12 Best Swiss Army Knives For EDC

The Swiss Army Knife has achieved something close to iconic stature in modern Western Culture. By that we mean that virtually everyone will know what you’re talking about when you say the words “Swiss Army Knife”. Like all true iconic items the Swiss Army Knife has also generated a slew of imitators. Not only that but it’s almost single-handedly inspired the entire multi-tool industry.

Today the true Swiss Army Knife is manufactured by a company called Victorinox which is committed to retaining the standard of excellence laid down by the first SAKs nearly 130 years ago. Below we’re going to take a look at what our product experts have determined to be the 12 best Swiss Army Knives. These are knives that emphasize practicality and versatility over brute force considerations. Let’s get started.

Our Top Picks For The Best Swiss Army Knives

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman

Victorinox Swiss Army

The Huntsman boasts the classic Swiss Army Knife profile and offers a slew of features any tradesman or do-it-yourselfer will appreciate. As the name states it’s also an outstanding choice to bring with you into the wild and, in our opinion, there should be one permanently stashed in your bug out bag as well. The Huntsman boasts 15 useful tools including a large and a small blade, standard and Phillips head screwdrivers, scissors, can opener, tweezers, wood saw and more. Whether you’re an electrician, handyman, fisherman or hunter you’ll want the Huntsman in your pocket at all times.

Victorinox Swiss Army Executive

Victorinox Executive

The Executive from Victorinox is the Swiss Army Knife for the other half. Sleek, refined, sporting a well thought out minimal complement of high quality tools and matte black to go with your business suit the Executive is proof positive that practicality is a transcendent principle. While it’s a tad longer than you might expect from the classic SAK it is also slimmer which makes it easier to carry in your pants pocket without attracting attention. It also sports 10 well considered tools including a large and small blade, scissors, nail file and orange peeler.

Trekker 1-Handed Opening Knife

Victorinox 54874 Trekker

The molded handle of the Trekker allows you to get a nice tight grip so can lean into the task and achieve the best possible results. This is one of only a handful of Swiss Army Knives that feature a serrated locking blade as well so you can see they’ve designed this knife with outdoor activities in mind. The blade is longer than most EDC Swiss Army Knive blades but not more than the 4” length that will get the attention of officialdom. The thumb notch also allows for one-handed opening. Beyond the blades there are also screwdrivers, a can opener, bottle opener and toothpick.

Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer

Victorinox Pioneer

The Pioneer Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox is a sleek, stylish looking SAK that makes a great addition to your everyday carry and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. This is one of the more compact Swiss Army Knives intended to fit neatly into your pants pocket and the silver Alox shell is both attractive and aids in your ability to get a nice firm grip. It’s light so it’s not going to tear through the bottom of your pocket or tire you out if you need to hold it above your head for a time. You’ll find myriad uses for the Pioneer EDC Swiss Army Knive around the house, at the campsite or on the job.

Victorinox Swiss Army Cadet Knife

Victorinox Cadet Knife

The Cadet Swiss Army Knife is another of Victorinox’s compact offerings. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in utility. The Cadet has a full complement of tools including 2” main blade, a smaller secondary blade, a screwdriver, bottle opener, wire stripper and more. All are forged from high quality 1.4110 Victorinox stainless steel that guarantees strength and durability. Scales on the Cadet Swiss Army Knife are ribbed black Alox which provides an attractive look and a firm grip in any conditions. A great looking small Swiss Army Knife with a classic look and plenty of EDC features.

Victorinox Swiss Army EvoGrip 11

Victorinox EvoGrip 11 

The EvoGrip is the product of a collaboration between Victorinox and Wenger that resulted in a line of SAKs Victorinox is calling the Delemont Collection. The grip has a gentle forward curve that allows you to bring a bit more force to bear on the task at hand. That handle also features rubber inlays that allow you to get a firm grip regardless of conditions. Go beyond the handle and you’ll find 9 features including large and small blades, reamer, openers, standard and Phillips screwdrivers and more. This is a forward looking Swiss Army Knife that should satisfy those in search of contemporary styling.

Victorinox Swiss Army Explorer

Victorinox Explorer

The Explorer is the Swiss Army Knife most people are probably expecting when they think they’re going to buy Swiss Army Knives. It features a slew of the typical, useful attachments you expect from a SAK like the large and small blades, screwdrivers, openers, tweezers, toothpick and more. And there are also some of the unexpected like the hook for carrying parcels and a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass has an array of possible applications from examining machinery for defects, to getting a good look at a splinter, to reading fine print and more.

Victorinox Signature Lite Pocket Knife

Victorinox Signature Lite

A beautiful Swiss Army Knife with a translucent blue handle that takes another big step in bringing the SAK into the 21st century. The Signature Lite Swiss Army Knife is unlike any other you’re likely to see. On top of the impressive array of standard features like a blade, nail file and scissors you’ll also find a retractable ballpoint pen and a surprisingly effective LED flashlight. Victorinox makes a lot of attractive Swiss Army Knives these days but this may be the handsomest of their creations. It’s amazing this Swiss Army Knife doesn’t cost 2 or 3 times as much.

Victorinox Swiss Army Compact

Victorinox Compact

The Victorinox Small Swiss Army Knife is all of that and more with 15 functions all packed into a shell that’s only 3.5” long and just over half an inch thick. You have all the usual suspects here and more including a pressurized ballpoint pen that will write at just about any angle. It’s an impressive feat of engineering and an even more impressive feat of manufacturing considering the low cost. There’s nothing compact about the possibilities inherent in this Swiss Army Knife and whether you have it on your belt loop or carry it in your pocket you’ll be glad to have it.

Victorinox-Swiss Army Deluxe Tinker

Victorinox Swiss 53481 Deluxe Tinker 

Here’s another classic Victorinox Swiss Army Knife design complete with red handle that will have traditionalists – as well as anyone else who values versatility in their everyday carry – smiling. Among the 16 hardened-steel tools are large and small blades, nail file, wire stripper, screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, pliers (!), Phillips head screwdriver and much more. For all intents and purposes when you’re considering a Swiss Army Knife you should probably start by looking at this one and then working down the versatility scale if it’s not to your liking.

Victorinox Swiss Army EvoGrip 18

Victorinox EvoGrip 18

Another entry into the Victorinox Delemont Collection the EvoGrip 18 provides both the boundless versatility you expect from a Swiss Army Knife and leading edge design and ergonomics that let you get more from your SAK experience. This is a beautiful piece of everyday carry with the trademark forward thrust to the handle that’s oh-so-subtle but oh-so-effective in letting you bring more force to bear without greater effort. Available tools include 2.5” blade, smaller secondary blade, full length saw blade, scissors with serrated edges, Phillips head screwdriver, reamer, openers and more.

Victorinox Swiss Army RangerGrip 58 Hunter

Victorinox Ranger

The final Swiss Army Knife on our list is the RangerGrip 58 Hunter from Victorinox. This is yet another of the company’s Delemont Collection entries and tips its cap ever so slightly to multi-tool design without forfeiting what makes the SAK so distinctive and enduring. It’s longer than most SAKs but won’t get you in trouble with the 4” blade rule imposed by most municipalities. Beyond that it’s just a beautiful piece of everyday kit that includes a full length saw blade, rubber inlays on the handle for outstanding grip, openers and 2 screwdrivers.

Swiss Army Knives Buyers Guide

Although they’ve been around for well over a century people still have questions about the Swiss Army Knife. Below are some things you’ll want to look for when purchasing one.

Blade – Each Victorinox Swiss Army Knife includes at least 1 blade with most featuring 2; a larger main blade and a smaller secondary blade. Because SAK blades don’t surpass the 4” rule imposed by most cities and towns on “concealed” knives you won’t rule afoul of the law which is one of many reasons SAKs make such excellent everyday carry items.

Screwdriver – Virtually all Swiss Army Knives have at least 1 screwdriver with most having 2; both a standard and Phillips head. Without this item the versatility of the SAK would be seriously compromised.

Scissors – Another staple of the Swiss Army Knife scissors are typically quite sharp and able to cut many materials effectively including all types of paper, light cardboard, strings, fishing line and more. A couple of SAKs swap out their scissors for pliers.

Openers – The can opener was one of the original tools included on the earliest SAKs and it’s still with us today. Bottle openers too are make a regular appearance on the Swiss Army Knife.

Other tools – The nail file, saw blade, reamer, toothpick and corkscrew are some more favorites you may want on you SAK. Some of the newer versions also sport a ballpoint pen and our favorite, the magnifying glass.

Physical Considerations

Size – Since the Swiss Army Knife is the prototypical everyday carry item you won’t find any that violate that intent or spirit. In other words they’re typically small enough to carry in your pocket without getting in the way. You should be aware though that the more features you want the thicker the whole device is going to be.

Style – Victorinox does a good job these days coming up with new looks and feature sets for their Swiss Army Knife without compromising the fundamental style everyone is so familiar with. Where you’ll find stylistic variation is in some of the new contoured or curved handles as well as in the material used for the scales.

swiss army knife

History Of The Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army Knife originated in Ibach, Switzerland in 1891 when the Karl Elsener company received a contract to supply all-purpose knives to members of the Swiss military. Another company, Wenger, also received a contract to produce knives based on the army’s preferred design. Both companies produced Swiss Army Knives until 2005 when they merged under the name Victorinox. The Swiss Army Knife remains one of the most well-known of Swiss products; right up there with discreet banking and precision timepieces.

The Swiss Army Knife has weathered 2 world wars and innumerable cultural changes somehow managing to retain both its appeal and relevance. Today the Swiss Army Knife is an integral part of most people’s everyday carry and there’s no doubt people will continue to buy Swiss Army Knives by the score as we move into the challenging times ahead.

We hope you found these Swiss Army Knife reviews helpful and that they serve to inform your decision when you’re considering the various Swiss Army Knives for sale today. Be sure to check back in regularly for more helpful review guides from Gearhungry.

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