Jawbone Up

I wanted this before I even knew what it was. The Up, by Jawbone (makers of the stylish and sound-cancelling bluetooth headsets are soon releasing this bracelet, equipped with an accelerometer to determine your activities at all hours of the day. In conjunction with their software, this enables us to also track determinants such as meals. It can also act as an alarm via vibration to either wake or transmit reminders. It’s also waterproof and designed to be worn literally all the time & everywhere.

Unfortunately (and surprisingly), it’s not bluetooth enabled and must be plugged to phones or computers to transfer data. Could be cool, or a flop, like the tons of other fitness gadgets that we don’t hear about anymore. We hope for the former.

Check out 9to5mac for some more info.

Update: here’s a solid review (Engadget) you should check out before considering purchasing one. There may be some issues.

Update2: Read the letter from Jawbone’s CEO here. Amazing that they’d go so far out of their way to make their customers satisfied, respect warranted.