Concrete Watch

Stainless steel, ceramic, gold, titanium and plastic: these five materials go into making the casing of nearly every watch on the planet, be it a Swatch, Rolex or Patek Philippe. A little repetitive? Dzmitry Samal evidently thought so and broke the mold by crafting a watch from the same stuff that’s at the heart of our cities: concrete. The hands push the theme forward, shaped to resemble various tiny towers, while the black rubber strap is imprinted on the inside with map-evocative pattern. Both case designs, one heptagonal and the other D-shaped, combine smooth outer edges with sharp geometric cuts and unusual symmetry that to achieve a rugged yet casual feel. And, unlike typical porous concrete, the watch wards off water to 5 ATM (50 meters), protecting the Swiss quartz chronograph movement that lies behind the sapphire crystal glass and concrete face.

Each of the 8 models is limited to a run of between 100 and 150 units, so better move quick if you fancy strapping one to your wrist later this year. Head to Dzmitry Samal’s website to learn more – 1200$+. [Read our full post at Core77]