Naimakka Skydivers Bracelet

We hate having to choose between aesthetics and practicality. As it turns out, Naimakka’s Paracord Bracelets aren’t just cool accessories, but also boast value when unravelled, since the nylon rope has a minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds. Uses include attaching gear to your backpack, helping rig up a makeshift shelter, making a splint for a broken ankle, a bowdrill for starting a fire, and much more. Plus, if you unravel it into its individual yarns, it can be used as dental floss, sewing thread, or to make a fishing net – though at this stage dental hygiene might be slightly lower on your priority list. We have a particular affinity for their Skydivers Edition, shown, which features repurposed paracord (same breaking strength) held together using a handsome brass Sweden Snap Shackle that’s über useful in itself.

Find it at Naimakka – $95 (or check out their regular, less costly lineup of paracord bracelets at roughly $45 each)