7 Best Ankle and Wrist Weights In 2017

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There’s no better way to sculpt your body than with resistance training. We see it with weighted vests, and they really do a number on your training regiment. You can bulk up without having extra long sessions, and see massive results that you just can’t get otherwise. Matching the right weights to your workout is crucial if you want the fast track to the perfect body. But why can’t you go a bit further than weighted vests? There’s nothing stopping you. Pop on a couple of ankle weights, and while you’re at it, double-up and pluck them on your wrists, as well. Put on the right distribution of weight, and you’ll take off more weight on the scale.

Our Top Picks For Ankle and Wrist Weights

Valeo Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights

 Valeo Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights


You want resistance, and the ability to work smarter; not necessarily harder. When you take a look at the logic of it all, you can scientifically approach workouts and workout conditions, and emerge victorious, with breaking less of a sweat. The secret is in strength training, which you can attain through resistance training. These adjustable weights are just the ticket. The price varies depending on how hard you want to train, and what your body can honestly tolerate. The biggest thing to remember with resistance training is safety. Sounds simple and boring, but it’s easy to injure yourself while working out, and it can take years or a lifetime to get back to a stable level. Trust Valeo’s adjustable weights, which fit just about every size, and you’ll be in comfort and optimal training conditions. You’ll sweat it, but not for as long as you’d think. Plus, if you put on a vest, wrist, and ankle weights, you’ll feel like Goku when you’re done.

TheraBand Comfort Fit Ankle & Wrist Cuff

 TheraBand Comfort Fit Cuff Wrap Weights


TheraBand brings you extra comfortable weights in two, three, or five pound sets, depending on what you can handle, all without compromising that easy fit. There’s a reflective trim along the entire band, so you can safely use these at night if your schedule conflicts with daylight hours. Don’t risk your safety, no matter what. These weights are also designed (based on their perfect weight progressions,) for physical rehabilitation aid. These fit perfectly atop your ankles when wearing running shoes, and snugly around your wrists, so you won’t have any dangling or recoil from using these.

Reehut Durable Ankle/Wrist Weights

 Reehut Durable Ankle/Wrist Weights


One of the best prices you’re going to get for optimal comfort resides in Reehut’s rendition of wrist and ankle weights. Whether you want single pound weights, or four pound weights, you’ll be able to benefit from Reehut’s stylish and ergonomic design. You get a one year warranty, as well as the adjustable features that you need to contour to your body. When you exercise, your body swells and contracts—we all know that—but it can make using your weights uncomfortable. Reehut really focuses on comfort here, making them the perfect introductory wrist and ankle weight set for you to get used to before heading up to larger weights. You can select five different weight set sizes, adding to the versatility.

CAP Barbell 20 lb. Adjustable Ankle Weights

 CAP Barbell 20lb Adjustable Weights


If you’re going hard, and going strong, you want the most resistance that you can safely handle to get the best workout imaginable. Adjustable weights are the best bet. With the comfortable and easily adjustable set from CAP Barbell, you get the option to start out small, and work your way up, all without breaking the bank or having to purchase an entirely new set. Most ankle and wrist weight sets only go up to four pounds per piece; that’s just not enough for you, and we don’t blame you. You want the absolute best workout you can get. If you’re taking these for a jog, you can make use of the extra pockets (if you’re not using all 20lbs of capacity,) for storage during your exercise regiment.

Ankle / Wrist Weights

 Nordic Lifting Ankle and Wrist Weights


Branded for a great aerobic workout, Nordic Lifting brings style and comfort to their premier model. You can choose between one, two, three, or five pound weights, so you’ll be able to prepare for absolutely any workout ahead of time. Resistance training is imperative to building muscle mass while burning calories through cardio workout. These weights are great for children, too—just glance over the responses directly from Nordic Lifting; direct responses from the company professionals show that their customer service is always willing and at-the-ready.

Yes4All Comfort Fit Ankle / Wrist Weight

 Yes4All Comfort Fit


A grand total of three pounds between the two, encased in a comfortable and fashionable cyan-and-black cover; this is the epitome of relaxation while running. You’re already working hard—shouldn’t your gear work for you? Yes4All also comes in other colors, though the standard selection is the least expensive. These weights are the perfect size to use for physical therapy, or for children looking to train for gymnastics and other activities. These are designed to fit on just about anyone who wishes to use them, and users lose their cost-effective price point. This is a perfect set of weighs for introductory users.

gaiam fitness ankle weights

 Gaiam Fitness 5lb Ankle Weights


Walking with ankle weights is excellent resistance training. The most weight the better—higher resistance meets a rougher workout, but far better results. Between these two weights, you get five pounds that fit perfectly around your wrists or your ankles, and don’t lack on style, either. 5lbs of weight is more than enough to get a decent amount of resistance out of your workout; many buy two sets of these weights to outfit their wrists and ankles at the same time. An excellent, snug and comfortable fit is equally important—Gaiam is the full package, all at a great price.

Ankle and Wrist Weight Buyers Guide

You’re looking to get great resistance training, all without breaking the bank. After all, it shouldn’t be expensive to get in shape, right? The brands we’ve selected each have attractive prices, which are great, but you should know exactly what you need to look for when picking out the prime pair of weight for you. It seems simple, but there are a lot of variable you won’t think of until you’re in the middle of using them. Don’t regret a purchase—learn the essentials of wrist and ankle weights, their best uses, and the cons about them. 

Ankle and Wrist Weights

How To Select The Correct Weights

There are a few steps to this one: what do you need? What weights are perfect for your specific body type and requirements? Fitness should never be an afterthought; everyone should be more active in taking charge of their health, their bodies, and the best way to do that is with resistance training. Here are the two main ways that we already train, and how resistance can increase improve our workout, and increase our muscle output—and even speed the process up, if you’re got the guts.

  • Cardio

We all know that cardiovascular training—running, biking, jogging, the works—is going to burn those calories, and that’s the key to weight loss. If you go on an hour-long run, adding even just a few pounds of resistance can improve your overall shed calories. Even if you only add a few pounds to your workout, you can see additional calories being shed. A one-hour run with some additional weight can help you burn an extra 20-200 calories, depending on how much weight, and how intense your workout is.

  • Strength Training

Most of your weight loss capability actually comes from strength training—not cardio alone. Cardio is definitely beneficiary, but when you stop the workout, cardio stops working for you. On average, it takes four hours for your body temperate to return to normal after any workout, and during that time, your metabolism receives a boost, but it’s not the same as strength training. You get a rough thirty-six hours post strength workout that your body will continue to burn calories and build muscle. That’s why you often hear about taking time off between workouts; it’s actually true. The more weight (in a safe manner) the better your workout, and the more effects your muscle building period will have.

Benefits of Ankle and Wrist Weights

We know that using these weights aids in resistance training, which can help you burn more calories, and build better muscle, but it’s about where that muscle goes that counts. They may seem like a minor addition to your workout, but when you apply small boosts to each individual workout, it adds up quickly.

Toning Your Legs 

Resistance means more muscle, but that muscle doesn’t always go to your legs. In most cases, resistance training applies towards your arms and torso in exercises like chin-ups and push-ups. When you use ankle weights, you’ll be putting all of that muscle growth potential in your legs, which can be one of the most difficult areas of the body to tone. You have less area to work with, and it’s exactly why you need to utilize as much resistance training as possible in key, hard-to-train areas. 

Endurance Training

One key point that a lot of others fail to focus on is your stamina, or your endurance. Resistance training, as a general rule, will increase your endurance levels, but they also drain you physically. With wrist and ankle weights, you get just enough additional resistance to break a harder sweat, but without training every muscle in your body with numerous machines at the gym. This is going to give you the perfect level of weight loss and strength training, all while keeping your energy at a stable level.

Safety Precautions When Using Weights

Resistance training for muscle growth and weight loss? Before you count yourself in, you definitely need to assess your own personal health, and decide if adding these to  your regiment is going to be beneficial, or detrimental to your health. Here’s what you need to look for.

  1. Joint Pain

If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or any other joint-damaging condition, using ankle or wrist weights could potentially enflame your joints and cause additional pain or damage. If you haven’t secured them to yourself properly, they’ll be dragging on your joints and just sort of moving around, causing irritation. If you suffer from any type of joint pain, wrist and ankle weights may not be suitable for you.

  1. Ligament Tears

You ever heard of “Go big or go home?” Yeah. When it comes to workouts, that’s bull. Going big right from the get go is a surefire way to end up in the infirmary, so don’t opt to be mister macho. If you determine, after a short trial, that ankle and wrist weights are not for you, you don’t want to regret using ten pounds of extra weight and damaging your ligaments, when you could’ve started small and incurred less physical damages.

  1. Carving The Path

Your ankle and wrist weight training is supposed to enhance your workout; not make everything harder. If you’re noticing extreme pain after use, you need to take it easy for the rest of the day, and considering going down a few notches in overall weight before continuing. Even if you don’t get injured while exercising, you could be laying the groundwork to sustain greater injuries throughout the day. It only takes a gentle push to cause further damage.

Information in this article regarding to health and safety have been conducted via research, and are not the directions of a licensed doctor. Any health-related guidelines located within this article are purely for entertainment purposes and should be further examined before utilizing any products on this page for personal use. GearHungry is not held responsible for any injuries you may incur while using the products listed above.