Hard Graft 2Unfold Laptop Bag

Where to start with the awesome creations at Hard Graft? To resume my thoughts on their gear: want. Everything.

The 2Unfold laptop bag basically transforms and can be carried in a variety of ways – by the handle, on your back like a messenger bag, or folded like a man-clutch. Just don’t call it that in front of anyone.

When folded, it can still fit a 13in MacBook Pro, and can fit the monstrous 17in version when at its full size. Made in Italy with materials like wool felt and Italian cow leather – identifiable not only by the looks and distinctive smell, but also the price. But if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind bag that won’t be sported by every second teen on the metro, you’ve found it.

Available in 3 colors over at Hard Graft – Nero (black), Heritage (brown) and Grey – 520$ .