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Cutting your own hair has been a growing trend; you don’t have to train yourself through a barbershop school or anything, you just need to apply some patience and common sense. That being said, your equipment matters more than anything else. Sure, your sleight of hand is going to play into the actual cut, but you can only do so much with dull, lesser-quality clippers. If you’re going to take the financially-rewarding route of cutting your own hair, these are the clippers you need to look at.

Top Hair Clippers For Managing Unruly Hair

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro

Wahl Elite Performance

Wahl has been the number one brand for professional barber clippers, and the best clippers for men to use in their home, as well. Wahl is trusted by professionals around the globe, so it’s no wonder that they peaked the top of our list. With this model, you get Wahl’s signature blades that are in every one of their products. You can’t go wrong with the absolute best quality in stainless steel—these blades actually sharpen themselves.

One of the biggest issues we face is having insanely loud clippers that fill up the room with noise. Wahl doesn’t just have the best trimmers, but they also have the most quiet motor of just about every brand on this list. You get eight feet of industrial grade power cord, a premium storage case, and an assortment of Wahl’s best guards to contour to your style every single time. It all sounds pretty good, right? The price is even better. Your jaw will drop from now, all the way through the first use. You’ve found your perfect trimmer.

Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

Wahl Color Complete

Wahl has the best clippers for hair, but they also have the most ingenious innovation when it comes to selecting a hair clipper for the whole family. The best clippers just got a lot more family-friendly—now, you get a set of colored guards to contour to everyone’s favorite hair length. If you’re trimming the kids’ hair, they just have to remember their favorite color. There’s a handy color guide on the front of the trimmer; there’s no misplacing it. Simply clip on the right guard, and trim away.

Carbon steel blades stay sharp longer, built-in with a self sharpening system that keeps your clippers completely on point, every single time. Grasp the soft touch grip along the handle, adjust the taper for fades and blending, and lean back. You’ve got a five year warranty on this, so even if you’ve got a big family and you’re cutting hair on a seemingly constant basis, you’re still good to go. Wahl lasts for the long-haul, so don’t be surprised when this clipper lasts for the rest of your life (with proper maintenance).

Remington HC6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit

Remington Cordless Hair Vacuum Kit

One of the setbacks to cutting your own hair at home is the cleanup. Nobody wants to deal with cleaning up their own hair. Revitalized from a few ideas from the late 80s, Remington brings us the opportunity to vacuum up our hair as we cut it. Choose between eleven different guards, and use the handy brush to clean your clipper when you’re all done. It comes with a pair of scissor as well as a small 0.5oz container of oil for your blades. If you’re just going to be using this for yourself, you’ll be able to fill the hair basin in the course of a single cut, so you won’t have to stop repeatedly and keep emptying it.

Apart from the convenience of not having to clean up, you can use this corded or cordless. You get a sixty minute runtime when you unplug it from the cord, allowing you to pack this up in your luggage if you’re going to use it to maintain your beard while you’re out on the road. With an attractive price for all the features you get, and the Remington durability to back you, you’ve got nothing to worry about. This clipper will last you a lifetime.

Remington HC5855 Virtually Indestructible Trimmer

Remington’s Virtually Indestructible Barber Clippers

The best clippers are the ones that you can drop, step on, click and clack off of a marble countertop, and still be able to use them. Remington brought out the best hair clippers for men that know they’re hard on their possessions. For a wicked low cost, you’ll be able to pack up this fifteen-piece kit to handle trimming your beard, cutting your hair, and maintaining your facial hair. This kit includes a T-blade and a balder blade, giving you full range over any hair style that you want to replicate.

This system includes Remington’s Powercut, built with blades that won’t misalign or snag on your facial hair, making these the best grooming clippers on the market. As the best clippers for shaving head areas, like behind the ears (or all of your hair), this is an investment for the entire family. Not everyone likes the same hair style, so take that into consideration with the various attachments. Virtually indestructible, costly beyond compare—you’ve just found your new clipper.

Oster Model 10 Classic

Oster Classic Professional Barber Clippers

There’s no plastic guards here (there are adaptable ones for purchase), nothing but high-quality, sustainable and durable stainless steel blades. This kit includes two stainless steel blades at the 0.0 and the 1.0 mark, with more sizes available for purchase. Complete with a highly durable motor that stands up to the toughest tests, the best hair clippers for men also come with a shatterproof exterior case, keeping everything tucked away nicely inside.

You get a retro-looking, industrial style to the best hair clipper for men on the market—this also doubles as a grooming clipper for anywhere imaginable. There’s no hold on quality; use this versatile trimmer on your chest, back, or anywhere you see fit. This trimmer comes with a 10ft power cord, so you’ll have space to move around wherever you are without tugging on the thing. This is optimal for barbershops as the best clipper for men’s haircuts.

Elehot Hair Clipper Trimmer Cutting Kit

ELEHOT Hair Clipper

Your budget is limited—we get that. For the lowest introductory cost on our list, picking up the ELEHOT hair clipper s for men kit is the best first step you could possibly take. Not only is this extremely easy to clean and maintain, but it comes as a cordless hair clipper as well. Plug and play, or unplug and walk away—it’s all your choice. This kit comes with four guards, as well as a miniature brush to clean the blades. Some call this the best mini clipper on the market for its portable size and versatility, and we’d have to agree.

Titanium-coated blades ensure sharpness and longevity. One of the biggest concerns with purchasing such an inexpensive clipper is the potentiality for replacing it in a short amount of time. Your buds at Gear Hungry wouldn’t put this upfront if we hadn’t used it ourselves. This is by far the best mini clipper on the market today for the price range.

Miserwe Hair clippers

Miserwe Professional Barber Hair Clipper Set

While we wouldn’t recommend using this anywhere but your head (facial hair is okay), you will get a quick and amazing cut with Hiserwe’s hair clippers for men. You get a lot in a kit for under twenty bucks, including the option to go cordless. You get five guards, two pairs of scissors, as well as a USB wall box (you can interchange it with your phone chargers, too).

What makes this mini clipper amazing is the ability to pack it up and go. Use it as a beard trimmer, and use the entire kit as a men’s grooming clippers bundle wherever you go. Touch-up your mustache, your goatee, and be fresh-and-ready for that job interview or business meeting. Your budget is minimalistic, and that’s okay—Miserwe’s minimalist design and fantastic power make this a simple buy for any man, on any budget.

SURKER Cordless Hair Clippers

Surker Cordless

The best cordless hair clipper comes with disaster prevention. All of us, at least once, have been cutting our own hair while praying that the clippers wouldn’t die halfway through. Well, we’ve all had a disappointment in the same ballpark as well. This Surker cordless hair clippers set comes with an LED indicator on the handle, so you’ll be able to monitory battery activity easily. Make the judgement call whether you need to charge this or not. Nobody wants a half-cut, or if you use this for shaving, for a half-beard when you’re trying to trim it off.

Apart from the cordless and LED screen features, you get a few guards, and quite possible the best brush we’ve ever seen for cleaning the blades. It’s stick-straight with a long handle, and the bristles are actually durable enough to cleanse the blade of little hairs, leading the stainless steel tips sharp. This clipper is Amazon’s Choice for its price, durability, and innovative feature. You won’t find another hair clipper for men with a battery indicator like this on the market.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip

Wahl Professional

If you’ve been to the barbershop recently, you’ve probably noticed one thing: all the professionals love using Wahl products. This specific model is seen in barbershops all around the United States; it’s durable, and extremely cost-effective for those looking to start up their own in-home shop, or who want the very best blades to clip their hair.

Not only does this model deliver professional quality (they recommend this just for professional use), but it comes with professional grade materials. Your cord is super durable and able to withstand every kind of beating imaginable, right alongside the sturdy chassis housing the motor. Eight guards, blade oil, and a cleaning brush—this kit means you won’t want to anything else.

Wahl Professional Peanut Clipper

Wahl Professional Peanut Clipper

Go minimalist, but stick with the best brand in the United States, and you’ve got the Wahl peanut clipper. It’s a professional grade product, meaning they primarily designate it for commercial use—however, you can’t afford to hit the barbershop all that often. It’s costly. Purchasing a commercial grade clipper means you get the same great quality (with a little bit of training, which we have included in our buying guide down below), and the clipper pays for itself in 2-3 uses.

Wahl’s peanut clipper is the best hair trimmer for men that are looking to keep their wallet fat and happy, while ensuring that they get the most trusted motor in the hair clipper industry. Complete with guards and a brush for cleaning hair out of the blades, this trimmer is guaranteed to last you a lifetime (with proper care). However, Wahl understands that accidents do happen, even on the manufacturing line, and they bring a full, long-lasting warranty with every single product.

Hair Clipper Buying Guide

We’re men—there are two main things that a woman looks at when we meet them: our physique, and our hair. Between rocking an amazing facial hair style and trying to keep yourself in the best possible shape, women will look at your hair. Most of us don’t want to dish out a mad amount of cash every time we visit the barber, or maybe you’re a particular gent and you only trust the hands of a salon employee. Either way, it gets expensive. Apart from a tiny bit of electrical use as time goes on, your hair clippers will be an investment that you can carry onward for years. Save money, invest in a great hair clipper and teach yourself to cut your own hair from here on out.

hair clippers

How Often Do I Need to Oil my Clipper Blades?

As with any personal grooming product, you clean it up, and stow it away. With hair clipper blades, it’s a bit different. Even when you’re not using your clippers, you should oil them once per week. If you end up using this for the whole family, like giving your kids a haircut when you do your own, you’ll want to oil them between every second use. Reason being, you don’t want your blades to get gunky. It’s very easy for that oil to meet the friction of the blades, and cake into a gunk that you just can’t get off.

If you’re only trimming your hair once a month, try to set an alarm on your phone for the same time every week—a time when you know you’ll be home, like Sunday morning chore time—and take a moment to oil the blades. Your hair clippers should last you a lifetime, so you need to ensure that. You’ll be using one to three drops of oil at a time, so you’ll only need to purchase clipper oil once every year or two, depending on the size of the bottle you go for.

How do I Align My Blades?

The last thing you want is to cut your hair with uneven blades. It’s going to mess with your cut, and leave it looking a little botched. It won’t be noticeable enough to end your day, but people will tilt their head slightly when they look at you. It just won’t look quite right. That being said, blade alignment is key, and you should pay attention to it with every use. On average, you’ll only need to align your blades after every sixth use, provided that those uses are roughly 10-15 minute intervals.

  1. Unscrew the Blades

You’ll need a small mechanical screwdriver for this. Unscrew the bits holding the blades in. You’ll have two blades that crisscross one another to cut your hair, and you should see both of these loosen when you mess with these screws. Be very careful—do this in an open areas, like a tabletop or somewhere else that you can keep track of the screws if they bounce slightly. Avoid doing this on a carpeted area—you won’t be able to hear a screw if it pops off and lands somewhere.

  1. Use Tweezers to Align Blades

You can absolutely use your fingers to do this, but when you use tweezers, you’re not messing with the oils on the blade. Get the two blade pieces to line up together perfectly, and get ready to reattach. (Note: You’ll be able to know that your blades are aligned when the edge teeth match up perfectly.)

  1. Reattach Screws

It’s going to take a few times to get this right. Yes, we all know how to use a screwdriver, but you’re working with oiled steel, here. If the blades misalign while you’re screwing them back into place, you’ll have to delicately fix them (this is where those tweezers come in handy, I’m telling you). Screw them in, and you’re good to go. Make sure they’re nice and tight so the vibrations don’t undo all your hard work right away.

Can New Blades be Purchased?

Yes. Most manufacturers have them available directly on their website. The only issue you may run into here is the possibility that they’ve taken your model out of their current lineup. This can be a real pain, because blades that go with their newer clippers may not apply to yours. Since you only have to replace the blades when you notice frayed, frizzy ends on your hair, we recommend buying 2-3 additional blades, and leaving them in the packaging along with your hair trimmer kit.

How Long Can Hair Clippers Last?

They can literally last your entire life. Steel is durable, and maintenance is simple, yet extremely effective at keeping your clippers safe and ready to use. It’s extremely rare that you run into any electrical issues with the internal wiring, since that compartment is locked up nice and tight. The only foreseeable reason you may need to replace your clippers, is if they don’t come with a proper IPX waterproof rating, and they take a quick dunk in the full basin. Other than that, with proper maintenance, you’ll have these forever.

hair clippers

How do I Cut My Own Hair?

You want to save money on the barbershop, and handle your style yourself. Let’s be honest, we’ve all had issues with a barbershop not doing it quite right. You’d think that someone who does this for eight hours a day would pay closer attention, right? Do it yourself, and save heaps of cash over the years. Once you learn how to do it properly, it’s like riding a bicycle.

  1. Pick a Hairstyle

If you’re comfortable with the same style you’ve been rocking all along, keep it. The point here is that you don’t want to suddenly decide, “I want a completely different hairstyle,” when you’re never had it before. You don’t want to approach it like you know what you’re doing. You like this hairstyle. It’s been your thing for a while, you know it looks good, and you know how it should look. If you’re picking a brand new hairstyle, you should visit a barbershop or salon the first time around to see what the finished product should look like. Consider it a small investment.

  1. Understand How Your Hair Grows

For the most part, men’s hair all grows in the exact same way. You’ll want to take a look at yourself in the mirror, understand where your hair is at, and how it grows in. You should always cut in the direction that your hair grows, and never against it. Reason being is that you’ll create sharp, jagged ends on your hair, and ruin that natural look.

  1. Give It a Primer

If your hair has grown to a considerable length, or it’s just become shaggy and bushy compared to what it was, you should start with a hair clipper size that you know you’ll like. For instance, if you usually have stick-straight, short hair on the sides and back, and a tiny bit more on top, you’ll want to choose the guard that matches the longest point of your hair. Buzz your head the entire way around. It’s like you’re laying the groundwork before you actually drop the house down.

  1. Work the Sides

A lot of barbershops tend to work on one side of your head, then move to the back of your head, then to the other side. It’s just… don’t do it. You ruin your focus. When you’re working on one side of the head, you have a quick, fresh idea of what it looks like, and how you want it to be. Immediately jumping to the other side is going to keep you focused, and in the same zone. It’s easier to compare how the sides are going, and then, once you have the green light, work your way to the back.

  1. Cutting the Back

This is where it gets a bit tricky. You’ll need an additional mirror to do this properly. One of the most popular styles today is the undercut, and most men just like having shorter hair on the sides and back than they do on the top. (A lot of military guys don’t like hair  touching the tops of their ears.) Begin chopping away at the back of your hair, and be sure to follow the direction in which is grows.

  1. Assess

Make sure your sides and back are all the same length, and that the lining of your hair is straight and everything is going well. Now you can get a slightly shorter piece for the top of your hair, or, you get bonus points if you used a guard that was already set to your preferred length.

  1. Enjoy

You’ll be able to assess how well you did here, and if you’re going to continue or perhaps look up a few videos to actually see someone doing it. Remember, you can always buzz it off and start again. Buzzing down to the 1 or 2 guard size is simple and foolproof.