Pebble E-Ink Smartwatch

We’ve been waiting on this one for a long, long time: Pebble is, in our opinion, the first smartwatch worth owning. Rather than being its own standalone device, Pebble talks to your iOS or Android smartphone via bluetooth to keep tabs on all sorts of stuff, feeding you caller ID, SMS/email, and alerts (Facebook, Twitter, calendar, etc), while letting you control your music or other integrated apps at the same time. Pebble also supports its own apps which so far include a bike computer and golf rangefinder, both making use of your smartphone’s GPS. Other features include a monochrome e-ink display, vibration motor for silent notifications and a 3-axis accelerometer, encapsulated in a scratch-resistant, anti-glare plastic casing and a surprisingly reasonable price. Phew, we haven’t had that much to write about a product since… well, ever.

Find it at Pebble or Amazon – 115+.