The Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock

Properly waking up takes more than a ringing chime on a phone. The Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock instead wakes you up with the sounds and smells of brewing coffee at your bedside along with, most importantly, caffeination. Load it with grinds, water, and a bit of milk in a vessel — which is cooled and thus kept fresh overnight by a Peltier cooler — and go to bed. In the morning at the set time the Barisieur starts boiling the water, forcing it up and out over the grinds and stainless steel filter to brew a quick cup. Your milk is ready to go as is sugar if desired, the latter kept within a sealed drawer on the right side of the device alongside spare coffee. It’s easy to use and even to clean, with the whole walnut tray coming off to carry all washable parts to the kitchen.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $390

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Bellroy Note Sleeve 2.0

It comes in three new colors. But those aren’t the only changes seen in Bellroy’s Note Sleeve 2.0. Its coin pocket and card slots have been rebalanced to let the wallet fold flat even when it’s filled to the brim with cards and cash. Flip it open and your three most used cards are revealed, with another in the banknote compartment. Jam the rest of your cards in the large compartment on the left side; revealing them takes just a quick tug of its pull tab. It’ll hold up to 11 cards comfortably and can even hide a few business cards instead of coins in the coin compartment, protected by a leather flap to keep coming out clean and crisp.

Learn more at Bellroy – $90

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Xiaomi Mi Drone

Feature-wise, the Xiaomi Mi Drone doesn’t really stand out compared to its competitors. It’s got a 3-axis gimbal with a 4K (or cheaper 1080p) Sony camera at the end, GPS and GLONASS for stable hovering, a 27 minute flight time, and an all-white design that’s not dissimilar from the models churned out by China’s better known drone manufacturer, DJI. The Mi, though, is a mere fraction of the cost of comparably-specced drones, which usually run up over a grand per. An included controller uses your smartphone as a display, navigating the drone with a 720p live video stream from as far as 2 kilometres (1.24 miles). While it’ll likely only be available for order later this year, this drone looks promising for hobbyists looking for a more affordable option.

Learn more at Mi (Chinese site) – roughly $380 (1080p model) to $460 (4K model)

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Everyday Carry Breakdown #115

Each week we’ll show you an everyday carry – a small selection of tools, gadgets, and gear carried daily to cope with a variety of situations – worthy of a few minutes of your attention. This week’s EDC belongs to a software development engineer in Seattle, Washington.

For the full May 27th breakdown, hit up Everyday Carry

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Bookman Premium Bike Cup Holder

Bookman Premium Bike Cup Holder is a metal take on the original plastic-made bike cup holder. A steel spring securely attaches the gadget to your bike’s handlebar and the two rings hold anything from disposable coffee cups to cans and water bottles, the latter accomplished by a detachable silicone bottle basket. Take it off and flip it around to put the smaller ring on top for smaller cups, though any way you attach it won’t eliminate the need for a lid on your drink.

Grab one at Bookman – $39

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Xangar Hanger Spacers

Buy the fanciest hangers you want. It still won’t help with spacing in the least. Unless you had a few Xangar Hanger Spacers to the mix. Made of a flexible and lightweight heavy duty foam, Xangars slip over standard closet rods and forces in one inch of spacing between each hanger. For suits or dress shirts, two Xangars between each adds a bit of extra room, keeping your clothing organized and wrinkle free. Not to mention easier to search through than that bunch of crammed shirts likely inhabiting your closet at this very moment.

Learn more at Amazon – $20 for ten

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Max Burton Portable Fridge/Freezer

Admittedly it’s a little retro-looking. But the Max Burton Portable Fridge/Freezer does something most coolers can’t: actively cool its contents, as its name would suggest. A side-mounted LED panel and controls allow you to set the temperature anywhere from -7° F to 53° F, the fridge’s built-in compressor maintaining the set temperature indefinitely — or at least as long as your vehicle’s engine still has some juice. When battery voltage gets low it’ll automatically shut off to avoid needing to boost the car later. The 53 quart unit isn’t quite as lightweight as most coolers, though, with a dry weight of about 47 pounds.

Find it at Hammacher Schlemmer – $650 [via]

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Snow Peak Insect Shield Parka

Insects: they’re the worst. Show the little buggers they’re not welcome with the Snow Peak Insect Shield Parka, which is basically a wearable, airy bug net that leaves ventilation almost completely unimpeded. The polyester fabric itself is imbued with an insect repellant to further stave off and/or kill mosquitoes that come your way, and the front of the hood zips up to the top of your head to fully cover your face should the bug situation get out of control. Comes in four colors: olive (left), navy (right), beige, and camo, all matching particularly well with insect shield pants.

Learn more at Snow Peak ($175+) or grab one in Navy or Camo at Backcountry ($131)

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Whaletone Royal Digital Grand Piano

Grand pianos are already bold and beautifully dominating pieces. The Whaletone Royal Digital Grand Piano, however, is on another level. With the sweeping lines and smoothness of the aquatic mammal after which it’s named, this piano is adapted to chamber performances and can even fill the largest of stadiums thanks to its digital output. In fact, the piece boasts a built-in Roland sound processor with numerous natural-sounding piano choices to choose from including those from vintage models of the mid to late 20th century. While there are no strings or hammers, the PHA III Ivory Feel keyboard features fully balanced escapement to imitate the feel of real keys while reacting acoustically to the slightest of nuances in pressure. The finishing touch is an electrically-lifted hood that rises at the push of a button to reveal the piano’s five speakers.

Learn more at Whaletone – $110,000

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Blips Smartphone Macro & Micro Lenses

Never have cameras been so widespread, what with smartphones everywhere. And with Blips Smartphone Macro & Micro Lenses microscopes can be as well. Blips come in two varieties and are universally adjustable to fit any device — both phones and tablets — thanks to the use of sticky bands that adhere to both non-polished and polished surfaces, like plastic and glass. The Macro Blip lets you snap high definition macro imagery with 10x optical magnification while the Micro Blip offers microscope-like magnification levels of over 100x with the use of your phone’s digital zoom. The latter lens works best with a light source behind your subject like a normal microscope does, included alongside the lenses and a smartphone stage in the Lab Kit for about double the price.

Grab a set at Kickstarter – roughly $19

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