DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Theoretically, drones don’t need to be big to be capable, but so far these two attributes have been tightly correlated. DJI’s Mavic Pro breaks the mold by being small enough to fit in your hand while lacking few features of the drone brand’s far larger flagship machines. Folded, the Mavic could fit into the tightest of handbags and murses. Once it takes to the skies you’d hardly know it considering its got a 3-axis gimbal-stabilized 4K camera, about 27 minutes of battery life, and a 4.3 mile range thanks to a new OcuSync transmission system that pipes back a 1080p live feed. Its most impressive features? We’d have to go for two: Precision Hover, which uses GPS as usual to avoid drifting outdoors but that also uses a slew of cameras and sensors to compensate for drift indoors where satellite positioning is not available; and FlightAutonomy, which uses 5 cameras, 2 ultrasonic range finders, a bunch more sensors and 24 computing cores to sense and avoid obstacles even when you’re piloting the thing from many miles away. Plus it boasts compatibility with the company’s new DJI goggles which put two 1080p screens right in front of your eyes by way of a VR headset.

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The Monocle Guide to Drinking & Dining

With an ever expanding selection of restaurants, choosing becomes ever more daunting. And the same can be said about narrowing down meal options at home. The Monocle Guide to Drinking & Dining offers straightforward and wide-ranging advice on crafting great dinner experiences, from sourcing produce to refining adjacent hosting skills and obtaining quality tools for the kitchen. They’ve also included a list of must-visit restaurants and bars from all around the globe, with recipes from some of their favorites, and even more dishes developed by the Monocle team in London. Also on the menu is advice on turning your passion of food and drink into a job by way of launching your own eatery or bar. An interesting read, at any rate.

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Elysium Chair

The movie may have skewed your interpretation of the word’s meaning, but Elysium is a place of unwavering happiness. Which we presume is how you’d feel sitting in an Elysium Chair. Conceived by a PhD in bioengineering, the chair features a carbon fibre skeleton at its core that’s fused to traditional upholstery springs, varying in tension at different areas and covered by viscoelastic foams, to achieve near-perfect support and pressure relief across the human body. Reclining from an upright position takes as little as a touch of a lever, smoothly flowing backwards thanks to a frictionless cam. Somewhere in between upright and full recline the body passes a point of seeming zero gravity the load is taken off your spine and joints, and all without direct support to the spine. And if we’re fortunate perhaps these ergonomic advancements might one day make it to a chair that isn’t being produced in a limited run of just twenty.

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Spartan Blades Ares

A few years back, Zeus hooked up with Hera. This resulted in the birth of Ares. Ares was a good kid. He got decent grades but never really applied himself. After just one semester of college he dropped out and moved back to Mt. Olympus. That didn’t sit well with his old man and in exchange for room and board he had to work. As is the case in so many families, this could have resulted in a relational schism between father and son. Fortunately, Ares loved his new job. So much so that after just one day he dedicated his life’s work to his new calling. Ares the dropout became Ares, god of savage war, bloodlust and slaughter. Had he a knife, the Spartan Blades Ares would be it. Crafted from CPM S35VN steel with a beefy 3/16″ thickness, the 10.5-inch knife and 5 & 3/8” fixed drop point blade allows for strength of the blade tip by placing it in line with the users hand while keeping the upward curve of the cutting edge. The 59-60 HRC blade comes finished in flat black or flat dark earth with black or green canvas micarta handles.

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Voyager Golden Record 40th Anniversary Edition

Nearly forty years ago NASA launched twin space probes — Voyager I and Voyager II — to study the solar system and eventually beyond. Mounted on each is a golden phonograph record titled The Sounds of Earth that may one day be played by extraterrestrials stumbling upon these probes. Sure, perhaps you’re familiar with the myriad of music and sounds on the record, which include pieces from Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chuck Berry, and many other prominent artists of the time, but now you can get your hands on your own copy across three records by way of the Voyager Golden Record 40th Anniversary Edition. The golden vinyls also include numerous other sounds from our planet such as birds, trains, greetings in over 50 languages, and a variety of analog encoded images that sadly (and evidently) won’t be viewable by your record player. Still, they do come included with a hardbound book filled with images of our neighboring planets sent back to earth by the prolific probes alongside essays (and more) all about the project.

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Sports & Outdoors

KampRite Double TentCot

Setting up your tent on perfectly flat, comfortable ground is great, if you can find any. The KampRite Double TentCot makes its own thanks to a sturdy, four-legged frame that puts 11-inches of clearance between the earth and the base of the tent, eliminating rockiness, moisture, and keeping out snakes and rodents. It’s taller than a queen sized bed and just about as wide, fitting two campers comfortably, and the tent is made of 420-denier nylon with no-see-um insect-resistant mesh windows and doors that maintain a view (and air circulation) without letting any bugs in. Also included is a rain fly for storms and the like.

Available in several other sizes as well. Grab one at Amazon – $200 [via]

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Morgenwerk Satellite Precision Watches

Smartwatches may be accurate but they’ll likely be obsolete within a couple of years. If you’re looking for an ultra-accurate watch for the long haul without having to recharge each night, Morgenwerk’s Satellite Precision should do. The series of eight watches includes seven classic-looking analog timepieces, all made of surgical stainless steel (or titanium) and all equipped with passive GPS antennae that receive the time and timezone from GPS satellites equipped with Rubidium-based atomic clocks. This means that you’ll never have to set the time manually but can rather set it with the push of a button. The watch normally syncs up with these satellites just eight times a year yet only differs from actual time by, at most, 0.75 seconds thanks to thermo-compensated quartz oscillators. It’s also got a lithium-ion battery that lasts up to eight months per charge (and works for approximately 500 charge cycles, i.e. hundreds of years), a perpetual calendar, and Super-LumiNova indexes and hands.

Find it at Morgenwerk – roughly $1,350+

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Heimplanet Dopp Kit

Sitting somewhere in between a standard and a hanging toiletries bag in terms of design, the Heimplanet Dopp Kit accommodates and adapts to both uses equally well. It’s composed of two halves made of 840D ballistic nylon that unfurl thanks to a zipper in the middle, revealing more gear while leaving everything just as accessible. Concealed in a pocket hides a strap with standard hanger end to hang it up fully open for when in hotels and roomier settings or keep it closed for camping, hostel hopping, or finding your toothbrush amongst other toiletries in a busy airport.

Learn more at Heimplanet – $75 [via]

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Sports & Outdoors


Whether you’re diving, snorkelling, canoeing, or on a stand up paddleboard, the Scubajet can lessen the effort needed to move on water, essentially bringing it down to zero. It parallels e-bike conversion kits that motorize your bike: using one of various adapters tailored to various watercraft, Scubajet attaches to where the fin would have on paddleboards or hooks up to the back of a dinghy like an outboard motor. Once affixed it provides speeds of between 5 and 10 miles per hour for as long as 4 hours with the optional larger internal battery or triple that with an optional and upcoming external battery pack. It’s also safe since there are no exposed propellors, light in weight at just six and a half pounds, and comes with a water resistant remote control to adjust speeds.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $775

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Snap Spectacles

Snapchat, the company behind the app, is now known simply as Snap. With this moniker change comes their first relevant non-software release: Spectacles, pairing perfectly with the app. These slightly crazy-looking sunglasses put a 115-degree lens-equipped video camera beside your right eye and a small circle of LEDs beside your left. Tap a button on the left arm to record a 10 second snap from your perspective, letting others know you’re recording by illuminating the circle of LEDS to downplay the creep factor (while simultaneously letting you know thanks to a small light inside the glasses). Uploading videos is done wirelessly via Bluetooth so you can share them just as quick, and the wide-ange video is shot circularly to make it seamlessly viewable in both portrait and landscape orientations with no dead zone. An included case recharges Spectacles when you’re not wearing them so running out of juice at any point is rather unlikely.

Coming soon. Learn more at Spectacles – $130

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Food & Drink

The Bartender’s Knife

You probably already know W&P Design from their carry-on cocktail kits, convenient for whipping up a quick cocktail on a flight. Turns out they also want to help you drink at home and The Bartender’s Knife proves it. The full tang knife is forged from high quality steel and features a blade that’s equally good at slicing and picking and that ends in a gorgeous and shapely hardwood handle with brass rivets. Each also includes a fine-grain sharpening stone in the box along with instructions to use it, enabling you to keep the blade razor sharp without much effort.

Find it at Amazon or W&P Design – $40

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