to optimize good posture and minimize eye strain, but half the point of a notebook computer is portability (and unfortunately our big bulky stands aren’t going anywhere). Enter The Roost, an über portable device that functions just as well at home as at any makeshift workplace equipped with a table and chair – though you’ll need a keyboard and mouse to make use of it. The Roost boosts your notebook’s screen about a foot off the desk to eye level all while correcting posture, then collapses to a tiny form factor for portability. Plus, it’s made from super strong Carbon Fiber and Delrin plastic, weighs a paltry 5 ounces, and fits most laptops with 13″ (or bigger) screens – check for compatibility here, though all current 13″+ Apple notebooks fit without a hitch.

Pick one up here – $65