10 Best Beard Oils in 2017

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Beard oil moisturizes both the beard and the face beneath the beard that often suffers from neglect. Beard oils treat the hair follicles and keep the hair from growing brittle. Many brands of beard oil contain supplemental ingredients such as vitamins and minerals intended to aid in the production of healthy beard hair and improve the state of the underlying derma. Lastly the beard oil also gives your beard a nice sheen which is always good for attracting whoever it is you’re trying to attract.


Our Top Picks for the Best Beard Oil

Bossman is the real thing when it comes to beard care and their Beard Kit contains everything you need to keep your facial hair looking, feeling and smelling great. The kit is comprised of 3 parts: their renowned beard oil that softens the hair and moisturizes the skin beneath, their beard balm that encapsulates the hair trapping essential minerals and moisture and their “magic” scent which is a blend of patchouli oil, bergamont and frankincense.

  • The three components working together provide an unsurpassed level of grooming excellence.
  • The “magic” scent may not be actual magic but when used in moderation is very pleasant.
  • The skin beneath your beard will benefit from the combined ingredients.
  • Some actually find the “magic” scent to be a bit overwhelming if not applied conservatively.
  • The beard balm needs to be thoroughly worked in.

Everyone wants their beard to look and feel its best. It’s not just a matter of vanity either. It’s a matter of hygiene and overall comfort. And while beards do a fine job of growing on their own, what they don’t do such a good job of is grooming themselves. That’s up to you. And that’s where Viveiro Beard Oil and Conditioner comes in. Viveiro Beard Oil and Conditioner is an all-natural product that contains a mixture of jojoba oil, apricot, sweet almond, avocado, Vitamin E and argan oil that leaves your beard and the underlying skin feeling fresh and light all day long.

  • Repairs damaged hair while soothing the underlying skin.
  • Reduces irritation of inflamed hair follicles which helps stimulate growth.
  • No harsh chemical additives that can complicate beard maintenance by irritating the skin or triggering allergic reactions.
  • If you’re looking for something in a state of the art package you’ll be disappointed.
  • Fragrance free so it’s not going to impress with its sweet, seductive scent.

Irritated, dry and cracked skin can cause constant itching at work or in social situations and that’s not good no matter how you slice it. To prevent that embarrassing phenomenon you want a low impact but highly effective treatment that will restore the underlying skin to its pre-beard suppleness. Leven Rose Organic 100% Pure Cold Pressed Unrefined Natural Jojoba Oil is that treatment. But Leven Rose Jojoba beard oil isn’t just for the skin under your beard.

  • 100% all natural jojoba oil. Nothing added or removed.
  • Is fully absorbed by the skin. Won’t cause inflammation and is fragrance free and kosher.
  • Serves as an excellent all-purpose moisturizer for arms, legs, hands etc.
  • Those looking to add a bit of an enticing fragrance to their beard may be a tad disappointed.
  • Claims that it’s an effective treatment for eczema and psoriasis need to be taken with an enormous grain of salt.

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner is a complex formulation of nut butters, hair strengthening botanicals, virgin argan, grapeseed, apricot kernel oils and more working together to nourish the skin under your beard and restore it to its natural moist and pleasant state. Honest Amish Beard Balm will also work to provide much needed moisture and body that will result in a fuller, more attractive beard. While the formula is complex it needs to be emphasized that the company uses no manmade chemicals or compounds of any kind in their beard balm.

  • Fragrance free as well as being free of artificial colors.
  • No plastic is used in the packaging. Only 100% recyclable tin which itself is made from recycled materials.
  • 100% money back satisfaction guaranteed.
  • You’ll likely want to avoid Honest Amish Beard Balm if you have any nut allergies.
  • The ability of the product to prevent ‘beardruff’ may be slightly overstated.

The second Leven Rose item on our list just missed the Hall of Fame but not by much. This Fragrance Free Beard Oil and Leave-in Conditioner is a worthy addition to our top 10 best beard oil list for a variety of reasons. It does an outstanding job moisturizing both beard and facial skin and is also one of the most effective treatments on this list at dealing with itching and irritation.

  • No artificial fragrances, fillers, additives GMOs or parabens.
  • Leven Rose does not test any of its products on animals. Ever.
  • Leven Rose takes into account that oils are light sensitive and uses a dark amber glass bottle to preserve freshness and effectiveness.
  • Like some other beard oils this “unscented” product does have a natural odor some may find a little off-putting.
  • You might require a bit more than advertised to soften a naturally tough beard.

If you’re looking for a top-flight beard conditioner Beardsmen have it for you. Their Premium Spirit Beard Oil and Conditioner does a fantastic job keeping your beard smooth, shiny and free of tangles. Keep your beard looking and feeling its best with Beardsmen’s combination of all natural ingredients. Beardsmen make a point to talk about their product’s ability to relieve itchy skin that can sometimes be side effect of beard growth so we feel compelled to say that it does a good job of that. Not great.

  • The product is extremely easy to use by simply placing a few drops in your palm, rubbing your palms together and working it into the beard.
  • No artificial fragrances added. In fact no artificial anything added.
  • Pleasant odor generated by eucalyptus, cedar and pinewood.
  • Comes in a large bottle so if you shave your beard you’re kind of stuck.
  • Some users report it masks rather than treats beardruff.

Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil allows you to wear your beard with confidence. Confidence that you’ll never wind up itching your face during social occasions, confidence that your beard will always look its best, confidence that your beard won’t emit any unpleasant “natural” odors and confidence that the product you’re using on your face wasn’t tested on animals during its development. Mountaineer brand beard oil is lightly scented using eucalyptus, Fir needles and cedarwood.

  • A vegan friendly, all natural, cruelty free product produced right here in the USA.
  • Easy to use and won’t leave you feeling like your beard is greasy or otherwise uncomfortable.
  • The pleasant woodsy odor is a big step up from some other beard oils.
  • If you don’t like your beard to smell ‘woodsy’ you’re a bit out of luck.
  • Marketed as an all-purpose moisturizer but you’d probably do well to confine use to your beard.

This beard advertises you’ll achieve a “majestical” beard after using their product for just a short time. We don’t know if anyone’s beard can be considered majestic but there’s no doubt The American Beard Company Beard Oil and Leave-in Conditioner will provide your beard with a certain pizazz it might otherwise have been missing. The product does a good job of reducing beardruff without making you feel like you dipped your beard into a tank of 10w30 and your beard is likely to feel more agreeable than it maybe ever has.

  • Beard oil made with all natural jojoba seed and argan kernel oils.
  • Stimulates the growth of healthy facial hair and the maintenance of healthy skin under it.
  • Comes with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.
  • The “scentless” claim by the manufacturer is not entirely accurate.
  • Still waiting on that “majestical” beard, but we won’t hold it against them.

What sets this beard oil apart from the competition and makes it a Best Bang for your Buck beard oil is the delightfully non-greasy way this product goes about its business. Somehow it’s able to effectively handle irritated skin, reduce beardruff, promote hair growth and reduce tangles all without ever feeling like oil. But there’s more too. It works fast, it works effectively and the kit includes a nifty beard comb for keeping everything in line and looking fine. Split ends, dry skin and flaking are no match for the Prophet beard oil.

  • Comes with 1oz premium beard oil, beard comb and beard care eBook.
  • Many report noticeable enhancements to the way their beard looks and feels after the first use.
  • Never tested on animals, does not contain nuts and suitable for vegans.
  • No scent at all, either natural or manmade. Curious how they can do that “naturally.”
  • The beard comb looks like it was designed for Grizzly Adams.

The Gentleman’s Beard Oil and Softener will make your beard feel silky smooth and look vibrant and healthy. It will treat your split ends (if you have any), prevent longer beards from getting tangled and make your face feel great underneath. It does as good a job as any beard oil on the market at taming beardruff and takes only moments to apply. There’s no reason to go around itching your face and brushing flakes of dry skin off of your shirt front when you have Gentlemen’s Beard Oil.

  • Truly an unscented beard oil. No smell whatsoever either natural or artificial.
  • Simple as pie to use. Just rub a few drops between your palms and work it in.
  • 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
  • Maybe the most effective beard oil for reducing beardruff.
  • One has to question how they achieve a beard oil with a complete lack of odors without some sort of artificial manipulation.

Buyers Questions

How Good is Beard Oil?

Like most things beard oil will vary in quality from maker to maker. The best (those being the ones we highlight above) will all do an outstanding job of softening your beard and restoring moisture and suppleness to the skin of your face. Some will also do an outstanding job of reducing beardruff.

What’s the Best Beard Oil?

Any of the beard oils above will do you well but we obviously feel that any of the three that constitute our Hall of Fame are top of the line beard oil.

Which is Better, Beard Oil or Beard Balm?

While this is largely a matter of taste, there are slight differences in the way the two are applied and how they feel once in place. Beard oil usually soaks into the beard hair and underlying skin with ease as long as you haven’t used more than the typical few drops. Beard balm on the other hand may take a bit more effort to work it fully into the beard and skin.

Things to Consider When Buying Beard Oil

The Ingredients – Most beard oil visits the same ingredient list, though there are variations in how complex their mixtures will get. Some have extremely simple formulas while others will have extensive, if still all natural, mixtures that include nut oils, natural fragrances and other types of skin softeners. As a general rule, the fewer the ingredients, the fewer potential bad reactions between the beard oil and skin.

Scent – Many an all natural beard oil states that it is fragrance free but only a couple actually are. That’s because when they say ‘fragrance free’ they mean no fragrances have been added specifically to create a certain type of scent. The included ingredients however can, and often do, have their own scent. Make sure that if you want something that is truly fragrance free that you find a beard oil that says it has no odor whatsoever.

Packaging/Animal Testing – Choose a beard oil that is packaged in easily recyclable and/or easily biodegradable material like glass, tin and cardboard/paper. Also, few self-respecting beard oil users will want to purchase a product that’s been tested on animals. Do our animal friends a favor and reject any beard oil that you suspect may have used animals during their product development.


As facial hair has returned to popularity men everywhere are looking for ways to make their beards softer, more attractive and less impactful on the underlying skin. Beard oil and other beard grooming products like those profiled above are the best way to do so. We hope you found this information helpful and be sure to check back on a regular basis for more product information and reviews.