Ritot Projection Watch

The essence of a fashionable, sturdy timepiece has often been captured by Omega, Brietling, Tag and other precision made pieces designed not only to reflect sophistication but to alleviate the heavy feeling in your wallet. Ritot not only delivers sophistication, it provides a link to the technological world in which we live. Ritot customizably provides its users with text messages, caller id, reminders, emails, alerts, Facebook notifications, Twitter updates, weather, alarms, and updates by many other apps, all without the large, bulky screen of a smartwatch. The unique projection technology enables day or night use with an extended operating life so there’s no worrying about preserving battery power: Ritot turns itself off after projecting for 10 seconds, lasting for up to one month in standby or 150 hours in projection mode. The unisex design is waterproof and the projection is changeable for left or right hand use. If you don’t like the look of the projection, just change the color with one touch. And if it’s just too much work to raise your other hand to your Ritot wearing wrist, just shake your hand to activate.

Hit up IndieGoGo to pledge – $120