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You work hard, so your gear should work hard for you. There’s nothing that puts a damper on the day more than your boots flooding with water from a puddle or unexpected rain. Your feet reek when you get home, your boots get destroyed and build bacteria, and your wife begs you to keep them in the mud room, or outside. You don’t need any of that. Waterproof boots provide you with the peace of mind that your equipment will stay dry, comfortable, and avoid all the issues that come with boots that flood; athlete’s foot, the extra purchases of odor eaters, and everything in between. Here are the best picks we’ve found and personally tested for waterproof boots.

Our Top Picks Of The Best Waterproof Boots For Men

Timberland Mens White

Timberland White Ledge


The biggest name in boots, whether it’s work-related or for personal style, Timberland’s got your back everywhere you track. This classic Timberland style comes in wheat-brown or all-black, giving you the perfect arch for stability, rubber soles for traction and grip, and the waterproof seal you need when you’re out on the job. Hikers love Timberland, and these work/hiking hybrid boots transition with your lifestyle. Featuring abrasion-resistant leather and gunmetal-tone rings for your laces, these are the boots that won’t quit on you. Wear them down and lace them up a million times—they’ll keep on kicking.

Servus Comfort Technology 

Servus Comfort PVC Steel Toe Boots


Comfort technology is crucial when you’re dealing with tall, steel toe boots. Many of the elements—including the waterproofing—can make them function, but uncomfortable. Servus crafted the perfect blend between function and comfort; whether you’re out on the field, in the heat of the warehouse, or stomping through the grounds of a food processing facility, Servus won’t give up on you. These lightweight boots come with removable cushion insoles that are machine washable and dryable, so even when you sweat and it starts to mess with the inside of your boots, you’ll be able to remedy the situation without purchasing additional insoles.

Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot 

Columbia Cold-Weather Bugaboot


Tracking through the sleet and the snow? Columbia’s going to take you there in dry comfort. The rubber sole provides premier waterproofing, while the external components are comprised of leather and textile blends. When you head out into the winter wind, you’ll get chilly just about everywhere—that’s where Columbia’s Bugaboot comes into play. Heat reflective interior linings maintain your heat level, so you can say goodbye to numb toes. Columbia brand boots are often revered as the best men’s waterproof boots; that comes down to preference, but results speak for themselves.

Skechers USA Mens 

Sketchers USA


From the brand that nobody hears about anymore, but everyone remembers: Sketchers USA brings excellent waterproof boots, optimized for working conditions, and great for everything else. Ankle-high with rubber soles, these premier boots give you enough of an arch to keep some bounce in your step, and high-quality, durable leather on the outside to protect you against the elements. With shock absorption worked into the insoles and steel rings for the laces, the classic American look has never been more affordable. Available in six different leather finishes for every style, (though the charcoal finish is our favorite).

Timberland Men's Flume 

Timberland Flume Boot


Okay, so the name sounds a bit funny, but there’s no joking when it comes to the immeasurable quality that Timberland brings every time. Waterproof with rubber soles, this leather fabric boot comes with a sturdy arch that keeps you moving. A padded collar ensures that you’ll be left with little to no irritation, even if the collar gets slightly damp. This is the boot designed with workmen in mind; the tongue ensures that you won’t get random debris and brush stuck in your boots while you’re trudging along. In short, it’s the boot you’ve been waiting for.

Hi-Tec Mens Bandera 

Hi-Tec Bandera Boots


A brand you rarely hear from, but never forget; Hi-Tec mixes style and functionality with this premier waterproof boot. Lace up through tight metal triangular loops, securing the tongue to your feet to avoid debris and mess from sneaking into your boot. Available in three different designs, each including removable soles, traction rubber cupsoles, and a leather textile exterior, your foot has found home.

Smith & Wesson Breach 

Smith & Wesson Breach


Premier gunmakers Smith & Wesson—yes, the very same ones—bring you American made, premier leather boots for work or hiking. Outfitted with nylon laces, an arch to support every walking style and foot type, and built Smith & Wesson tough, you’ve just found the only boot you’ll ever need. Crafted in full leather and designed with outstanding comfort for those all-day tasks, you’ll need for nothing with America’s premier gunmakers wrapped around your feet. With such attention to detail, a premier brand name and every other excellent feature, you wouldn’t believe how affordable this boot really is.

Timberland Men's 6 

Timberland 6” Boots


With over 40 different styles to choose from (that’s right), there’s a style for absolutely everybody. Full leather exterior and a rubber sole provide you with the comfort and durability you need to work all day, and play immediately after. You don’t have time to switch into sneakers between the job site and the bar, and with Timberland on your feet, you won’t have to. Platform and heel measurements are specifically designed to create a supportive arch, so those with arthritis will greatly benefit.

Rockport Mens 

Rockport Rugged Bucks


You get an appreciation for the Old West just looking at these spectacular boots. Crafted fully of leather—like any good set of men’s waterproof boots should be—this ultra stylish and functional pair of boots comes at an affordable price. You get shock absorption to withstand everything that happens on the worksite, as well as excellent traction for every occurrence. You get a personalized fit thanks to the Eva insoles, which conform to your feet and make a mold of your footprint. Slip into them easier the second time, and keep on throughout the day, into the night.

Merrell Men's Moab 

Merrell Waterproof Hiking Boots


Available in four completely different styles, you’ll be able to find the perfect appeal and enjoy the quality of a true hiking boot. These will be great on the worksite, and even better on the trail. With an arch that’s designed specifically for trekking through the dirt and at a steady incline, you’ll be the master of the woods in no time. A synthetic sole and leather/textile exterior give you the support and durability that you need, all while conforming to more of a waterproof shoes type of look. Woods or the worksite, you’re king now.

Hi-Tec Men's Altitude 

Hi-Tec Altitude IV Edition


Heavy on the waterproofing and even heavier on the appeal, Hi-Tec comes in swinging again with waterproof hiking boots that stand the test of time. Users have had a pair of Altitude IV’s for years before you could even see any wear and tear. Your brass hardware is completely rust-proof; if you end up trudging through the water more often than not, you’ll still be in the safe zone to ensure your boots never see a spot of rust. Garner traction and stick out the roughest parts of your day with Hi-Tec.

KINGSHOW Mens Water Resistant 

Kingshow Men’s Waterproof Boots


Bringing in the second most affordable pair of boots on our list, Kingshow brings you waterproof boots with budgeting in mind. With synthetic leather to bring the cost down, and a waterproofing seal that’s specifically designed for cold weather, you’ll be able to take on anything that’s coming. New England winters don’t stand a chance; slush and sleet, snow and ice, it’s all second fiddle to the power that Kingshow packs. Praised for their versatile designs and true fits, Kingshow brings excellent quality at a price that newcomers can afford. If your first pair of waterproof work boots are Kingshow, you’ve done your wallet, and your feet a favor.

LABO Mens Waterproof Boots For Winter 

LABO Men’s Waterproof Boots For Winter


Cost-effective beyond belief, these all-black leather boots boast rubber soles, adjustable laces, and a tight-knit fit that doesn’t quit on you. When you’re working through the slush and sludge left behind by winter melting away, you can’t afford to have your boots flood, build odors, and become tattered beyond repair at a record pace. LABO aims to ensure that never happens with their inexpensive approach to the perfect wintertime waterproof boots.

ARCTIV8 Men’s Waterproof

ARCTIV8 Boots For Construction


One of the biggest complaints with worksite-friendly boots is that they’re just marketed that way, and they’re not actually comfortable or ready for anything like their advertisements say. These define proper worksite boots. These give you optimum mobility and keep to a stylish design, with a low arch and high collar around your ankles. Choose between eight different styles, bring them hiking, and put the man-made materials and rubber insoles to the ultimate test. We know they’ll pass.

L-RUN Winter Snow Boots 

L-RUN Winter Snow Boots


Defined for the wintry outdoor landscape, these are the ultimate boots to keep you dry, warm, and ready to trod through anything that comes your way. If you fancy tent camping in the middle of winter, you’re looking at cost-effective and stylish L-RUN winter snow boots to assist you through the entire trip. Faux fur lining along the collar keeps the warmth in so it doesn’t escape from your boots, assisted by the tight-knit tongue and lace design. Choose between four different colors, and always bench on the same great design. If it isn’t broke, there’s no need to fix it—these will last for the duration.

Waterproof Boots Buyers Guide

The last thing you need during your workday is to feel water seep in through your boots, saturate your socks, and give you a whole mess of issues with fungi and odors later on. The worst thing is when that happens first thing in the morning; nothing like it. You want to stay dry, clear of any moisture that tries to enter your boots, so you need the best pair. Well, we’ve already figured those out for you, but what should you be looking for in a pair of boots? Yeah, we thought ahead on that too.

waterproof boots


What good is a waterproof boot if it’s not durable, right? This applies to how much you can bang up your boots, especially for work, and still see them working as their original description provided. If your waterproof boots aren’t durable beyond belief, you didn’t buy the right pair (which is why we weed out all the crappy buys out there).


Some of us have preferences, and those come down to material. For example, we’ve got some buddies who would rather sit on suede than leather (we call them “monsters”), and some of us would rather walk in a cloth-lined boot than a leather-lined boot. It’s all about what you like on the inside, what you want to show on the outside (ladies love a good pair of boots on a rugged stud), and what that material is going to do for waterproofing.

Waterproofing Method Applied

There are two different types of waterproofing, and you need to pay attention to them. There’s, well, waterproofing—you’re not going to feel anything enter your boots, you’re going to stay dry and keep your form without soggy socks, and the whole nine yards. Then, there’s water-resistant, which is nowhere near the same thing. It’s not even in the same ballpark.

Waterproofing—you’re good to stomp in a puddle for forty-five minutes (I don’t know why you’d want to do this, but it’s your world, man).

Water-resistant—you can wear these in the rain, light snow, and you’ll be totally fine. No puddle-stomping allowed.

If you’re working a job where you might have to stand in a few inches of water, or you’re a hiker who just can’t be caught in a flash rainstorm without proper waterproofing, you’ll want to go with actual waterproof boots instead of water-resistant. I mean, we didn’t call this guide “Best Water-Resistant Boots,” because they’re just not the same.


Slap two pieces of cardboard together, tie it with some twine and put your foot in it—what do you have? I don’t know either, but it’s not a boot. Picking quality isn’t easy when you shop online; you read descriptions, but the real information comes from reviews on Amazon. When you’re not going to get to try something on until you’ve paid for it, and you wait for shipping, it’s best to get it right the first time. Get accounts from other consumers before purchasing a product.


Arguably, the most important part of any clothing. Shirts, pants, boots, whatever the case may be, it’s only going to do so much good if you’re uncomfortable. Sure, waterproof boots are going to keep the rain out, but you want to feel good on top of that, so get the right blend of function and comfort going, or you won’t be happy with your purchase. Look at the interior material, get the scoop from other product owners on how comfortable your waterproof boots will be.


When it comes to boots, sometimes you just want to have function over flair, and that’s okay. This is where two factors come into play: how well they keep the water out, and how much they cost. If you’re sold on a product after these two factors, you’re not alone. Price is half the battle with any purchase. The other half is ensuring that it’s actually what you want.

waterproof boots


Are These Boots Really Waterproof?

If you’re uncertain about your boots and their waterproof ability, the best thing to do is take a trial run. If they’re already in front of you and you’re referring back to this at a later date, fill a clear container with water and submerge the boot up to the bottom of the laces, without it touching the laces (this is where it can start to saturate). Hold it there for a minute or so, and feel the inside. Dry as can be.

Waterproofing is a mix between specific waxes and the airtight build that the manufacturer provides, so your boots that you found here at Gear Hungry in fact are actually waterproof. Skeptics beware: these are the real deal.

Can I Use a Waterproof Compound on a Regular Boot to Save It From Water Damage?

Yes, you absolutely can, but it doesn’t make them waterproof like these, and here’s why:

There are dozens (possibly hundreds) of guides online for waterproofing your boots at home, and most of them work pretty well. However, what they actually do is make your boots water-resistant, which we talked about earlier. You’re leaving your own human error in charge of ensuring that there are no missed spots, and even if there aren’t, you’re only going to propel the rain, and it won’t work if you step into a puddle/you’re submerged slightly.

The other issues with this is that, for the most part, non-waterproofed and waterproof boots end up running you the same amount of money, give or take a dollar or two. That being said, how can you justify spending money on a waxing rag, wax, and spending your time (in some cases, if you apply three coats of wax onto your boots, you could be waiting for three hours in total) waiting for boots to dry, when you could be out there doing what you do best and earning a living. Going with a pair of waterproof boots is a smart investment—savor your time.

Are Waterproof Boots Safe From Rust?

The loops where your laces run through are always going to prone to rust, at least a little. While they’ve also been coated in waterproofing solution, over time, it may erode and rust. This is under extreme circumstances, and in most pairs of waterproof boots, you’re not going to encounter this being an issue since your boots are always quick to dry, and the oxidization process of rust creation has a slow effect.

Can These Boots Protect Against Dripping Water?

If you leave your boots beneath a gutter outside or underneath a constant source of dripping or running water, natural erosion is going to strip away the waterproofing, at least for that specific area of the boot, and it’s going to leak in the boot. However, the gentle patter of rain is different, especially since you’re not standing there and just letting the rain hit you without moving. So yes, constant dripping water will erode the coating on your boots over time.