10 Best Alarm Clocks On The Market!

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You’re going to have to admit it to yourself at one point or another—using your smartphone as a digital alarm clock just doesn’t cut it. You sleep through it, you rely on it as a bedroom clock when it’s just not cutting it. Whether you need alarm clocks for heavy sleepers, a projection alarm clock, or a programmable alarm clock that is up to you. You just need to make sure that it works. Fortunately, you know your favorite Gear Hungry experts have whipped up the ten best alarm clock models on the internet.

Our Top Picks Of The Best Alarm Clocks

Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock

Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb

This isn’t for just any old sleeper. This is going to ensure that you get up with every bit of vigor in its little electronic body. Sonic Alert brings us a seriously powerful alarm clock that actually shakes the bed to get you out of it, and comes with a large red LCD screen. You’ll have red flashing in your eyes, the bed rumbling, and a loud sound as the light pulsates to get you up. The world isn’t ending, you’re just getting up for work again. Look alive, tiger!

CubieBlue Charing Bluetooth Alarm Clock

CubieBlue Charging Bluetooth Speaker

This looks like a Death Star droid out of a Star Wars movie, but it gets the job done with the tricks up its sleeve. Charge your phone and your tablet at the same time with two power outlets and two USB ports. The alarm clock feature is simple, and while it also projects your tunes via Bluetooth audio, it comes with a surge protector. That’s right; no freak lightning storm is allowed to hold you back. It’s still going to work when you plug it back in (even if you threw it across the room).

NakaLight Wake Up Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers

NakaLight Wake Up

Hopefully, you don’t have sensitive eyes. Get ready to have over 100 lumens pull up on you like the flashlight of a police officer on a Saturday night. One thing’s for sure—it’s going to wake you up, and keep you up. This is a nature sounds alarm clock to boot, so you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the meadow when it goes off. A very bright meadow. This will gradually light up a half hour before you awaken to ease you out of sleep.

Instecho Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers

Instecho Carpet Alarm Clock

Traditional led alarm clock models just don’t work for you? No problem. Blast your favorite mp3s or just have a crazy loud sound go off. You have to get up and actually step on this mat to get it to stop, which is no problem.You’ll jump up, stomp on the mat, and be done with it—set it to play tunes for you afterwards (at a decent audio level) as a mini reward system. This mat gets up to 120 decibels (think as loud as two window unit air conditioners).

Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock

Electrohome EAAC601 Projection

There’s nothing like seeing the time blasted on the wall in sharp red LED display. It gives you the perfect sense of, “Oh crap, I’m going to be late.” Projection alarm clocks are just plain awesome, and it’s especially true in this model. This isn’t just another electric alarm clock—you get advanced SelfSet technology thrown into this bad boy that’s going to correct the time and date for you, so the Daylight Savings Time ghost of Benjamin Franklin doesn’t haunt you.

Electrohome USB Charging Alarm Clock

Electrohome EAAC475

Seriously, projection clocks are awesome. Apart from the obvious design perks, you get high-speed USB charging for your phone or tablet overnight. (By the way, we recommend setting multiple alarms no matter what clock you buy, you heavy sleeper, you.) The large LED display is sure to wake you up if the reflection of the projection and the sound doesn’t. You can set this up without worry—power failure doesn’t stand a chance. The lithium-ion battery that’s included in this model acts as a backup power reserve, so you’re never caught with your guard down.

Poweriever Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Poweriever Bluetooth 32L

Sure, it looks harmless, but this will blast your tunes until there is no tomorrow. When you want to connect to your alarm clock to play your favorite music, you’ve met your match in terms of an alarm clock. You get a reactive light bar to turn on when you touch it, as well as a rechargeable battery that ensures you won’t be left without your alarm, even when there’s a power failure in the middle of the night. Your boss doesn’t care—you still have to get in on time. Make every minute count with this premier electric alarm clock.

Philips Sunrise Simulation Electric Alarm Clock

Philips Wake-Up HF3505

You know that feeling you get when you draw the blinds, and you didn’t expect it to be so sunny? That’s what this alarm clock does for you, except it wakes you up instead. Philips incorporated yellow-and-white light into this sunrise simulation programmable alarm clock, and this is the only alarm clock/lamp that’s certified to help you sleep better, and awake more refreshed than you ever thought possible. From America’s favorite retailer of small and budget-friendly gadgets, Philips does it again.

RCA Digital Alarm Clock

RCA Digital

Now, this one is pretty basic, but for some of us, that’s all we need, right? With a bright, beaming red LED display, you’re certain to rub your eyes and wonder what weird light is pulsating from your nightstand. There’s an alarm indicator and the classic AM/PM light that we all remember from early-2000 models. You can do something different from your late 1990s-inspired clock, and that is change the brightness levels so you don’t completely burn out your retinas.

Sony Electric Alarm Clock

Sony ICFC1

Sony always makes good products, and this little cube packs a powerful alarm in its punch. When you go for the minimalist design, you’re able to incorporate more features for less money, as well as keep the nature of the product intact: in this case, it’s supposed to wake you up, and not be too flashy. You get a backup battery just in case the power fails you during a storm, but you also get ten programmable radio station buttons.

What Is The Best Way To Set An Alarm?

This seems like a loaded question. The point is that it’s set, right? Eh, not exactly. When you want to go for the gold and make sure you’re getting up on time, you need to do more than just set your digital clock. You need a loud alarm clock that’s going to actually do its job, and pull in some weight.

Set up your bedroom clock to be close enough to you to shut it off, but far enough away that you have to get up to actually his snooze or power it down. Your digital alarm clock should also be a radio alarm clock, so you can wake up to some tunes and start the day off right. Alarm clocks for heavy sleepers are going to have a louder radio capability, which will get through those thick dreams of yours, and get you up.

Also, don’t just set an alarm—set five alarms, on everything you can in the house (explained later) and don’t just rely on your one digital clock to handle all of it. They’re the big guns in this game, and the other small alarms are the infantry.

How To Train Yourself To Wake Up Early

This is no simple task. It requires diligence. You up to the task? You have to get the day rolling before you roll out of bed. These are just a few ways you can seize the day without razing the curtains.

  1. Get up one minute earlier each and every day. We have biological clocks; it’s not just some weird term we use. Time doesn’t exist. I’m not going to get all existential on you and make you contemplate your place in the universe, because you already know what that is—being the version of you that gets up earlier. Your body needs time to adjust, and if you can wean into it like this, in a month, you’ll be waking up a half-hour early.
  2. Make your goals early in the morning. This sounds dumb, and trust me here, it’s not going to be easy, but when you look at a goal you really, truly, deeply want, and you associate it with having to get up early in the morning to achieve it, you’ll start prioritizing. Don’t just think—act on your goals.
  3. Go to bed with positive thoughts. Tell yourself, “I want to get up early because…” and then, actually do it. Sleep studies happen all the time, and they tell us what exterior activities are affecting our dreams, our nightmares, etc., and talking to yourself as you drift off to bed has been proven to work. If you’re looking forward to something in the morning, tell yourself about it, and your body will hold onto that through the night.

How Can I Wake Up Faster?

This is difficult because it works differently for everyone involved. If you’re just not able to wake up properly, then you’re probably what most of us are: tired from the constant stress of life and trying to sleep it off to a healthy level. It’s exhausting, all of life. Waking up faster and feeling fuller right when you hit the ground is a must, and it’s difficult. Here’s what to do:

  1. When you first open your eyes, try your hardest to remember that you’re supposed to shoot up, and try to jolt really quickly. It’ll be faster than you nestling back into bed and realizing that you don’t want to leave it.
  2. Throw yourself off your bed in a fit of rage. If you have a hardwood or tile floor, and you’re higher than a platform bed, it’ll wake you up with one swift motion. You may seem crazy to your girlfriend, or your buddy on the couch when the loud thump wakes them up, but you’ll be a bit more ready for the day at this point.
  3. Keep a cup of water on your bedside. The second you wake up, stand up and dump it on your face. You had to take a shower anyway, right? It’s a shock to the system. If you have a minifridge by your bedside and can ensure it’s icy cold, you get bonus points.

How Can I Make Sure I Wake Up On Time?

Heavy sleeper, are we? Waking up on time is one of the constant issues that we’re all facing. How many times have you awoken to find that you’ve slept through your alarm clock? Your alarm clock is supposed to wake you up, and instead, you’ve had such a busy, long night, that you just can’t seem to hear it. Here’s what you do:

  1. Put that clock out of reach. If you can hit the snooze button, you’re probably doing this in a half-dazed state, and proverbially shooting yourself in the foot. Put the alarm clock across the room. The key to this is ensuring that it’s still close enough to you that you’ll hear the sound.
  2. Set multiple alarms, but not on the same device. The world started relying on their smartphones to wake them up, and it simply doesn’t work. Nothing is better than a good old fashion alarm clock. Here’s the trick: any device in your home that has an alarm feature, set it. That means your stove in the other room, the microwave, your alarm clock, your smartphone, and perhaps a stereo system (if anyone’s still using those). It’s one surefire way to ensure that you’ll freak out all the way to your feet.
  3. Change where you sleep. Your bed’s comfortable, and that’s the problem. Skip to the couch, where you’re not in a deep sleep. If you’re a heavy sleeper, make it a tiny bit less comfortable, so you won’t be slouching about through the entire buzzing or ringing of your clock.