Hone Type 15 Razor

Overbuilt but definitely not over-designed, Hone’s Type 15 Razor is a minimalist’s dream. All three main parts are CNC machined of either lightweight aluminum or heftier brass, the former in either a classic silver or black anodized finish for longevity. Models of both metals are nicely balanced and are so precisely cut they almost look as if they were sculpted from the same one piece. The aluminum one comes either with a standard 85mm handle or a longer 100mm one and won’t develop a patina like the raw brass, though they’re both compatible with standard safety razor blades and make your morning shave something to look forward to.

Learn more at Hone Shaving – roughly $85 (aluminum) to $143 (brass)

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feature post image for Terra Grass Armchair

Terra Grass Armchair

Hanging out in nature would be more palpable to more people if it were a tad more comfortable. The Terra Grass Armchair aims to give your grass a shape that’s more ergonomic than simply “flat”, but it’ll take a bit of work to get the final result just right. What you buy is a cardboard frame to install and fill with dirt before covering in grass, giving it a proper shape. Once grown in, you’ve got yourself an immovable and literal lawn chair built into your back yard. Available in a variety of sizes including a cushion for your head, a chair (shown), plus larger two or three person sofas.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $67+

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feature post image for Epic Bars Wild Game Line

Epic Bars Wild Game Line

You don’t have to be a hunter to eat wild game. Epic Bars Wild Game Line separates itself from run-of-the-mill jerky, first off by the choice of meats, which include grass fed venison, feral boar complemented with uncured pork bacon, and wild caught alaskan salmon from Bristol Bay, the world’s first fish-based protein bar. Each packs loads of protein, is paleo friendly, and low in sugar: the venison and salmon bars have none while the wild boar has about 7 grams. They’ve also got salmon bites flavored with dill, sea salt, and maple that don’t come in bar form but rather in a resealable bag filled with bite sized pieces.

Learn more at Epic or Amazon – $27+ for twelve

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Soma Glass Water Bottle

They started with a glass pitcher to purify your tap water, and now the Soma Glass Water Bottle to carry said H2O around. Its body is made of shatter-resistant borosilicate glass and is wrapped with a soft silicone sleeve (that’s not removable) and capped with a natural bamboo cap that’s renewably produced. And with a capacity of 17 ounces it’ll quench your thirst for awhile. Though if you’re prone to dropping nice things maybe you’ll be better off with a Nalgene.

Check it out at Soma – $30

feature post image for Searzall


Getting a perfect sear with a blowtorch requires some mastery (and likely results in many wrecked dishes along the way). Searzall makes the process far more reliable. Attach one to a blowtorch and its flame is diffused through two layers of fine temperature-resistant wire mesh, creating a consistent and even flame to be used for attaining professional quality sears on a variety of meats or for making crème brûlée, melting cheese, and plenty more. It’s particularly useful for adding a bit of color to food cooked via sous vide and won’t imbue your grub with any of the off-putting flavors a bare blowtorch can. You will though also need a Bernzomatic TS8000 torch head and a 16.4-ounce tank of propane.

Pick one up at Amazon – $75 [image: Ben Addonizio]

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Kosmos Pen

Stilform Design’s Kosmos Pen took home the 2016 Red Dot award for best pen, and for good reason: it radically removes the ubiquitous clicker mechanism for something far simpler, instead revealing the ink tip when the cap is shifted towards the back. As it slides strong neodymium magnets grasp and pull the cap in either position to make it easy to actuate with just one hand. The Golden Ratio went in to the pen’s minimalistic design and proportions, and it’s also perfectly balanced with regards to weight on either end. It’s also compatible with both Stilform’s gel refill plus all Parker-style G2 refills and comes in four colors: gold, silver, rose gold, and grey.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $40

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feature post image for The Nug

The Nug

Large knives may be more functional overall but chances are you’re more likely to carry a micro knife around on a daily basis for reasons of practicality. That said, most are too small to use safely, and that’s where JHO Knives’ The Nug stands out. At just two inches long and with unassuming looks it’s perfect to slip into a pocket alongside keys or a wallet. It’s solidly built of G5 titanium, fitted with a heat treated S35VN 0.71-inch steel blade, and features a hole to slide a finger through for solidifying your grip so it won’t slip and slice you. The short blade sits on a ball bearing pivot and can be discreetly opened in a pocket, though the closed Nug works to protect your knuckles if used for protection un-deployed. Available in black, satin (shown), stone washed, and two tone.

Learn more at JHO Knives – $150+

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feature post image for Good To Go Gourmet Dehydrated Meals

Good To Go Gourmet Dehydrated Meals

Roughing it entails eating either decently well (with lots of meticulous planning) or guzzling loads of junk food. Considering its far easier, the second option often encroaches on the first. Good To Go’s Gourmet Dehydrated Meals sit at the intersection of the above: easy to prep food that doesn’t compromise… too much. Each one is cooked using fresh vegetables, spices, noodles, and other ingredients you probably stock at home, before being dehydrated for longevity. Meals include Indian Vegetable Korma, Pad Thai, Smoked Three Bean Chili, Herbed Mushroom Risotto, and more, each with a shelf life of two years. When you’re ready to eat just add boiling water, with each serving packed with roughly 375 calories.

Learn more at Good To Go – $6.75+

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Casper Dog Mattress

Casper’s return policy on standard mattresses includes a 100 night trial. And it’s no different for the Casper Dog Mattress. Designed by the same team but customized to the average dog’s preferences, combining memory foam with a heftier support foam and a thicker upper surface material that mimics the sensation of loose earth to let your pup’s natural digging instincts kick in before he hits the hay. The removable bonded microfiber cover is also extremely durable to put up with teeth and claws and can be taken off (using zippers that otherwise hide in sewn-in pockets to keep from scratching your floor) and thrown in the machine for a quick wash when it starts to smell — or becomes absolutely covered in hair.

Learn more at Casper – $125

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feature post image for Koraloc Surf Backpack

Koraloc Surf Backpack

Surfing means getting a giant board to the beach, probably held underarm — which is fine if said beach is close. If it’s a bit of a trek, the Koraloc Surf Backpack is be a godsend. This backpack is equipped with a fold-out board carrier that deploys to hold up to three surfboards vertically, keeping your hands free and your back comfortable thanks to an adjustable waist belt that puts most of their weight on your hips. It’s also got room for 29 litres of more stuff, including a laptop in a dedicated compartment, wax and fin side pockets, and plenty of place for towels and other beach necessities. Plus, the surfboard straps can also be used to carry beach chairs, wakeboards, or even snowboards when you’re not going surfing.

Grab one at Amazon – $200

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