Food & Drink

Bacon Express Bacon Grill

If making bacon wasn’t a bit of a mess we’d probably eat even more of it, which is to say too much. Feel similarly? Then steer clear of the Bacon Express Bacon Grill. While it’s really only good for one thing, that thing is cooking bacon to a perfect crispiness, which more than offsets the sacrificed counter space. Open the two doors and load it up with regular or thick-sliced bacon, then adjust the dial and close the doors back up. Its vertical cooking surface won’t trap grease and fry the bacon in its own fat like pan frying does, instead draining it with the help of gravity in a slide-out drip tray so you can feel slightly less guilty — and compensate by eating more.

Find it at Amazon – $40

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Ikea Sladda Bicycle

It’s affordable, clean-looking, and comes in a flat-packed box. If you’re thinking Ikea you’re on the right path, but it’s not furniture. Instead the Ikea Sladda Bicycle is the Swedish furniture giant’s first foray outside the home, though you’ll still need to build it before riding as you probably expected. The Sladda is powered by you through a belt drive that’s rustproof, maintenance free, and comes with a 10-year limited warranty specifically covering the powertrain. An even better 25 year warranty backs up the aluminum frame, which sports a double coating of lacquer that should stave off everyday scratches. Both the front handlebar’s angle and height are adjustable, and you’ll notice just a single brake and cable leaving the handle that leads to the front wheel’s disc brake; the rear wheel stops with a coaster brake and there are no gearshifts to click through since an automatic two-gear system in the rear hub takes care of shifting. They’ll also sell you a slew of accessories including front and rear racks, a trailer (big enough to transport some flat-packed furniture), helmets, bike bags, and more to deck out the cruiser to your requirements.

Find it at Ikea – $500

GET IT: $500


Tobacco Humidor Candle

Nothing is more soothing at the end of a tough day than aged single malt and a fine cigar. But social morays what they are it can be difficult to find the time or place to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and aficionados of the smoking art know some things can’t be rushed. While there’s no replacement for opening your humidor, selecting a cigar like a sommelier would choose a fine wine, and pursuing your own relaxation ritual, the Tobacco Humidor Candle offers the next best thing. The intoxicating aroma of rich tobacco an musky cedar that tantalizes the olfactory when opening your humidor have been captured in a 100% soy wax candle. While not hand rolled, these candles are hand made in New Jersey and can fill your room or office with the scent of a stocked humidor — all without exposing your cigars to dry air.

Find it at Cool Material – $25

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Sports & Outdoors

TreePod Camper Tent

Never had a chance to build your dream treehouse as a kid? Make up for lost time with the TreePod Camper Tent. While it’s not made of wood this tent is held by a single suspension point — presumably, a single thick branch — and floats above the ground, its base clear of uneven terrain, rocks, and land-borne animals and insects. This simplifies setup since you won’t need to perfectly align and affix straps from two or three separate trees, though a rope from each corner  into soil keeps the tent from swaying in the wind. It’s also weatherproof, is reinforced by a lightweight aluminum frame that’ll hold up to 500 pounds, and has enough room for two.

Coming soon. Learn more at TreePod – $570

GET IT: $570


X-01 Titanium Pen

Contrary to what ad and PR hacks would tell you, a pen can’t transform your writing or help you put thoughts on paper any better than a pencil or a word processor. However a fine writing instrument can inspire one to go beyond what they perceived their limits to be, and the X-01 is such a pen. The minimalist design does away with caps and clips to allow the unibody design and custom-made retraction mechanism to shine. Precision machined from titanium, aluminum, or brass, its all-metal construction is solid yet lightweight enough for marathon writing sessions, save for the brass model which is more of an acquired taste at a hefty 74 grams. Easily obtained rollerball water-based refills keep you up and writing with a year cap off time per refill, accepting standard Schmidt cartridges in fine, medium and broad tips.

Read more at Kickstarter – roughly $43+

GET IT: ~$43+


Ford GT Ordering Kit

Don’t settle for picking your car’s paint job and rims from online photographs. While it won’t come with your order of a Ford Fiesta or Focus, lucky applicants approved to order a Ford GT will get a Ford GT Ordering Kit to help making crucial decisions like the above more enlightened. The carbon fibre case opens with a latch identical to one on the race car and includes samples of all exterior colors, interior material swatches, and the six available wheel options with brake caliber colors. So you’ll know exactly what to expect look-wise when your GT is finally delivered along with a replica VIN plate with the same serial number as your ride to be retrofitted into the latch of the kit.

Find it at Ford.


Food & Drink

Adamantini Indestructible Martini Glass

Chances are slim that whatever martini glass you’re currently sipping from starts as a 25 pound block of 303 stainless steel. The Adamantini Indestructible Martini Glass does and that’s just the reason it’s basically unbreakable, even if you tend to clink glasses real hard. Milled down and hollowed each Adamantini still weighs just over a pound and holds 8 ounces of your preferred cocktail. Since it’s bottom-heavy a relatively small base stabilizes the glass — and your drink.

Find it at Wolfram Manufacturing – $200

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Chums Key Quiver

Cheap. Simple. And effective at rectifying that mess of keys in your pocket. The Chums Key Quiver is made up of a silicone sleeve and a fastener that turn a bundle of keys into a Swiss Army Knife of sorts, albeit one that’s suited to opening doors and locks. Four keys fit inside along with the included tasker tool that adds a few more gadgets to your arsenal, namely a bottle opener, both flathead and Phillips screwdrivers, and two rulers: one Imperial and one SAE. Chunky car key fobs are of course left out but they can still hang on to the included keyring.

Find it at Chums – $10 [via]

GET IT: $10

Food & Drink

JUISIR Cold Press Juicer

Juicing is great. The cleaning of the machine that inevitably follows isn’t. JUISIR follows in the footsteps of the uber-convenient Juicero in making juicing close to effortless, albeit with reusable juicing bags (or single use, if you’re lazy) to fill with your own fruits and/or vegetables instead of purchasing proprietary (and pricy) juicing packs from the company. To use it, you’ll need to chop up some fruits and vegetables into dollar coin-sized pieces and load the bag up with about 0.8lbs of the stuff. Then, insert the bag into the slot on top and press the machine’s only (and very prominent) button to put it to work exerting about 8 tonnes of pressure on the bag’s contents. Out comes about a cup of juice over the next 90 seconds, and since no parts of the machine come in contact with the bag’s contents other than the bag itself there’s nothing else to clean.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – roughly $450

GET IT: ~$450


2018 Ford Mustang

From the outside and at a glance you mightn’t tell the 2018 Ford Mustang apart from last year’s model — at least if you don’t notice its aggressive front-end, hood vents, and new rear bumper — but the numerous refinements and upgrades add up. Engine options one-up the previous V6 and include either a turbocharged 2.3 litre four-cylinder EcoBoost or a 5.0 litre naturally aspirated Coyote V8, either or mated to a six-speed manual or a new ten-speed automatic transmission. Go with the Premium model on either the EcoBoost or GT and you’ll be greeted by a 12-inch digital LCD instrument cluster that can be customized in color and to one of several gauge layouts. Otherwise it’s got brighter LED headlights and tri-bar taillamps (not to mention fog lamps), a quad-pipe exhaust, and a ton of other hard-to-resist options such as heated steering, nine choices of wheels, plus a Voice-Activated Touchscreen Navigation System that integrates nicely with your smartphone, sparing you the need to tap away on a tiny screen to skip tracks or start navigation.

Arriving in fall. Learn more at Ford – $TBA



Refyne P1 Modular EDC Pen & Flashlight

The Refyne P1 Modular EDC Pen & Flashlight isn’t just your garden variety ballpoint pen with a dinky bulb slapped on the end. The rugged flashlight is lightweight yet extremely strong thanks to a grade 5 titanium build and boasts a bolt action mechanism that presents the tip of the included waterproof Lamy M22 rollerball insert, displaying a red dot within the bolt’s cutout to indicate that it’s ready to write. On the tail end lies the removable flashlight module, secured both magnetically and with a twist-lock to the pen body to prevent from knocking it off accidentally. Inside is a CREE XP-G2 LED emitter and circuit with two modes — 9 lumens on low and 130 lumens on high — which is more than adequate for everyday use. And though a single (and unconventional) 10180 battery powers the flashlight, you’ll never need to hunt another one down, even when drained, since it’s both removable and rechargeable via a micro USB port and charge indicator hidden beneath the head cap.

Available in polished and bead blasted finishes at Kickstarter – $70

GET IT: $70

Sports & Outdoors

Klymit Hammock V Sleeping Pad

Sleeping in a hammock, as opposed to on the ground on a sleeping pad, has its advantages. For instance you won’t need to deal with rocks and uneven terrain nor lug around quite as heavy gear in your pack. Still, the air can be cold, and the all-too malleable fabric can lead to awkward back curvature and limited sleeping positions. Klymit’s Hammock V Sleeping Pad addresses these issues and others by way of an inflatable pad that fits all standard-sized hammocks, both single and double wide, and supports you whether you sleep on your back or side. It inflates in a quick 15 to 20 breaths and wraps around your body to create a barrier from the cold, with several non-slip zones to keep the pad and sleeping bag snugly in place until dawn. It’s also made of a rugged 20D polyester and weighs in at 27 ounces, boosting packability and carry. Otherwise available for preorder in an insulated version that’s even warmer.

Grab one at Amazon – $140

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