MakerBot Mixtape

Long before the days of carrying your entire mp3 library in your pocket, making a playlist (then known as a mixtape) was a tedious task. Hell, even skipping songs afterwards was tedious process that took patience and precision. MaketBot’s Mixtape brings back the old school appeal of cassettes, minus all the extra work – though it’s still a far cry from the iPods we’re all used to. Have a MakerBot Replicator? Just buy the internal MP3 player kit and print out the shell yourself, though MakerBot sells the fully constructed set for everyone else. Includes nothing but the bare minimum: 2GB storage, 4 hours batty life, a 3.5mm headphone jack and play/pause, skip forward/backward buttons, plus, surprisingly, an equalizer. Mixtape might just force you to limit your playlist for once, though (luckily) to more than 45 minutes per side.

Print your own and buy just the internals (25$), or get the full Mixtape (39$).