Ogio Silencer Stand Golf Bag

In 1471, a Scottish farmer, in an attempt to rid his pasture of gophers, drew up a drastic plan. It didn’t work. He tried shooting them, drowning them, burning them, and finally in desperation, he adopted the age old method of intimidation. Using the head of a gopher and a stick, he went from gopher hole to hole using the stick to hit the head into the gopher lair to frighten its resident. Of course it worked and Golf was born. We may have concocted the above, but there’s never been a better way to carry your gopher head whacking sticks than the Silencer Golf Bag. It’s the top of the bag that make the Silencer different: a protective membrane fitted with 14 individual holes eliminates club vibration and contact with other clubs, cutting metal clinking down drastically. No other bag design elements have escaped the Silencer, either, as it’s fitted with a cart strap handle, pen sleeve, trunk handle, 6 zippered pockets, and even a built-in stand.

Grab one at Amazon or Ogio – $230