Ekster 2.0 Slim Trackable Wallet

Many sleek wallets leave you shuffling through a stack of disordered cards, trying to find the right one; their lack of individual pockets (and thus organization) is what makes them slim. The Ekster 2.0 has a better solution: a pinky-activated switch that quickly flicks up all six contained cards in an accessible stepped fashion to get you the right one, stat. Both the Parliament and Senate Ekster (click through to second image) feature this mechanism plus a cash strap and an extra card pocket, though the former boasts a few extra pockets on a bifold flap to hold up to ten or eleven cards. They both also come with the option of a slim, solar-powered Tile-like tracker that slips in like any other card and emits noise when activated (via smartphone) to help find it.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $70+

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Food & Drink

Kruve Coffee Grind Sifter

Obsessed with the consistency of your grinds? You’ll likely appreciate the Kruve Coffee Grind Sifter. Kruve doesn’t replace your existing coffee grinder: instead, once the beans are done grinding, pour them into Kruve, close its lid, and shake gently side to side. The first sieve in the triangular device traps boulders (large particles) while the second, finer sieve lets through fines (powder-like particles) — both which otherwise adversely affect the taste of your brew — leaving behind a middle layer of perfectly consistent grinds. Interchangeable sieves come in twelve sizes, from 200μm to 1100μm, in 50 to 100μm intervals, so your grinds can be as perfect as you like. Boulders can always be re-ground the next time while fines can be composted or used in cooking.

Find it at Kruve – $50+

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Pagani Huayra Roadster

Horacio Pagani claims the Pagani Huayra Roadster is the most complicated project the carbon fiber supercar manufacturer has ever untaken. That’s certainly likely considering this Roadster is not only roughly 200 pounds lighter than the Coupe it’s loosely based on but also far stiffer thanks to the utilization of Carbo-Titanium and Carbo-Triax HP52 composite materials in its chassis, and all this despite its removable carbon and glass roof. A custom 764 horsepower Mercedes-AMG twin-turbo V12 and a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox get enough power to the wheels that, when coupled with the car’s stellar handling, achieves lateral forces of 1.8G (read: the highest of any street legal car). Sadly, all 100 production units are already spoken for, so save your cash for the next one.

Learn more at Pagani – $2,400,000

GET IT: $2,400,000

Sports & Outdoors

MyCanoe Origami Folding Canoe

Everything’s better when it folds, particularly if you live in a cramped city apartment. The MyCanoe Origami Folding Canoe can literally slide under your bed for storage in the colder months and then can be brought to the lake in even the most compact of cars, assembling to an 14 foot adventure-ready canoe in about ten minutes. Uniquely, the carrying case becomes the floor of the canoe so you’ve got nothing to leave behind or worry about, and there’s room to sit two adults comfortably (with a max load of 440 pounds). While the building material may appear flimsy it’s rated to 20,000 fold cycles, and the fact that it’s double-layered — plus the four stabilizing ribs on the inside — make for a very steady, hard-to-capsize canoe despite its portability. It’s also compatible with a range of accessories such as inflatable side stabilizers to boost the weight limit and an oar lock kit to help make paddling on both sides simultaneously easier. Hell, it’ll even work with small trolling motors. And when you’re done exploring and ready to head home, it folds back up in five minutes flat.

Find it at Kickstarter – $840+

GET IT: $840


MyLifter Bluetooth Enabled Winch

Your garage may have a high ceiling, but all that vertical space is most likely not being put to use for storing stuff. The MyLifter Bluetooth Enabled Winch changes that by lifting even some of the heaviest equipment to the ceiling. It’s small, yet one MyLifter alone can lift up to 100 pounds of stuff and controls wirelessly from your smartphone via Bluetooth, easily handling seasonal products like bicycles, kayaks, or miscellaneous gear without having one more dedicated remote to undoubtedly lose. Smart points can also be programmed on the fly to quickly — and safely — get objects to the right height. For heavy duty tasks up to four MyLifters sync up to handle loads of 400 pounds such as, for instance, a platform loaded with a snow blower and lawn mower.

Find it at Amazon – $180 [via]

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Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet

The Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet builds off the G-Class, elevating it to a degree of luxury that makes the latter look rather pedestrian in comparison. An significantly extended wheelbase would give room for lugging more gear but instead that space is put to better use with two first-class rear seats, pulled from the S-Class, with massage functionality, integrated inflatable air chambers for fine tuning comfort, and everything you need to kick back and relax (which for Mercedes means a screen for each, an electrically operated glass partition that can go opaque at the push of a button, thermal cup holders, and a distinct climate control system). Not to mention an electric folding top over the rear that lowers for enjoying the open air. But while it’s about as lavish as possible it’s equally capable off-road, with nearly 18 inches of ground clearance and a 630 horsepower, 737 lb-ft torque-producing Mercedes-AMG V12 biturbo under the hood that’s linked to a locking differential 4×4 transmission.

Learn more at Mercedes-Benz – $TBA



RetroBlox Modular Retro Game Console

It’s so far been impossible to find one emulation-based gaming console that’ll play every single one of your retro games without lag or issues. The RetroBlox Modular Retro Game Console aims to do just that by way of Element Modules that swap out various modules each compatible with old school cartridges — as well as controllers and other hardware — from the NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis, amongst others. An included CD/DVD optical drive also handles disc-based games like those from the PlayStation and Sega CD. Other features include an SD card slot for saving copies of your game ROMs to your digital collection to then play without the cartridge, native upscaling to 1080p, and streaming capabilities to show off your endeavors on Twitch or YouTube.

Learn more at RetroBlox – $TBA



Tex-Lock Textile Bike Lock

The benefits of using textiles in a bike lock are obvious, namely flexibility and low weight. And so is its drawback in being easy to cut, or so you’d think. Yet besides getting frayed the Tex-Lock Textile Bike Lock doesn’t give in to bolt cutters nearly as fast as chains or traditional metal wire bike locks. Four of the lock’s five layers (all but the decorative outside) protect it from attacks, with a water shield, a fireproof shield under that, then a cut resistant layer over the saw resistant core. Three sizes include small and medium versions and an XL variant that’s got a big eyelet through which to slip the rope and make creative use of its full 70-inch length. It also won’t ever scratch your bike’s frame, includes a magnetic saddle mount for small and medium sizes, and comes in four colors — grey/black, black/gold, neon salmon, plus a more traditional all-black — that are a welcome departure from the stark looks of every other bike lock you’ve owned.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $97

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Action Drawstring Backpack Pro

From afar it may look like your run-of-the-mill airy, lightweight drawstring backpack. But a closer look at the Action Drawstring Backpack Pro reveals features unheard of in this space. It’ll store and organize your stuff across five compartments, amongst them three YKK zippered pockets, on top of securing your action cam to your torso via an optional GoPro compatible center mount. A hydration-compatible pocket and tube routing hardware also handles your CamelBak (or other) hydration bladder, if you’re into that sort of thing. The Action DB Pro also solves the cord unevenness problem with Channel-Anchored drawstrings that always keep both sides balanced, and its Hypalon plus water-repellent DWR fabric construction keeps its contents shielded from adverse weather.

Find it at Kickstarter – $45+

GET IT: $45

Food & Drink

Zume Robotic Mobile Pizzeria

One Silicon Valley startup — CafeX — is bringing you robot-brewed coffee. The Zume Robotic Mobile Pizzeria aims to do something similar with pizza. Instead of baking your pizza at a fixed location and commissioning a driver to bring it to you, Zume plans on finalizing the baking en route and just four minutes out from your house, guaranteeing that a fresh and crispy pie arrives at your doorstep. While there’s still a lot of human help in baking their pizzas, an ABB-designed robot arm loads the pizza into the oven and an automated slicer takes care of cutting eight perfectly even slices. Give it ten more years plus self-driving cars and Zume might go completely human-less, though there are no official plans for that just yet.

Learn more at Zume Pizza – $TBA [via]



Vincent Bartender’s Hand Salve

You don’t need to work a bar to appreciate Vincent Bartender’s Hand Salve. This waterproof moisturizer protects your hands throughout the day lasting up to four hours per application — or through several hand washings. Bartenders and others working in the kitchen will particularly appreciate the fact that it’s non-greasy, making handling wet tools or glasses less precarious, and since it’s unscented it won’t impart handled foods or drinks with any undesired flavors. The small pocket-sized tin only makes it easier to pocket and always have on your person.

Grab a tin at Amazon – $9 [via]

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Monarch Box

It’s hard enough to hide the fact that you’re planning to pop the question without a big, bulky box bulging out of your pocket. The Monarch Box is both much slimmer and much better built than the cheap faux-leather or faux-velvet box that came with it. Each Monarch Box is CNC machined of either aluminum or stainless steel and lined with Bridal Satin, the former then anodized in blue, black, or red while the latter is simply bead blasted for a raw but clean look. Magnets hold the discreet-looking box shut until you’re ready and, when opened, the two halves fold 180 degrees around to carefully present the ring in all its glory.

Learn more at Monarch Box – $130 to $160

GET IT: $130


Mophie Pro Cables

They don’t look much different than the charge cables that came with your device. Then again they don’t cost much different, either, and yet Mophie’s Pro Cables aren’t likely to fall apart even when abused. Inside, a heavy-gauge wire delivers the same power flow and syncing performance you’re accustomed to but with a rugged braided nylon exterior that’s abrasion and tear resistant. Kevlar amor on the inside adds to their strength, and keeps the cables flexible but just rigid enough to prevent tangles. And if you manage against all odds to wear one out at any point, Mophie will replace it.

Available in micro-USB, Lightning, USB-C to USB-C, as well as other combinations at Mophie – $25+ [via]

GET IT: $25+