Canary Home Security

Home security is a polarizing subject. On one hand, we’re not too keen on installing hefty hardware and then paying steep monthly fees to a company that’s unlikely to do much in case of a break-in, but on the other we’d prefer to deter and put pressure on would-be looters. And for that, Canary might be just what we’ve been waiting for. All contained within one compact tabletop device that sets up in minutes, Canary packs a handful of sensors including a night vision-equipped HD camera, microphone, motion detector, temperature/humidity sensor, and air quality sensor, leveraging them to keep tabs on your home. Over time, Canary learns what is and isn’t normal for your particular household, and sends video notifications straight to your smartphone.This also eliminates false alarms: if an alert pops up, have a look through Canary’s camera right from your iOS/Android smartphone, then decide whether to trigger its siren and/or call the police yourself.

Learn more at Canary – $249