Retreev Mini Grappling Hook

Feeling like Batman or perhaps even Hawkeye or any other superhero that relies on a set of grappling hooks to pull him up? Well, the RETREEV Mini Grappling Hook may not come with the fancy superhero costume, but it does come with magnetic head that powerfully attaches to any ferrous metal. It also comes with 3 completely removable and replaceable heavy duty spikes for grabbing and pulling onto…

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Magic Leap VR

Featuring a digital lightfield that allows individuals to seamlessly blend virtual objects into the real world, the Magic Leap One is a technology that is truly revolutionary. It comes with a robust sensor suite allowing you to digitally reconstruct anything and giving you that capability to interact with lightfield objects. The room mapping and visual perception technology embedded into the Magic Leap One is perfect for the detection…

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Supra Tag Credit Card Multi Tool

The Tag Supra promises to be an entirely different kind of multitool that is just perfect for today’s road warriors. The Tag is no bigger than an ordinary credit card yet houses in its titanium casing 14 different tools that can make any emergency situation a lot more manageable. It’s also designed to be airplane-friendly so you won’t get into trouble with the TSA. While the Supra Tag…



SealLine Urban Backpack

The SealLine Urban Backpack is a rock-solid yet truly lightweight wonder that is perfect for the daily commute. Each backpack is RF-welded to afford exceptional all-weather protection. It comes with a roll-down watertight closure to keep the integrity of your items inside its spacious interior while allowing ease of access via its innovative QuickClip feature. Inside the SealLine is an optional organizer to help you better manage your…

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CRKT Guppie Multi Tool

Indeed, this multitool looks like a robotic guppy from the tropical waters of the world. The only difference is that the Guppie doesn’t really feel at home in aquariums. Instead, it revels in the toolboxes and pockets of handymen, survivalists, and campers the world over. This multitool comes with a razor-sharp blade made from high carbon stainless steel, an adjustable wrench, and a carabiner gate for ease of…

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Dremel Rotary Tool

Detailing jobs require precision instruments and tools that you can control with utmost ease. And with Dremel’s variable speed rotary tool, completing any detailing project is a breeze. The Dremel 400-4/34 comes with a high performance motor that you can easily control using its variable speed setting. It comes with an electronic feedback mechanism that helps ensure consistent speed even under variable loads. You will never have to…

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Versa Neo Watch Winder

If you’ve got one of those classic watches that run automatically without the need for batteries that you only need to wind them every so often, then here’s a gadget that is perfect for you and your favorite timepiece. The Versa Neo Single Watch Winder is an elegant looking winder that is purposely engineered to rest your watch at the 12 o’clock position, making the Versa Neo an…

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Techo Autowater

One of the best ways to minimize the transmission of disease-causing germs is by washing your hands. Unfortunately, if you touch the faucet right after washing, then you’re recontaminating your hands. That’s why you have to install the Autowater into your own faucet to help prevent the transmission of germs. Autowater comes with state-of-the-art motion sensor that detects the presence of your hands under the faucet. This instantly…

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RavPower Multi Tool Knife

It looks mighty tough. That’s because the RAVPower Multitool Knife really is built tough. It is designed for the toughest men on the planet: survivalists, rescue operators, and many more. The RAVPower features a variety of tools embedded into its nifty folding pocket knife design. It has a bottle and can opener, a screwdriver with 9 different bits, a knife and saw blade, and even a pair of…

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Rylo 360 Camera

The Rylo camera is not like any other action camera that you’ve seen. It’s small, compact, and comes in minimalist styling. It shoots 360-degree photos and videos in 4K ultra-HD resolution. Rylo features dual lenses, each one providing a 208-degree field of vision allowing you for seamless coverage. This is actually equivalent to a wide angle lens at a rating of 7 mm. managing your pictures and videos…

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