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You can’t climb with it, but the Firebiner still does more than your average bottle opener-equipped carabiner. This carabiner can open bottles too, but more importantly on the bottom lies an integrated EverSpark firewheel with replaceable ferro rod that shoots sparks to help start fires a lot quicker than rubbing sticks. It’s also got a small utility blade for cutting rope or fishing line as well as a screwdriver, just in case. Each is made of titanium-coated stainless steel with a 50 pound hanging weight limit.

Find it at Kickstarter – $10

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Artifox Desk 02

It’s as minimal as its name would suggest but the Artifox Desk 02 isn’t lacking in thoughtfulness. It’s made of either white oak or walnut with either a surface of the same or of white powder coated steel. The classic design assembles easily, with features that include an integrated steel grid on the backside to cleanly attach chargers, a dock that acts as a resting place for your phone and tablet, holes in said dock to slip a cable through — and hold it in place using a soft felt Knot — plus a peg on each side that functions as a hook to hold headphones and a backpack. Also compatible with a handful of other Artifox accessories including a pen tray, a dry-erase slate, and a stand (shown on the left side of the desk) that adds an elevated platform.

Find it at Artifox – $900+

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Zei Time Tracker

Tracking the time you spend on various activities is tremendously difficult, in part because the monitoring process takes so much time itself. The Zei Time Tracker does this effortlessly and intuitively. This white polygon boasts eight blank sides that can be written or annotated on and that are simultaneously assigned to the same task digitally. Every time you switch activity just flip it to the corresponding side and the device starts counting seconds, later transmitting collected time data to your computer or smartphone to compile handy reports. Despite the fact that you’ll need to have it on you to use it — though its accompanying app will let you time track in a pinch — Zei seems like a sleek way to better budget your most valuable resource (and find out what you’re really wasting it on).

Find it at Kickstarter – roughy $77

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American Shine Co Shine Box

Getting your shoes to a brilliant shine takes more than just a can of shoe polish and a brush. American Shine Co’s Shine Box, contrarily, legitimately comes with everything you could possibly need to do just that. Supplies includes a pair of horsehair shoe shrine brushes, two horsehair polish daubers, both black and brown carnauba wax shoe polishes, a leather conditioner, a microfiber cleaning cloth and an extra long cotton flannel polishing cloth, all packed away nicely in a large wooden box that doubles as a rest for your shoe. Available in a smaller Pioneer and larger Executive sizes and made of one of several woods — including chestnut, ebony, dark walnut, and cherry.

Find it at American Shine Co. – $175+

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Osprey Radial 26

Last year’s Osprey Radial 26 backpack has been our go-to bag for rides and hikes in warmer weather thanks to its Airspeed back panel and ventilated straps, but this newly released model makes us a little envious. It’s still got a handful of bike-friendly features including LidLock for attachment your helmet, a stretchy front pocket for stashing your U-lock, and a slot for rigging up a rear blinker light. The new version also boasts an integrated kickstand that keeps the pack standing up for loading or unloading. Its dedicated laptop compartment also makes the pack a solid option for commuting, with a hidden rain cover for insurance against bad weather. Plus with 26 litres of space there’s room for just about everything across its several pockets and plenty of mesh organizers to hold every little thing in its place.

Learn more at Amazon ($140 to $170) or Osprey ($170) [via]

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T1.1 Watch

Besides reliability — and by this we mean lifespan and required maintenance, not timekeeping accuracy — a timepiece’s most important assets are its looks. LTHR Supply’s T1.1 Watch strikes an intriguing balance between complex and functional; that is, despite the concentric circles of numbers surrounding its face, interpreting time is as easy as reading the three outlined within the time window on the left. Inside, a Swiss Ronda 763 quartz movement keeps it ticking away for years on one battery and on the outside its 40mm stainless steel case — available in a variety of colors — is capped with a sapphire crystal lens. Adding to customizability are several leather straps and the choice of either a black or white dial.

Hit up Cool Material’s Shop for details – $228

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GoPro Karma Drone

Plenty of other drones are built around GoPros as their primary cameras. It only made sense that GoPro would want to get in on the action themselves with the Karma Drone. It’s one of the most compact drones yet, folding into a relatively slim case that can be worn as a backpack. The included Karma controller boasts a flip up touchscreen display and dual joystick controls, and since others crowding around for a view of the screen can get annoying the GoPro Passenger App, installable on smartphones, lets friends see what you’re seeing or even control the camera itself while you take care of the flying. The drone also has a stabilizer gimbal (which can also be removed for use with the handheld Karma Grip) for smooth shooting, replaceable arms — not just props — in case something goes wrong, one-button take off and landing, as well as built-in No-Fly Zones, which may sound like its at your detriment but really it’s not.

Learn more at GoPro – $800 (drone alone) to $1,100 (with Hero5 Black)

GET IT: $800+

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GoPro Hero5

More camera for less money cements GoPro’s crown of dominance over the action cam market with the freshly revealed Hero5. Available in two versions including the Hero5 Black and the smaller Hero5 Session, both models top out with 4K video at 30 fps, are waterproof to 33 feet without a case, and come standard with voice command support for hands-free controls. If you do use your hands it’s not too difficult to get up and running since the cameras will turn on and start recording with the touch of a single button. They both also come with video stabilization, advanced wind noise reduction, as well as both a GPS and a touchscreen on the Hero5 Black — not to mention a small B&W screen up front. And should you go with a GoPro Plus subscription ($5/month) either Hero5, when plugged to charge, will automatically upload its photos and videos to the cloud for backup as well as on-the-go viewing and editing.

Learn more at GoPro – $300 to $400

GET IT: $300+


Wazer Desktop Waterjet Cutter

At several thousand dollars, it’d be hard to convince a layman that the Wazer Desktop Waterjet Cutter is affordable — until you showed them the price of others. And it’s also the first to be small enough to fit on a desk, albeit a large one. Wazer uses waterjet technology that employs a water and sand-like mixture to cut through just about any material with high precision and without setting it aflame, also avoiding heat-induced warping and dust creation. The machine plugs into a standard outlet and a hose. Then, make your design using one of several software (including Solidworks, Adobe Illustrator, Google SketchUp, and others), load in the abrasive, put in the block of material to cut, set the cutter to the right height using an included tool, and close the lid.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $4,000

GET IT: $4,000


Mophie Power Capsule

Wireless headphones weren’t truly mainstream but they will be very soon. And unless you’re picking up a pair of AirPods that already come with a carrying case that doubles as a charger, Mophie’s Power Capsule should come in handy. A built-in 1,400 mAh battery makes this case not only protect — thanks to its durable soft-touch outer shell — but also charge your short-lived cordless headphones. Plug one end of your cable to the headphones in question and  the other to the USB port inside and they’ll start charging. There’s enough juice in the Power Capsule to add about 60 hours of playtime to most wireless headphones, though it’ll work well with fitness trackers and smart watches as well. There’s even a set of LED power indicators underneath that display current charge status at the push of a button.

Find it at Mophie – $40

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Plumen 003 LED Light Bulb

So it’s a little costlier than your standard light bulb. Still, the Plumen 003 LED Light Bulb does something no other bulb does: handle diffusion while simultaneously warming the light to the color temperature of a candle. Accomplishing this is a series of clever facetted gold elements at the center which provide both a flattering, soft sidelight and direct downwards-facing light simultaneously. Its energy-efficient 60 watt-equivalent LED itself is rated for a lifespan of 10,000 hours so you won’t have to replace it any time soon, and the bulb is particularly well suited to hang over a dining table or bar area where both spotlight illumination and soft ambient light would be appreciated.

Learn more at Plumen – $170

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