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Backpacks run the gamut from the fairly useless to the ultra-durable, ultra-functional backpacks people take with them to climb the world’s highest peaks. Today, however we’re going to take a look at one particular type of backpack that doesn’t always get a lot of press: the survival backpack. Survival is a pretty broad topic so we’re going to narrow it down a bit. For the purposes of this review guide we’re defining a survival backpack as one that will allow you to carry at least 3 full days of essential supplies. The point being that if push came to shove, either due to natural disaster or because you got caught in a wild winter storm in the mountains, you’d be able to survive solely on what’s in your backpack.

Our Top Picks for the Best Survival Backpacks 

Mardingtop 65+10 Internal Frame

Mardingtop 65+10 Internal Frame

The Mardingtop 65+10 Internal Frame Backpack leads off our list because it’s an excellent example of what a person should be looking for in a survival backpack. This is a 65 liter bag that’s large enough to hold several days of food and all of your survival gear comfortably. Things that aren’t practical to carry inside the pack – like a collapsible shovel – can be attached to the numerous MOLLE loops on the pack’s exterior and Mardingtop also includes an effective and easy to deploy rain cover.

  • Adjustable chest strap to keep your fully loaded pack from jostling around.
  • Plenty of MOLLE webbing on the exterior for all types of emergency kit.
  • Water resistant 600D polyester throughout.
  • Large top pocket for easy access to your most vital items.
  • No complaints considering the price. It’s all good.

We love the way the Mardingtop 65 Liter survival backpack feels when you sling it. The load sits nice and high and the optional waist band allows your hips to comfortably shoulder some of the load. The detachable side pockets provide plenty of storage for emergency gear like a headlamp, tactical flashlight, camp stove/fuel, compass and more while the MOLLE webbing means anything that’s impractical to carry inside can be easily attached to the exterior.

This is a survival backpack that takes the title seriously. It’s big, tough, dependable and versatile and if you need to stuff it to the gills you can make adjustment to the waistband, chest strap and shoulder straps that will allow you to distribute the weight evenly and minimize fatigue. Stitching is first rate throughout and the detachable top pocket is extremely handy for carrying first aid, maps, power bars and anything else you need easy access to. The internal frame ensures your food and other materials don’t get crushed and you have a choice of Army Green, Black, Navy Blue and Camo. An outstanding survival backpack that will help you transcend any difficulty.

Deuter Aircontact 65+10

Deuter Aircontact 65+10

The Deuter Aircontact 65 Survival Backpack looks like it’s ready for the remotest Alaskan backcountry. It’s got plenty of available volume so you can get 3 or 4 days’ worth of dehydrated food, power bars, fuel, backup dry clothes, emergency blankets and anything else you need comfortably inside. This is a pack that’s all about balance and comfort. It slides on like a new pair of socks and is still comfortable after 4 continuous days of navigating mountain passes.

  • Composed of durable, tear resistant Duratex 330D polyamide fabric.
  • Plenty of MOLLE webbing to compensate for the lack of exterior pockets.
  • Proprietary Aircontact System.
  • Outstanding comfort and durability.
  • It’s heavier than some other backpacks in its class.
  • The aforementioned lack of exterior pockets.

The Deuter Aircontact 65+10 survival backpack won’t let you down when the going gets tough. Its large storage volume means you’ll have plenty of food, water and emergency supplies with you to survive until the cavalry arrives. The pack features a pivoting hipbelt that allows you to execute tough maneuvers without your position being compromised by the demands of the load. And the ripstop Duratex 330D fabric ensure your supplies won’t be compromised by penetrating branches or other hazards.

While we would have preferred to have some external pockets at the ready we understand why the company designed their survival backpack this way. It’s all about comfort and load stability. And the Deuter Aircontact is both incredibly comfortable and extremely stable. In addition there’s 65 liters of storage space so you’ll have room for everything you need. Any critical items you’ll need ready access to can be stored in the large cap pocket and there are plenty of MOLLE loops for things like extra water bottles, tent stakes, carabiners, your tactical flashlight and more. All in all a survival backpack that’s as practical as it is beautiful.

Gonex 100L Backpack

Gonex 100L Backpack

The Gonex 100L Internal Frame Survival Backpack has one of the largest carrying capacities of any survival or tactical backpack. It complements its generous allotment of pockets with plenty of MOLLE webbing on the exterior as well so if you need to carry for the family during an emergency you can. The whole bag in fact is MOLLE compliant which makes the logistics of survival much easier.

  • 100 liters of high quality storage.
  • A robust but lightweight internal framing system keeps everything in its place.
  • Waist strap houses 2 additional pockets for vital items like your compass and tactical flashlight.
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps are well padded for extra comfort.
  • When fully loaded this survival backpack is going to be heavy so beware.

The more important items you have with you in any survival situation the better your odds of emerging in one piece. The Gonex 100 liter survival backpack allows you to take everything but the kitchen sink, and you might be able to strap that to the exterior using the MOLLE webbing. The carrying straps adjust to people of different heights and the 900D polyester construction is highly water resistant so your supplies stay nice and dry.

This is not a survival backpack we’d be carrying into the wild in our quest to summit an enormous mountain. It is, however, the ideal backpack to have if you and your loved ones are being forced out of your home by rising floodwaters, hurricanes or civil unrest. It’s ginormous internal volume combined with some of the largest side and rear detachable pockets we’ve ever seen means you’ll have plenty of room to carry extra water, the water filter, food for a week, emergency blankets, flares and anything else you may need. Maybe the truest “survival backpack” on our list.

Teton Sports Fox 5200

TETON Sports Fox 5200

We love the way the Teton Sports Fox 5200 Internal Frame Backpack looks and the way it feels when slung over the shoulders. It’s comfortable, stable and easy on the upper body and it keeps your load beautifully balanced even if you’ve filled it to the hilt. Considering the affordability of this survival backpack that’s saying a lot.

  • 75 liters of storage space. Enough for nearly any survival situation.
  • Thoughtfully engineered carrying system with plenty of padding.
  • Discreet aluminum framing system protects your supplies from getting crushed.
  • Special external bladder for water.
  • When fully loaded it will be too heavy for many.

The Teton 75+10 survival backpack has a classic mountaineering profile and indeed you’d do well bringing this along as you attempt to summit Shasta or Mount Blanc. There’s an uber-discreet internal support system that’s not a full frame but effectively mimics one. The hip strap is extremely comfortable and can be adjusted to different sized climbers and the hydration pouch (bladder not included) makes sure you always have plenty of clean H2O at the ready. There’s also plenty of external webbing and elasticized cords for attaching other items.

As we said we wouldn’t hesitate to take this survival backpack up Shasta and likewise we wouldn’t hesitate to pack it out if we learned there was a hurricane bearing down and we needed to evacuate. The 75 liters of storage space gives you plenty of room for several days of food, candles, dry clothes an air mattress, a flare gun and flares and anything else you need. The tear-resistant polyester shell is water resistant and there’s a stand-alone rain fly you can use if it really starts to come down. Just keep in mind this survival backpack is really heavy when fully stuffed.

OutdoorMaster 60L Backpack

OutdoorMaster 60L Backpack

What the OutdoorMaster survival backpack lacks in style it makes up for in practicality with 60 liters of storage in the main compartment and another 10 under the top pocket. This is a great survival backpack that provides you with the space you need and minimizes the impact of carrying a heavy load for extended periods of time.

  • 60 liters of storage capacity.
  • Water resistant shell with waterproof zippers and a fully waterproof rain fly.
  • Plenty of padding on the hip and shoulder straps.
  • Plenty of external water bottle storage.
  • Shoulder straps, while well padded, are narrow.

You’re not going to take this survival backpack up K2 but you could very well use it to climb a more modest peak like Whitney or Ranier and you’d be smart to load it up with provisions in the event that there’s a life-threatening weather event heading your way or spring snow melt is sending the Mississippi over the levee into your town. The pack disperses the load well between the shoulder and hip straps and the waterproof rain fly means your vital supplies will stay dry.

We chose this OutdoorMaster survival backpack for our list for a reason: it’s got lots of storage capacity both internal and external, it’s well made and it distributes the weight of the load pretty evenly so you won’t wear out fast carrying it when it’s stuffed. While the pack doesn’t feature detachable exterior pockets there are nonetheless enough pockets on the outside to make a meaningful contribution and in which to store your most important gear. Considering you can pick this survival backpack up for about 40 bucks it’s a pretty remarkable value proposition as well.

High Sierra Titan 55 Frame Pack

High Sierra Titan 55 Frame Pack

The Titan 55 Internal Framed survival backpack from High Sierra is a great looking piece of survival gear that’s easy on the eye, easy on your back and easy on your budget. It’s constructed with lightweight fabrics throughout and provides 55 liters of high quality storage space with plenty of options for how you want to arrange things. Padding is generous and effective and the external pockets are every bit as durable and practical as they look.

  • A 55 liter, top loading main compartment.
  • Lots of additional storage in the cap pocket.
  • Sleeping bag compartment loads through the front for added convenience.
  • Additional storage available on both the hip and shoulder straps.
  • Not a lot of webbing or cords for attaching gear to the pack’s exterior.

This is a great mid-sized survival backpack that is really built to last and won’t wear you out. The pack is constructed from tough, water resistant Mini-Diamond Ripstop Nylon in the upper portion and 840D Nylon in the bottom. As for extras there’s a removable media pocket for your smartphone or portable GPS device, zippered pockets on the waist belt for those items you need at the ready, lots of padding on the back panel to protect your spine and the ability to lash ice axes to the back quickly and easily.

While this is a classic mid-range mountaineering backpack it’s also perfectly suited to the demands of the survival situation. There’s plenty of mesh pockets for holding lots of potable water, numerous discreet pockets for water purification pills, first aid items, emergency blankets and more as well as adjustable straps along the side for whatever won’t fit inside. It contains a fairly large load well so that things aren’t flailing around and you can wear this thing comfortably for days with no ill effects. An outstanding survival backpack.

mountaintop 70l+10l internal frame

Mountaintop Internal Frame Backpack

Here’s another vertically oriented mountaineering backpack that doubles effectively as an all-purpose survival backpack. The Mountaintop Internal Frame Backpack is large, durable, versatile and brimming with cords, straps and webbing on the outside so you can take everything you need to survive 3 or more days in the wild or at the emergency shelter.

  • A full 70 liters of top loading storage capacity means you’ll never be caught short.
  • Load stays up on your shoulders where it belongs.
  • Plenty of external cords, webbing and straps for the shovel, tent poles and more.
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Not really built for those over 6’ tall as the hip belt will ride up.

This Mountaintop Internal Frame survival backpack provides plenty of space for trekking in the Himalaya or hunkering down at the storm shelter with the kids. 70 liters of capacity in the main compartment means you can take along things other packs might force you to leave behind like candles, additional clothing, an inflatable mattress for the kids to sleep on and more. If you find yourself isolated in the wild there’s plenty of room for extra food, fuel for the camp stove and water so you can hold out a good long time before you have to start worrying.

The Mountaintop Internal Frame survival backpack lets you take the things you need to survive with you whether you’re evacuating your home in the face of an onslaught from the sea or are lost in the wild halfway up Denali. Should you be fleeing an oncoming hurricane deploy the built-in rain cloak and ensure all your crucial survival materials stay nice and dry. The robust back padding and the fact that you can adjust it to accommodate different size carriers is a big plus and it’s available in a variety of high key colors that ensure it’s not going to get lost even in white-out conditions.

Mountaintop Internal Frame Backpack

Mountaintop Internal Frame Backpack

Our second Mountaintop survival backpack is their 55 liter Internal Frame backpack that is every bit as practical as its sibling (reviewed above) and several orders of magnitude above it in the looks department. This is a beautiful looking survival backpack (if survival backpacks can be ‘beautiful’) but it’s way more than just a pretty face.

  • 55 liters of storage with additional space available in and under the cap pocket.
  • Compression system allows you to adjust the profile of the pack to suit the load.
  • Extremely comfortable waist band with lots of hip padding.
  • Chest straps helps you keep the load stable no matter what you’re going through.
  • Waterproof rain fly not included.

The Mountaintop 55 liter Internal Frame Backpack like most good survival backpacks can be extended upward to create more storage if needed. There’s also copious additional storage in the lid pocket and several generously proportioned external pockets that will keep everything from your compass to your iPad nice and dry. There’s a hydration pocket that provides you the ability to have plenty of potable water on hand as well as plenty of webbing on the exterior of this survival backpack to accommodate more water bottles.

When you’re in a survival situation you want to make sure you have plenty of food and water with you and, if there’s space, some additional or dry clothes as well. You also want conveniently located pockets on your survival backpack where you can nest your best survival kit for fast retrieval and you want the whole thing to sit high and not dig into your shoulders and waist even after hours of wear. In other words you want the Mountaintop 55 liter Internal Frame Backpack. It is it’s still one of the best survival backpacks out there.

G4Free 40L Lightweight Backpack

G4Free 40L Lightweight Backpack

The G4Free 40 liter Water Resistant Backpack surprised us by earning a place on our list, and surprised us even more by demonstrating that it’s such an outstanding overall value. At 40 liters the G4Free occupies the low end of the survival backpack size spectrum but it’s so incredibly convenient we couldn’t deny it a place.

  • 40 liters of storage.
  • Folds away into itself for easy carrying.
  • Features a built in emergency whistle in the chest strap.
  • Build quality is generally very high.
  • Only 20 bucks!
  • Don’t be surprised if it’s smaller than you expect it to be.
  • Not for serious mountaineering.

The G4Free survival backpack isn’t for guides on Everest. In fact it’s not for anyone on Everest. However, should you find yourself faced with a sudden evacuation just pop this nifty backpack out of the drawer and open it up. In seconds you’ve got 40 liters of high quality storage space at your disposal.

The G4Free isn’t going to impress Reinhold Messner but he might use it if he has to suddenly evacuate his mountain hideaway due to avalanche dangers. The G4Free is a strictly utilitarian survival backpack that’s light on the frills, light on the MOLLE compliant webbing and extremely light on your wallet. Whether you’re a mountaineer or have never set foot on a mountain path you’ll benefit from having the G4Free at your disposal just in case all hell breaks loose and you have to skedaddle. An outstanding survival backpack value.

Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame

TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame

Finally we come to the last of our best survival backpacks and it’s a doozy. The Teton Sports Scout 3400 with 55 liters of storage capacity and some of the most common sense design touches we’ve seen. The 3400 boasts a slew of features that make the transportation of survival gear easy, convenient and painless.

  • 55 liters of storage in the main compartment and more in the lid pocket.
  • Fully adjustable waist and shoulder straps to accommodate different sized carriers.
  • Comes with waterproof rain fly.
  • Affordable low price.
  • No ability to add or remove external pockets.

The Teton 55 liter Scout 3400 survival backpack has all the style and comfort of a backpack costing 2 or 3 times as much. You can feel the built quality when you sling it and you can see it when you inspect the pack up close. This is no bargain basement survival backpack. This is the real thing. Constructed using durable, water resistant Diamond Ripstop 600D nylon the 3400 features a roomy sleeping bag compartment you can use for other things if you’re heading to the evacuation shelter, lots of webbing and straps on the exterior and great balance for extended wear.

The Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Survival Backpack is a valuable piece of survival gear that also happens to be a high quality mountaineering backpack. Although it cuts a pretty trim profile it’s still able to transport several days or more of food and other survival supplies into the mountains or into the rescue boat as you make your escape from the hurricane bearing down on you. Build quality is excellent, as it typically is with Teton products, and overall balance is outstanding.

Survival Backpack Buyers Guide

Survival backpacks are used by a wide variety of people, many of whom are not mountaineers and so have little experience with backpacks in general. These folks typically have questions about survival backpacks and here are some of the most common.

man with survival backpack

  • What is a Survival Backpack? – A survival backpack is a backpack that has several distinguishing features: it typically has more than 50 liters of storage capacity in its main compartment, it’s water resistant with a waterproof rain fly, it has lots of MOLLE or MOLLE-style mesh and cords on its exterior for gear that needs to be at the ready and it’s comfortable to carry over long distances.
  • How Much Should a Survival Backpack Weigh? – The survival backpack itself shouldn’t weigh more than 6 or 7 pounds max. When it’s full however it’s going to weigh considerably more and the larger the storage capacity the heavier the survival backpack will be when full. At the high end of the spectrum a survival backpack full of tactical and survival gear, food, clothes and more may weigh in excess of 75 pounds, although most will weigh less.
  • How to Pack a Survival Backpack? – Most survival backpacks load from the top so the items you put in first will be those you won’t need to access often, like spare socks, sweaters and shirts, underwear etc. On top of that will go food and food preparation materials like the stove and pots and pans and at the top the tent, tent stakes and ground cloth. Outside pockets should contain things like fuel for the stove, tactical gear like the compass, GPS device, tactical flashlight and more. And the MOLLE mesh should be used for items like a foldable shovel, hatchet and anything else that doesn’t play well inside your survival backpack.

Essential Items For Your Survival Backpack

  1. Water bottles
  2. Tactical Flashlight
  3. Survival knife
  4. Compass and/or GPS device
  5. Stove/pots/pans
  6. Emergency blankets
  7. First aid kit
  8. Water filter
  9. Enough food for 3 to 5 days
  10. Battery or wind up emergency radio

Also check out this cool video from Wired with some other ideas for essential items for your Survival backpack:

Factors When Buying Survival Backpacks

Here are some of the things you’ll want to consider when shopping for a survival backpack.

  • Volume – The survival backpack should have a storage capacity of at least 40-50 liters with a practical maximum of about 100 liters. Anything less than 40 or 50 and you’re likely going to have to leave things you should be taking.
  • Comfort – You might have to carry this survival backpack for days on end so it needs to be comfortable. There should be plenty of padding in the shoulder straps and waist/hip strap and there should also be padding that protects your back from rubbing up against the pack. The pack should also ride high to keep most of the load on your shoulders.
  • Versatility – You should be able to attach a variety of survival items to the exterior of the survival backpack including things like an axe, a foldable shovel, tent poles, water bottles and more.
  • Waterproof – While most survival backpacks are not made from waterproof material the best are made from water resistant materials and also include a fully waterproof rain fly which you can cover the pack in when it rains in order to protect the contents.


Survival backpacks can mean the difference between transcending an emergency relatively unscathed and being overwhelmed by events. Even if you’ve never backpacked a day in your life and don’t intend to you and your family will still benefit from having a survival backpack on hand in case the creek rises or the mother of all hurricanes comes roaring ashore.

We hope you found this information on survival backpack kit useful and don’t forget to stop back regularly for more product reviews and information from the pros at