Lechal Smart Navigation Insoles

They may look like heated insoles, but they’re not. Lechal Smart Navigation Insoles instead pull off a much more challenging feat than simply emitting warmth: helping you navigate while on foot or on a bicycle without having to look at maps on your phone or listen to audio cues. The system ties into your smartphone via Bluetooth and uses software that interprets directions, transforming cues into intuitive haptic vibrations that guide you along, even offline, so you can enjoy your surroundings rather than keep your eyes glued to a screen. And if you’d rather not use insoles for whatever reason the pods within are removable and affix to your shoelaces as well. Fifteen days of battery life means they’re rarely shackled to a charger (the same can’t be said about your smartphone or smartwatch), and they also keep tabs on calories burnt, distance travelled, and steps taken.

Grab a pair at Amazon – $100