Shinola + Surefire Flashlight

An EDC torch that’ll likely last as long as you do, the Shinola + Surefire Flashlight is a collaboration between two American brands both renowned for quality. Shinola’s contribution includes the overall branding, with their logo and thunderbolt on either side and a distinctive orange high-polish bezel in Shinola’s signature orange. Surefire’s P2X Fury beneath this new hard anodized shell takes care of the rest, outputting a peak of up to 600 lumens for 90 minutes, or 15 lumens for up to 46 straight hours. Or something in between using their IntelliBeam technology — enabled with a click of its tailcoat switch — that actively adjusts light output in real time to best suit your environment.

Learn more at Shinola – $195



Canary Flex Weatherproof Security Camera

Weatherproof, versatile, and even wireless (if need be), the Canary Flex Security Camera can keep an eye on your home without needing much in terms of installation. The included 360-degree magnetic swivel base lets you precisely point the 1080p mic- and night-vision-equipped camera while an assortment of accessories, including the flexible Twist Mount (shown), Stake Mount (which is exactly what it sounds like), and locking Secure Mount make it even more suitable to a range of applications. Otherwise it also connects directly to your WiFi network so there’s no need for hubs, features computer vision-enhanced motion detection to set and send alerts and such, and boasts a built-in 6,700 mAh battery to run for several days without being plugged.

Find it at Amazon – $175



Futurefarms Spacepot Grow System

A hydroponics growing system for the masses, Futurefarms’ Spacepot takes all the work and maintenance out of growing fresh herbs. There’s little soil involved; instead, the plants grow bigger and faster in nutrient-rich water since crucial resources are more easily accessible. So using a Spacepot is as easy as filling it with a water and nutrient mix, planting seeds in the Growpod’s growth medium, and then waiting, no watering necessary. A short few weeks later your plant will sprout. Includes one pot, one starter kit with basil seeds, and eight months of nutrient concentrate.

Find it at Futurefarms – $50

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Sports & Outdoors

Survival Axe Elite

Half axe, half oversized multitool, Innovation Factory’s Survival Axe Elite should prove plenty useful even if you don’t need to chop wood. A replaceable 6-inch sawzall blade flips out of its glass-filled nylon handle, which also integrates a hardened steel glass breaker and seat belt cutter — so maybe leave this one in your glove box in its included leather sheath. Otherwise the head of the axe packs even more functionality, which spans a bottle opener, can opener, hammer claw and head, pry bar, wire twist, and a handful of hex socket wrenches.

Find it at Huckberry – $80 [via]

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Sports & Outdoors

Matador NanoDry Trek Towel

Surprisingly big when unfurled yet surprisingly small when not, the Matador NanoDry Trek Towel is tailor-made for travelling or impromptu outings to the beach. Pop it out of its silicone travel case and shake it a couple of times to reveal its full 24- by 47-inch dimensions. The towel’s made of nanofiber that holds precisely 2.3 times its weight in water, dries quick, and boasts a gold-coat antimicrobial layer that stops it from growing unwanted lifeforms, even if you occasionally pack it back in all wet.

Grab one at Huckberry – $35

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Trench Lighter

The differences between your run-of-the-mill Bic lighter and the Trench Lighter are rather stark. For one, the original World War I Trench lighter was built of spent bullet casings and scrap metal — i.e. just about anything soldiers could get their hands on in the trenches. This modern rendition isn’t, but it’s made to look like one with parts of brass and steel. A sliding flame protector switches up to light the wick, which sits in between a wind-guard for use in strong winds, and then flips back down to snuff out the fire. It’s also got a keyring loop on the tail end that grants access to the cylinder for refuelling.

Find it at Cool Material – $36

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Spyslide Webcam Cover

Industrial engineers didn’t painstakingly design your laptop computer just so you could spoil its looks with a sticker or, worse, a piece of tape, over the camera. The stainless steel Spyslide Webcam Cover is both subtler and a far more elegant solution. It’s ultra-thin at 0.023 inches (0.6mm) as to not interfere with screen closing, sports a small bump to facilitate sliding open or closed, and is completely self-contained so there are no loose parts to lose. Works with laptops, desktops, and tablets, and comes in either matte black or metallic silver to suit them all.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $10

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Sports & Outdoors

SupFlex BigSUP

Stand up paddle boards are typically for one rider. The comically large SupFlex BigSUP, on the other hand, holds up to ten. Fortunately it’s inflatable so it’ll actually fit in your car deflated and rolled, with two valves and two double action hand pumps to hasten the process and a fully rigid body once fully filled. Thanks to its 4’11” width, 18′ length, and three removable fins it’s (unsurprisingly) quite stable, and double-layer military-grade PVC plus a drop-stitch core mean it’s actually stronger than rigid foam boards. Though you’ll need handfuls of friends participating to make riding efficient, not to mention paddles for all.

Find it at SupFlex or Amazon – $2,500 [via]

GET IT: $2,500


Ironate Stovetop Pizza Cooker

Nothing compares to crispy pizza fresh from a genuine pizza oven, but anyone without the room or cash to drop on one can opt for the next best thing: the Ironate Stovetop Pizza Cooker. Load one with a pizza — frozen or fresh — and pop it on any type of stovetop, or even a grill or campfire. Its high carbon steel construction soaks up heat and disperses it into the pizza, with a cover (with two wooden handles that won’t get hot) to seal it up and raise temperatures to a blistering hot 800 degrees (with an adequate heating element of course). It’s otherwise basically built to last forever and also works for sautéing, stir-frying, and searing foods other than pizza.

Learn more at Huckberry – $145

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Nike Outsole iPhone 7 Cases

The slick body of a bare iPhone is by no means a sure grip. Nike Outsole iPhone 7 Cases should help, and though while they’re not made of the same material as their shoes they do resemble a couple of their iconic outsoles. Models include the Nike Roshe and the Air Force 1 (shown), both sneakerhead-pleasing and crafted of two colors of thermoplastic polyurethane that’ll shield your precious device against bumps and bruises.

Learn more at Nike – $35

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Food & Drink

Discommon Lowball 2 Tumbler

Maybe you’re accustomed to Discommon’s radical and overbuilt designs, or maybe not. Either way the Discommon Lowball 2 Tumbler stands out from lowly glass vessels in its extravagance. The cup is milled from aerospace grade aluminum, textured, almost organically, for added comfort while cradled in hand, and finished with an inert coating in matte black that won’t contaminate your liquor with unwanted taste. Inside, it mirrors the traditional whisky snifter with a complex hourglass shape to trap aromas and increase surface area so you can warm up its contents — that hopefully actually do the tumbler credit — by cupping it in your hand.

Find it at Discommon – $280

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Bragi Dash Pro

Bragi’s Dash Pro wireless earphones are self-proclaimed intelligent. And with freedom from both wires and language barriers, we’d tend to agree. The two independently wireless earphones connect to your device using Bluetooth, though 4GB of on-board memory means you can use them as a stand-alone music player as well. Like the AirPods the case doubles as a backup battery and charger to give the earphones, which have a 5 hour runtime on their own, a total life of 30 hours by stashing enough juice to recharge them fivefold. The big difference in terms of sound quality is that these boast Knowles’ Balanced Armature drivers in each earphone for clarity and dynamism that you won’t find in your run-of-the-mill cans, not to mention passive noise isolation by way of FitTips foam and FitSleeves silicone tips. Most uniquely though the Dash Pro also automatically tracks your activity (and all the metrics that come with it) whether you run, swim, or cycle, and integrates iTranslate to translate conversations and communicate in real time and in over 40 languages, so a person can speak a foreign language into your phone’s microphone and Bragi’s app will automatically relay speech in your language to the headphone (and vice versa, as the headphones pick up your speech and output a translation on your phone’s speaker).

Learn more at Bragi – $330

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