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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Budget

Holiday bills add up. Finish your gift shopping without completely breaking the bank with these twenty gifts, all but one which cost $40 or less. They include a thrifty backup battery with enough juice to refuel your phone 4 or 5 times over, a book that becomes a rudimentary camera, coins with hollowed out interiors good for stashing (tiny) things, and a wireless audio streamer to modernize your old school speakers.

  1. Anker PowerCore 10000 – $30
  2. Amazon Fire TV Stick – $40
  3. Corkcicle Whisky Wedge – $25
  4. Timex Expedition Scout – $60
  5. This Book Is A Camera – $29
  6. Quip Toothbrush – $10+
  7. Aer Dopp Kit – $40
  8. Swiss+Tech Bicycle Multitool – $15
  9. BaseballOpener – $16
  10. LifeStraw Water Purifier – $20
  11. Sven Saw – $32+
  12. Hollow Spy Coins – $21+
  13. Better TV Viewing Mug – $15
  14. SegSac – $20+
  15. Rubber Band PPK – $25
  16. PicoPen – $22
  17. Chromecast Audio – $30+
  18. Basics Wallet – $20
  19. Veppo Cigar Vaporizer – $30
  20. TIHK Urban Slimtool – $15

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Burton x South Park Hats

South Park’s been on air for an astounding twenty seasons. The Burton x South Park collection celebrates that milestone with an assortment of accessories pulled straight from the show including Kenny’s hood, Kyle’s green trapper, and both Cartman and Stan’s beanies. They’re all perfectly wearable — as you’d expect of any Burton product — for braving the cold winter months, with a Sherpa fleece lining on the trapper and Thermex bonded fleece with faux fur trim on Kenny’s hood. Pair one of the hats with Burton’s South Park socks or leather mittens for the complete look.

Check out the full collection at Burton – $30+

GET IT: $30+

Food & DrinkKitchen

Click & Grow Smart Garden

Think of the Click & Grow Smart Garden like their Wall Farm, only much smaller. It’s capable enough to grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables from strawberries and cherry tomatoes to green lettuce and bok choy without much fuss. First, plug it in, put in nine plant refills, and fill its reservoir — hidden in its base — with water. Every two months or so you’ll need to refill the reservoir and, as the plants grow big, you’ll need to raise lamp, which has nine OSRAM LEDs that boast an optimized spectra to maximize plant growth. But that’s it, and frankly, you could barely screw this up if you tried.

Find it at Kickstarter – $130+

GET IT: $130+


Levo Oil Infuser

Infusing butter or oil with botanicals — whether of the mind altering variety of not — is a messy and time consuming job. The coffee machine-sized Levo Oil Infuser originates, unsurprisingly, out of Colorado and automates the process, doing all the handiwork for you with dead-on precision. Insert the herbs and oil, set the time and desired temperature on its intuitive touchscreen, and start Levo up. When the infusion’s done the oil is filtered and dispensed, and all that’s left in terms of cleanup is to throw the reservoir in the dishwasher for a hands-off cleanup.

Learn more at Levo – $140

GET IT: $140


Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper

It’s not just a nice looking coffee-making device. The Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper took a lot more effort to design and build than its minimal facade would have you think, with a small team of engineers and scientists working on a better pour-over device through 70 iterations. Notable design elements include forty interior ridges that pull coffee downward by capillary action, a flat bed for uniform extraction, and a precision nozzle that optimizes coffee exiting the dripper. It helps that it’s made of Japanese porcelain for heat retention and pairs well with Blue Bottle’s Coffee Filters made of bamboo-based paper that eschew the need for pre-wetting.

Learn more at Blue Bottle Coffee – $25

GET IT: $25


Ystudio Fountain Pen

Taiwanese Ystudio tends to explore vanishing cultures, so it’s inevitable that they’d eventually make a Fountain Pen. The pens come in two versions: one for your desk and another that’s portable, the former which includes a conical stand and the latter that caps and comes with a wooden box (with a pass-through slit should you want to attach it to something) for shielding the pen further. Both versions are made of copper but are also available with a Brassing black finish over the metal that slowly wears down into a patina unique to its individual user’s usage habits.

Grab one at Kohezi – roughly $150

GET IT: ~$150


CRKT Homefront Pocket Knife

Ken Onion isn’t a cartoon vegetable. He is a blade design icon. His latest design, the Homefront pocket knife is sure to raise the knife design bar yet again. The Homefront utilizes a 3.5-inch modified drop point AUS 8 Steel blade with 6061 aluminum handles with a design reminiscent of a WWI folder, complete with a bayonet lug-style flipper. But what really makes this locking liner knife unique is Onion’s “field strip” technology. It’s this feature that allows for easy disassembly of the knife anywhere, anytime without the need for a workbench or tools. The patent pending Homefront’s Disassembly/Reassembly function makes cleaning the muck and grime from a hard day in the field simple without sacrificing form or function. At 4.8 ounces and an open length of 8.3-inches the Homefront substantial feel is enhanced with tank jimping on the backstrap for a snug hold.

Learn more at Amazon – $90

GET IT: $90


Discommon Leather Card Wallet

It looks clean and simple, but that’s just because of the substantial amount of work that went into developing and crafting the Discommon Leather Card Wallet. It’s made by thermoformed wolf grey Italian calf leather coupled and laminated to orange microsuede, the latter which shines through inside the wallet, at its edges, and through small perforations throughout that give it a sports car seat sort of feel. The forming process ensures the leather won’t stretch or become imprinted with your credit card’s numbers and the wallet holds up to eight cards — four per side — or four cards plus some folded cash.

Grab one at Discommon – $130

GET IT: $130


DroneShield DroneGun

Drones are amazingly useful flying machines that can snap pictures and video from impossible angles and that will likely deliver all sorts of things — your Amazon order, defibrillators, and who knows what else — before long. But in the wrong hands they can be a real problem. Short of shooting them out of the sky with traditional firearms there’s the DroneShield DroneGun. It’s completely safe for bystanders (except perhaps those directly underneath the drone) since it doesn’t actually fire any projectiles, instead jamming the drone’s controls and forcing the machine to land safely despite what it’s looks would have you think. Though for now it’s not available to the layman, and may remain quite difficult to get a hold of for non-governmental bodies. Which is perhaps a good thing if you own a drone since you won’t want just anybody hijacking your pricy flying camera.

Learn more at DroneShield – $TBA



2017 Dodge Challenger GT AWD

Considering the tremendous power American muscle cars are often blessed with it’s somewhat surprising that the 2017 Dodge Challenger GT AWD is the first ever with all-wheel drive. The coupe sticks to the road all year long, switching from rear wheel drive to all wheel drive on the fly without requiring driver intervention since sensors determine whether and when additional traction of the front wheels is needed. It’s powered by a 305 horsepower Pentastar V6 engine as standard though despite this it still manages respectable fuel economy. And though it’s design is inspired by its long-gone 1971 predecessor the GT is still adorned with plenty of modern amenities including LED halo headlamps, heated and ventilated Nappa leather front seats, and an 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen that’s equipped with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Available early 2017. Read more at Dodge’s Blog – $34,000+

GET IT: $34,000+


Car Transportation Bag

If you’re running low on hydrofluoric acid and can’t afford to leave evidence in your Aztec, the Car Transportation Bag from Pro-Idee is the solution. Forget wrestling with a standard tarp to keep the boot of your SUV tidy. The CTB covers the entire cargo area including side panels, windows and the roof so nothing gets dirty or scratched. The no tool installation is simple: just lay out the CTB, tuck the built in straps into the side doors, spread the load protector over the bumper and hook the straps to the chassis. Strong .15mm plastic tarpaulin fabric can be used infinitum and can be hosed off or wiped down to clean. It’s large enough for standard SUVs and folds down for convenient storage.

Find it at Pro-Idee – roughly $55 [via]

GET IT: ~$55

Bottle Opener

T-Rex Bottle Opener

If a T-Rex can tear the top off of a Land Cruiser the flimsy bottle cap atop your beer or soda shouldn’t be much of an obstacle for the T-Rex Bottle Opener. This cast-iron dinosaur is larger than it looks at just over 10 inches in length and cracks open caps with its teeth. Just don’t knock it off balance (and off your kitchen counter) or the hefty dino — at two pounds — will leave a dent in your floor.

Learn more at Cool Material – $40

GET IT: $40