Mint Hard Floor Cleaner

Debating about whether to pass the Swiffer or not usually ends in one way: us playing video games or, better, scouring the net for awesome stuff. Lucky then that we stumbled upon Evolution Robotics’ Mint Hard Floor Cleaners. Using NorthStar’s Cube Navigation system as a reference point – i.e. a wireless cube, or several, placed around the house for the costlier Plus model – Mint makes its way across the floor in clean, parallel lines, either performing a dry sweep or a mop with the included microfiber mopping cloths. It’s flat enough to pass under most furniture and through tight spaces, runs quietly, offers up to 3 hours of battery life per charge (or 4 hours for the Plus), and requires almost no maintenance – just plug it in to charge and wash the microfiber cloths when it’s done.

Grab the Mint 4200 ($200) or the Mint Plus 5200 ($300) at Amazon [via]