Travelmate Robot Suitcase

Some people travel light. Others, not so much. Instead of having to run through the airport with multiple bags and suitcases in tow, the Travelmate Robot Suitcase can follow you around instead as you walk or even run, with a max speed of 6.75 miles per hour. Its two large main omni wheels are powered to move in multiple directions regardless of the direction the suitcase is pointing in, and a fifth wheel on its back lets it travel just as well vertically or horizontally (i.e. lying flat), the latter a boon should you want to pile up more stuff on top for it to carry. Integrated sensors allow Travelmate to smoothly navigate crowds and obstacles while following you for up to four hours per charge in full autonomous mode. Its features aren’t limited to autonomy, either, with a USB port to charge your other gadgets, an integrated scale to ensure you don’t blow your airline’s weight limit, an upper surface that doubles as a portable desk for your laptop, and a removable GPS tag to keep tabs on your suitcase — and belongings — if misplaced.

Hit up Indiegogo for details – $400+