20 Best Metal Wallets To Carry Your Cash

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Old leather wallets get grimy, worn-out, and don’t display your character properly. When you pull out that platinum credit card at the front of the line, you want it to be reflective of your style, and how you carry your most precious information: your ID and payment options. Whether you want RFID proof, crushproof, or anything in between, metal wallets are the way to go.

Our Top Picks for Best Metal Wallets:

Trayvax Original Wallet

Trayvax Original Wallet

Fully crafted in the United States and durable as they come, Trayvax’s original wallet design is everything you need in a metal wallet. You can securely hold up to fourteen cards and five bills with ease, all between stainless steel and aluminum plates. You get a built-in bottle opened, (because who doesn’t need a bottle opener at all times?) a guaranteed RFID-blocking grade to the build, and a full lifetime warranty, backed by the good folks at Trayvax, all for a reasonable price.

Radix One Black Steel

Radix One Black Steel

You want a metal wallet that’s going to protect you from identity thieves that use RFID technology to take your personal financial data. You also don’t want to pull out a miniature safe for every transaction. The Radix metal wallet is going to keep your data safe, and provide you with a slimmer, more lightweight metal wallet model. You can hold up to ten cards/bills, depending on how you want to balance it, and keep the weight off of your pocket.

Radix One Slim Walle

Radix One Slim Wallet

You’re not crazy about steel and aluminum wallets, and that’s okay. You can get the perfect blend of safety, style, and slimline design with the Radix One Slim Wallet made of ultralight polycarbonate. You can hold up to ten cards more comfortably than you can with full steel and aluminum wallets. With polycarbonate and silicone components, you’ll be able to store your wallet in your front pockets with ease, and without too much weight pulling you down. Don’t tug repeatedly at your belt to pull up the anchor-like wallet in your pocket; this tri-fold polycarbonate wallet is the perfect solution.

The Ridge Aluminum Wallet

Ridge Aluminum