10 Best RFID Wallets in 2017

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Modern-day identity thieves need to do nothing more than purchase a cheap device off of eBay, walk by you on a crowded New York street, and they’re done. That’s it. They have your credit card information, and can immediately make a duplicate card and begin swiping your cash limit. The worst part? They’re getting crafty and easily avoiding justice. Don’t let yourself fall victim to their petty crimes. Block their RFID devices with a certified RFID blocking wallet.

Our Top Picks for Best RFID Wallets:

Radix One Black Steel

Radix One Black Steel

The premier RFID blocking wallet from Radix Products; you’ll get superior blocking capabilities from all RFID signals, meaning your information will be that much safer. This is an imported wallet, and can comfortably fit up to ten cards before feeling crammed. It’s a lot thinner than almost any RFID wallet on the market, all while maintaining the security you need. This is also a combination money clip, allowing you to keep everything you need handy, all while keeping your RFID proof wallet cost-effective. The ultimate credit card protector sleeve on the market.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's RFID

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s RFID

Tommy Hilfiger is a brand we’ve all known for ages, and when they launched their RFID protection wallet, we were a bit stunned to see them do such a good job. Thank goodness that they have, because this maintains style, cost effectiveness, and gives you the protection you need in today’s world of technologically advanced data stealing devices. This is one of the most effective RFID credit card sleeve models you’ll be able to buy today.

Dango Dapper EDC

Dango Dapper EDC Wallet

Genuine leather, built to block RFID signals, and styled with you in mind. Dango Dapper breaks onto the scene for a premier RFID signal blocking wallet. With a design built to hold up to 12 business cards or credit cards, you’ll want for nothing in terms of space. Even when you’ve got the thing loaded up with every card it can handle, it’s only going to linger around half an inch thick. It’s the perfect fit for protecting your card data, and paring it with anything. Businessmen are the first target of street-walking identity and information thieves. Stay safe and protected while looking your best, and know that your information will be safe.

Travelambo Leather Slim Wallet

Travelambo RFID

While some genuine leather wallets can be a hassle to use in your front pocket, this one has been designed with you in mind. Don’t feverishly attempt to rip your wallet out of your pocket again; Travelambo made an effective and attractive RFID blocking card friendly wallet. With one of the best credit card protector sleeves on the market, you’ll be able to feel safe, backed by independent laboratory testing and approval. Travelambo didn’t hold out on us with this insane quality and protection, all while keeping a stylish look about it.

Flipside RFID

Flipside RFID Blocking Walet

RFID blocking technology adapts to the newest forms of identity and information thievery, and Flipside took it one step further. They have an ideal amount of cards and boils to remain the slimline model, and upkeep on the best security possible. 8 cards, 10 cash bills, and one of the best RFID proof wallet models on the market today. Feel safe as can be with crushproof technology, meaning your cards won’t get chipped, split, or cracked in the extremely tough and durable RFID proof chassis.

Trayvax Original Wallet

Trayvax Original Wallet

Made completely in the USA, Trayvax brings you a sizeable and premier RFID blocking wallet for an insane value. Every single component of this RFID protection wallet is durable and made to last, right down to the plastic strap along the exterior. This premier credit card protector sleeve looks like a military issue for black ops, especially with its finger grips and all-black design. You get an entire lifetime warranty—the makers at Trayvax are so sure about this product, that they don’t believe it will ever become obsolete, and neither do we. If you want to talk perks, utilize the built-in bottle opener. Crack a cold one with your RFID blocking wallet, and toast to the fact that that shifty fellow at the liquor store didn’t get your information.

Travelambo RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Passport Holder

Travelambo RFID Passport Holder

Passports are now coming embedded with chip technology, and while that’s not the smartest thing that society has ever done, Travelambo comes through with another RFID blocking wallet design, and this one is able to hold your passport as well. Don’t g et screwed over by the guy who keeps cutting through the line to get to the CinnaBun counter; anyone and everyone could potentially be wielding an RFID device, stealing countless, innocent people’s information. If you’ve got the tech nerd knowhow, you’ll be delighted to know this wallet blocks up to 3000MHz signals, ensuring your protection for just about every single situation.

Timberland Men's Genuine

Timberland Security Wallet

leaWhile style is usually more their thing, function comes in swinging heavily in this excellent RFID blocking wallet and credit card protector sleeve from Timberland. With 100% leather and a made in the USA seal, we’d buy this wallet on its specification alone. You get six slots f or your cards, a clear and safe ID window, and lifelong quality craftsmanship. It’s one of our favorites on this list and an ideal gift for your man, and fits perfectly for your front pocket, back pocket, sports jacket pocket, or anything else in between.

Sharkk Aluminum Waterproof

Sharkk Aluminum Waterproof

While this model is not designed to hold any cash at all, RFID thieves aren’t capable of using signals to steal cash. It does what it promises—blocks RFID signals and keeps your information intensely safe. You may look like you’re brandishing a miniature bulletproof safe when you bring this out of your pocket, but it’s effective as can be. Aluminum is known to block some of the strongest RFID signals out there, and Sharkk really put their all into this inexpensive credit card protection sleeve wallet, keeping all of your information safe without needing a home safe.

Fossil Emma Mini Rfid

Fossil Emma Mini

If simplistic design is more your angle, you’ve me your match. Safely protect all of your important information from identity thieves with this imported RFID blocking wallet. You can choose between eleven different colors and designs, with all the lining crafted by manmade materials. It’s going to get the job done, and protect you from just about every type of RFID frequency out there right now.

RFID Wallet Buying Guide

We want our RFID blocking wallets to be functional as well as stylish, right? Otherwise, we’d just carry our precious debit cards, credit cards, and passport around in a padlocked, lead block on wheels. You need a great RFID wallet that can block every frequency out there.

rfid wallet

Don’t Trust Life Hacks on RFID Protection

Ever read about wrapping your cards up in tin foil, or other hacks to keep everything secure? Well, they don’t offer nearly bulletproof protection like manufactured, laboratory tested RFID blocking wallets do. Let’s debunk some of the most common means that people try to use as RFID protection.

Tin Foil: It’s suggested that wrapping your cards up in aluminum foil will help protect your information, right? We have aluminum wallets on our list, so it’s not that farfetched, right? While it can protect you, the likelihood is far less than using a proper RFID blocking wallet. You’re going to scratch up your mag strip, and even your chip. Those chips are susceptible to scraping and demagnetization just from being in a standard wallet alone. You pass by enough electronic devices and before you know it, the chip is useless. Aluminum foil will scrape your card, and render it useless. I mean, nobody’s going to get your info that way, right? That’s good. So long as you don’t mind waiting for a new card every 3-4 weeks for the rest of your life.

Duct Tape Wallet: In all the DIY means we’ve seen, this is the most ridiculous-looking attempt at a solution. The theory is this: use a few sheets of triple-ply aluminum foil, carefully and meticulously wrap them up in enough duct tape to keep it durable. Heaven forbid if your wallet gets wet (who hasn’t let their wallet in their jeans at least one time and had it go through the wash?) This isn’t going to scrape up your card, but isn’t going to win you the beautiful girl at the front of the Starbucks liner when you decide to pay for her. Gentlemanliness? Great. Duct tape wallet? No phone number.

The Origami Duct Tape Aluminum Foil Wallet: I’m not joking. Yes, this exists. Even if it does work, who has the time to sit down and cut out templates and meticulously craft a wallet, and make it somehow not look like garbage? You’re going to spend a good amount in supplies instead of simply allowing Amazon to drop a wallet on your doorstep for relatively the same cost. Do you have an hour or two to spare and craft a wallet that might work? I didn’t think so.

What Is An RFID Wallet?

Criminals are evolving every single day. Their recent craze over the last five to ten years have revolved around stealing debit and credit card information seamlessly. They could have their faces on camera, steal your information, and nobody would be aware. They use little devices (that can be bought off of eBay, as a matter of fact,) and as long as they’re within a certain proximity to you, those devices pick up your information as if you were swiping at a trusted terminal in a store.

An RFID wallet is lined with materials (which vary by the seller) that are laboratory tested and proven to either repel, or render ineffective, any incoming RFID signals that aim to steal your information and sensitive data. When you put these into a wallet, you’re also wrapped the RFID blocking wallet material in leather. Consider it a safe within a safe for extra protection of your assets.

Benefits of an RFID Wallet

The obvious appeal is the ability to block RFID frequencies. These frequencies mimic the same waves that go to, and come from your card during any debit or credit card transaction at just about any terminal. The difference is, you’re in control of those situations, and you trust the vendors you’re willfully submitting that information to. When someone uses an RFID reader, they’re stealing your information, and it can be done from anywhere.

Security badges or keycards for places like hotels and secure data facilities are also susceptible to the same kind of theft. All across the world, thieves are utilizing RFID capture to gather information and sell to nefarious forces. There’s an entire criminal underworld for RFID thieves, and when you look at the big picture, it’s rather unsettling.

The benefit unravels down to one single necessity: keeping your information safe, but that isn’t to say you can’t enjoy other perks of having an RFID blocking wallet. Piling on the RFID blocking technology is a necessity of the modern world, and as such, a lot of premier wallet craftsmen are making their entire lineup RFID protection compatible, which means, in a number of years, you won’t be able to purchase any wallets that don’t have RFID blocking tech or credit card protector sleeves in them. Designers are optimizing their wallet models to deflect these frequencies, meaning if you select a simple leather wallet, you’ll be left in the dust in terms of design and functionality. If you want to stick with real leather, excellent storage and ample compartments, you’ll need to start buying wallets with the filter “RFID Only” equipped. Don’t think twice about it—information thieves don’t. Protect yourself before someone strikes.

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