Suck UK Laundry Punching Bag

While a necessity, Hampers are neither interesting nor very desirable. Suck UK’s Laundry Punching Bag, on the other hand, is certainly a bit of both. Styled like a punching bag, you can use it to let out some steam before actually washing its contents, and it’s far less conspicuous than a traditional hamper when left out. Since it’s made of polyester it’s a cinch to clean and is…

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Pill Pack

Sorting through a myriad of medications — not to mention taking them properly — can be a nightmare. Pill Pack greatly simplifies the process. Instead of shipping you drugs in vials and having you figure it out, this online independent pharmacy sorts your medications by the dose for each time of day and wraps them in small, square sachets that are way easier to manage. They also ship to your door for…



Samsung The Frame Television

Samsung’s Serif is one unconventional TV design that stood out from the spartan slim-framed black rectangles we’re used to. Now the Samsung The Frame television is another. While most sets strive for thin or nigh-nonexistent bezels, The Frame embraces its, well, frame, made of wood or metal, to look more like a work of art, and adds to this with an “Art Mode” that displays custom-designed art to liven up…

GET IT: $2,000+


Everyday Carry Breakdown #170

Each week we’ll show you an everyday carry – a small selection of tools, gadgets, and gear carried daily to cope with a variety of situations – worthy of a few minutes of your attention. This week’s carry belongs to a custom door specialist in Davie, Florida. For the full June 23rd breakdown, hit up Everyday Carry.

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Mini Museum Third Edition

Maybe you missed the first Mini Museum. Perhaps the second as well. Or maybe you didn’t but still need a Mini Museum Third Edition. Encased in this transparent Lucite acrylic block is a range of curiosities and rarities that are sure to catch the eye. It comes in two sizes — large and small — which feature 29 and 12 specimens, respectively, and which include a piece of a 14th century…

GET IT: $130+


Zolo Liberty+ Wireless Earphones

You might not be familiar with Zolo but chances are you’ve heard of their parent company, Anker, which makes some pretty solid stuff. Their latest sub-brand is taking a swing at the wireless headphone niche with Zolo Liberty+ Wireless Earphones. Besides a graphene-coated dynamic driver for improved sound quality and what amounts to almost instant wireless pairing, these earphones are sweat resistant, fit comfortably thanks to liquid-silicon eartips that adapt…

GET IT: $100


Tops Knives Slingshot

It’s not for hunting. Instead, Tops Knives’ Slingshot is just for having fun, though despite this it’s machined rather solidly of 1095 steel and fitted with a black canvas Micarta handle that, all in all, looks quite unlike the sling you probably played with as a child. Each also includes a hefty rubber band with a leather pocket for holding a projectile, and also ships with a rugged brown leather sheath for…

GET IT: $100


OnePlus 5

The company known for besting flagship phones at a fraction of the price is back with the OnePlus 5 — and it’s got more than a passing resemblance to the iPhone 7, most differentiated by the presence of a headphone jack and a USB-C charge port. Still, this device nets you a hell of a lot of phone. Most notably, its dual rear 20-megapixel camera allows for shooting bokeh-style portraits,…

GET IT: $480+


FourSevens Mini Turbo Mk II Combo

Not much bigger than the CR123-sized RCR123A high discharge rate battery that comes with it, the everyday carry-suitable FourSevens Mini Turbo Mk II packs way more punch than many far larger flashlights. The integrated Cree XM-L2 emitter and included battery allow the flashlight to achieve an output of a staggering 1,020 lumens on its highest setting, and switches through high, medium, low, and moonlight mode (of 0.8 lumens) with subsequent twists of its…

GET IT: $60

Food & Drink

Teforia Leaf Infuser

Making tea isn’t as simple as dropping a bag into hot water, and the Teforia Leaf Infuser knows that. This high-tech countertop device instead plays on variations in temperature, steep time, aeration, agitation, and more, to brew a cup of tea like you’ve never had. The Leaf reads your Teforia tea package to know just what techniques and settings to use. When necessary, it’ll perform several microinfusions — that’s…

GET IT: $400