It’s no secret that multitasking on your smartphone is rather slow, especially on iOS (can you tell we’re not a fan of double clicking the phone’s only prominent button?). But since a big chunk of what you do on your device includes messaging and searching, Gboard should help. Click the G to pop open Gboard, then search away. It’ll find results you’d typically find on Google, making it quicker to send over restaurant info, news articles, flight info, as well as pepper your messages with GIFs and emojis. It’s also compatible with any and all apps that require typing and includes Glide for typing faster, saving you time in more ways than one. And don’t feel left out if you’re using an Android device: just switch on Now on Tap for essentially the same thing.

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Ink Hunter

Tattoos aren’t licked on by kittens. But it’s not the temporary physical pain that gives one pause when deciding to get a tattoo. It’s the immense responsibility knowing that when you’re eighty, you’ll still have that “Frankie Says Relax” tat on your shoulder, never mind the name of the girl or guy friend you have inked as a permanent reminder that they were douchy. Ink Hunter app allows anyone to place a tat anywhere they like, digitally, before being actually poked. Just choose one of the tattoos already included on the app or upload your own design and with the aid of your smartphones camera and voila, you now have a real imaginary tattoo. Study it in the mirror, send the image to your friends for their opinion or even horrify your mom. Then you can get that barbed wire tattoo you’ve always wanted.

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At a time when making phone calls is too heavy and texting is too time consuming, Roger is a pleasure to use. Built by former Spotify developers, Roger is like a walkie-talkie in that you press a button to send a voice message though it eschews live voice playback, instead recording your voice to let your friends and family listen with a simple tap when they have a minute. It’s perfect for communicating with individuals in different time zones, going as far as to display the weather and time of day in their location, and even works for people who don’t yet have the app.

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Forget Plato and tell Nietzsche to quantify his own self, sans soul. With Instant you can analyze your daily activities like never before. Want to know how far you walked or ran and where you’ve been (assuming GPS permissions granted in the background)? Need to know how many times you unlocked your phone and refreshed your email? Or daily reminders that your phone usage is excessive? Instant lifelogs your entire day and instantly journals it for future reference, without the self loathing that inevitably results from quantifying your existence manually.

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Work Hard Anywhere

Unless you’re a politician or a Kardashian, chances are you know what hard work is all about. But there’s a subset of hard workers that labor outside the cubical to get things done. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and out of the box thinkers often do some of their best work out of the office. For these modern day bards and warriors, finding a suitable environment can be a challenge, especially when operating in a foreign city. The Work Hard Anywhere app solves the problem of finding a decent workspace or café by connecting the community of outré office professionals and allows them to share and explore great spots. Locations are rated by internet access, outlets, parking, price, capacity, and even food, so you know just what to expect. Frustration need no longer be associated with finding a place to connect to the web. Instead, you can focus on changing the world, or at least your corner of it.

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Off The Menu

Discovering a restaurant’s secret menu usually involves some combination of knowing locals and eating there far too often — enough to overhear other customers put through bizarre orders. Off The Menu skips the pleasantries, instead offering a peek at off-menu items without investing a penny nor using anything but your smartphone. Eateries ranging from high-end, one-of establishments to fast food chains — notably McDonalds, In-N-Out, Chipotle, and more — offer secret items, making Off The Menu worth a spin.

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Forget pricy, dedicated graphics tablets. Instead, Astropad takes your existing iPad and turns it into a professional creative tool using nothing but well-designed software. Powered by Liquid, Astropad delivers immaculate, color-corrected images to your iPad either wirelessly or via USB without the slightest bit of lag. Best of all, considering your iPad’s hardware and Retina display, Astropad delivers a graphics tablet experience that would normally cost you upwards of a grand.

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Funny Or Die Weather

First thing’s first: Funny Or Die Weather actually delivers solid, accurate weather forecasts complete with pressure, wind speed & direction, humidity, UV index, and more — because why would we ever open the app if it didn’t? Alongside the forecast, though, come humorous one-liners and comments to spice up what would be an otherwise uninspiring delivery (like every other weather app in existence). It’s also free, meaning it’s worth a shot if you check the weather regularly and could use a daily pick-me-up.

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AppsSports & Outdoors


With an amazing array of technology packed into one portable package worthy of James Bond, Spyglass is a complete outdoors navigation toolkit that fits in your pocket. Available for iPad and iPhone, Spyglass provides al fresco enthusiasts with binoculars, a milspec compass complete with maps, gyrocompass, tactical GPS receiver, waypoint tracker, speedometer, altimeter, celestial body finder, gyro horizon, rangefinder, coordinate converter, sextant, inclinometer, and angular calculator. Each instrument is more than just fluff: they’re all real state-of-the art tools made for hard use, even if your bare phone isn’t. Long story short, if you need more than what Spyglass offers, you’re screwed.

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Manual Camera App

Think you’ve got an edge over your iPhone when it comes to setting your photo parameters? Grab the reigns with Manual, a camera app that — as its name suggests — gives you full independent control over shutter speed, ISO, white balance, focus, and exposure compensation. It also boasts a fill flash mode, grid, histogram, live automatic exposure values, and intuitively saves photos directly to your camera roll. Granted, this no-frills app makes you work a little for your photos, but patience and skill pay dividends when setting up interesting shots.

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Up Coffee

We couldn’t help but brew up a pot of coffee after just reading the name of Jawbone’s latest app. And that’s how we know we have a bit of a problem on our hands. Fortunately, knowledge is power, and Up Coffee aims to help us better understand our favorite beverage and its effects. Plug in every coffee consumed from its extensive list of options – including most of Starbucks’ menu – and the app tracks your caffeine levels over time based on numbers for individuals with the same sex, height, weight, and sensitivity to caffeine. Plus, if you’ve got an Up, Up Coffee even integrates objective sleep data collected to better track caffeine’s effect on your slumber patterns.

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Facebook Paper

Chances are you probably clock quite some time logged into Facebook’s mobile app, obsessively flicking through its infinite vertically scrolling News Feed, microscopic photos, and suggested stories. Here to refine that experience is Facebook Paper. Far prettier than Facebook’s vanilla feed, Paper displays stories as horizontal-scrolling sets of sheets overlaid on a large, dominant photo. Its minimal interface features few buttons, instead relying on intuitive gestures to unfold stories, accelerometer-based tilt to pan through panoramas, and much improved free-scrolling photo albums. With algorithm- and human-curated themes to choose from, Paper strips away the unessential, bringing your focus back where you want it – on your preferred stories and content.

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Microsoft Office Mobile for iOS

Getting work done on your iPhone just got a hell of a lot simpler – if you’re an Office 365 subscriber, anyhow. Microsoft Office Mobile for iOS is mostly independent, letting you create and edit – albeit to a limit degree thanks to incomplete features (not necessarily a bad thing considering the complexity of the current suite) – new Word and Excel files, plus modify existing Powerpoint presentations. Files are accessible via SkyDrive, which also synchs recently worked-on documents to the cloud for mobile editing on the fly. No word on an iPad version, though we’d like to think it’s not far behind.

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