Nest Learning Thermostat

Apart from being approximately a million times better looking than a traditional “beige box” thermostat, the Nest’s main selling point is saving you lots of money (about 20-30% of your current energy bill and it should pay itself off in a year or two). The brushed stainless steel casing and colour LCD display hide a plethora of sensors that accurately determine current temperatures, detect whether you’re home and light up the device when you’re nearby. Learning is what it does best, as it adjusts temperatures in your home throughout the day as you would’ve – i.e. lowering temperatures when you’re gone and at bedtime.

The Nest is also technologically adept: it can update its own software over WiFi and can be controlled over a smartphone or a computer. Sold yet? Find out more at Nest’s website, or pick one up at Amazon – 250$.