Remington Touch Control Beard Trimmer

With Movember in full swing, a guy’s gotta have the right tools to clean up. While most beard trimmers have either replaceable combs or a twist-system to allow for varying lengths, these options keep us wanting more, since you’ll always have to settle for one of their predetermined settings.

The Remington Touch Control Beard Trimmer basically revolutionizes beard trimmers as we know them. ¬†Forget fidgeting around with levers or twist systems: the length is controlled via a touch-sensitive face (no word yet on whether it’s multitouch-capable). This system also allows control in 0.1mm increments, totalling 175 distinct length options, something no other consumer trimmer before it has ever offered. Worried about accidentally changing the setting mid-shave? There’s a locking function to prevent that. Another plus: it can charge through a simple USB port, so no more wall socket incompatibilities to worry about while travelling.

This Remington makes a great guy gift this holiday season as well. Hint hint. Get it at Amazon – only 50$.

Update: reviews are coming on on Amazon and don’t look so hot. Might want to wait for a revised model.