Mission Workshop Arkiv R6 Field Backpack

If you’re the type to buy one thing and use it in all situations, the Mission Workshop Arkiv R6 Field Backpack is for you. Numerous (six) Arkiv attachment rails make the bag modular and customizable to the situation at hand: hook on a folio organizer, tool pocket, utility/cell phone pocket, vertical rolltop or zippered pocket, an extra laptop case good for a second 15-inch laptop, a waistbelt for better distributing heavier loads, and more. All parts are weatherproof thanks to the use of Mission Workshop’s HT500 fabric and urethane coated YKK zippers all around, and the base bag comes in both 20 litre and more spacious 40 litre varieties.

Learn more at Mission Workshop – $235+

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Fred & Friends Beer Gardener Trowel

It might be a little too early in the year to talk about gardening, but prepare nonetheless with Fred & Friends Beer Gardener Trowel. It’s designed to give you a little more incentive to get your hands dirty thanks to a built-in bottle opener at the base of the stainless steel trowel’s blade, cracking open cold ones in between planting without you needing to swap to a different tool. Drinking Hoegaarden while working on the garden is particularly on-point.

Grab one at Amazon – $20 [via]

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Everyday Carry Breakdown #100

Each week we’ll show you an everyday carry – a small selection of tools, gadgets, and gear carried daily to cope with a variety of situations – worthy of a few minutes of your attention. This week’s EDC belongs to a film producer in Canada.

For the full February 12th breakdown, hit up Everyday Carry.

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CUBi Dice

Chances are your everyday carry is deprived of a pair of dice for obvious reasons, namely the inconvenience of lugging two fairly large, easy-to-lose plastic cubes around loose in your pocket. And that’s why CUBi Dice were created. Machined of titanium to exacting precision and measuring just 5mm across, these minuscule, sharp-edged dice are incredibly light and ridiculously durable. Better yet they’re small enough to carry in their stainless steel tube keychain – up to six at a time – which is barely over an inch and a half in length.

Grab a set at Kickstarter – roughly $23

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Khavyar Caviar

Inspired by the traditional turkish spelling of caviar — havyar — Khavyar offers 15 exceptional types of caviar from domestic and international ports around the globe, including Germany, Belgium, Israel, and several southern US states. Try the inexpensive Amia Calva, clean tasting, large pearls of Sturgeon Royal White, or rich Siberian Gold, which is buttery with a touch of sweetness. All are sustainably and responsibly farmed before being packed into clean black tins stamped with a prominent wax seal, the latter serving to visually identify the caviar line, be it classic (white), royal (purple), prime (red), or gold, demarcating their highest grade.

Learn more at Khavyar – $12 to $150 an ounce [via]

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Sommi Wine Cellars

If your wine collection no longer fits in a dedicated wine fridge (or three), perhaps one of Sommi’s Wine Cellars will do. These large, imposing wine cellars are handcrafted from wood sourced in the Pacific Northwest, fitted with high performance polyisocyanurate insulation, and rigged up with a whisper quiet high end wine-specified refrigeration unit within the arched top. A universal racking system fits two bottles per row, shielded from light by large doors made of salvaged barn wood. Get it in four distinct sizes, each holding between 72 to 448 bottles; the choice just depends on the gravity of your collection (and wallet).

Learn more at Sommi – $8,000 to $14,000

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Starry Station

Nobody likes their WiFi router. But the Starry Station aims to get on your good side from the get go. Instead of a bunch of seemingly meaningless lights, this triangular device represents network status and your devices on its large touchscreen display by way of floating orbs: bigger means more data used, blue means healthy, and red means something’s not working right with that particular device. When the inevitable latter happens, Starry Station gives you tips on how to fix the issue instead of requiring you to reset the router. It also lets you set rules and restrictions to better balance your (or, more likely, your kids’) time online, displays its WiFi password onscreen with a click instead of on a sticker underneath, is 802.15 ready, and dynamically runs speed tests at various times in the day to ensure you’re getting the speeds you’re paying for.

Learn more at Starry – $350

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Hide & Drink Pint Sleeve

Drinking beer from a large, handled ceramic mug just doesn’t feel right. Hide & Drink’s Pint Sleeve turns your pint glass into a mug of sorts, adding a large leather handle to the mix. Each sleeve is hand cut, hand sewn, and hand branded of genuine soft leather cowhide before the handle is bolted on. As an added bonus it keeps your hand off the glass, keeping your beverage colder for slightly longer should you prefer to nurse your drink.

Find it at Hide & Drink – $14

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Anicorn Series K452 Watch

With its unique, solar system-inspired three concentric ring design, you might assume the Anicorn Series K452 watch would be tricky to read. Though you’d be wrong. A single line at the top acts as a reference mark, reading downwards to show the time (for instance, it’s showing 3:16 and about 18 seconds on the Solar colored watch in the middle above). They wrap this system, powered by an automatic Miyota Calibre 9015 , in a 42mm stainless steel case with transparent back and cap it with a convex hard plexiglass lens. Available in four colors —  Luna (leftmost), Dawn (rightmost), and Interstellar, along with the aforementioned Solar — each also includes a color-matched Milanese mesh bracelet along with an additional leather strap .

Pledge for one at Kickstarter – $330+

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TIHK Urban Slimtool

The TIHK Urban Slimtool is a different kind of pocket tool. Sized like a credit card, it’s packed with the usual suspects including ten different wrenches (6 imperial, 4 metric), a phillips screwdriver, a flathead, and a bottle opener. But — not unlike their other gear — in case things really go awry the Slimtool comes prepared with a universal doom jam shim plus four-piece lock pick set that’s optimized to open just about any lock (providing you know how to use it). Each is laser cut in the USA of heat-treated stainless steel.

Learn more at TIHK – $29

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