10 Best Weighted Vests For Supercharged Workouts

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Training harder garners better results, right? While that’s true, you shouldn’t have to get there on your own. Reap the rewards (and endure tougher workouts) with a weighed training vest. Increase resistance, and maximize your potential muscle growth, all while adding a bit more calorie loss onto your cardio. It’s a win-win situation; you just have to strap in.

Our Top Picks For The Best Weighted Vest

RUNFast Max Pro

RUNFast Max Pro

The benefits of a weighted vest come down to resistance training, but perhaps you’re not able to go the full 60lbs of resistance right off rip. With RUNFast’s model, you can choose between 12, 20, 40, 50 or 60lbs, This comfortable-fitting weighted vest is certain to boost your workout, and help give that toned look you’re looking for, while making you physically stronger. It comes in all-black, is optimal for hiking and expended workout periods, and won’t leave you feeling sore or achy afterwards, provided you use the appropriate weight settings for your physical build and abilities.

Tone Fitness Weighted Vest

Tone Fitness Weighted Vest

This is a great introductory vest for those wishing to get involved with weighted vests. You’ll get a great feel for how resistance training can improve your physical fitness and strength. This vest comes in black-and-blue, and the material is extremely flexible and comfortable. Each weight is strategically located to ensure you won’t take off your weighted vest, and feel back pain or spams arise. This is a great weighted vest for running, or a great workout vest for your garage bench setup. Using weighted vest workout sessions to your advantage can give you results you never imagined.

Empower Weighted Vest

Empower Weighted Vest

This unisex design is stretchable, and contours to your body in an X-shape, evenly distributing the weights all around your entire body for optimal performance. This weighted vest for running will definitely give you a heavier feeling while doing your normal cardio workout, and as such, can offer increased calorie burn and increase your stamina and lung capacity, all with the relief of taking off this 8lb weighted vest and feeling lighter, and more agile. With stretchy, durable material, you won’t chafe from running or activities like yoga, and is fairly easy to clean sweat out of.

MiR Air Flow Adjustable Vest

MiR Air Flow Adjustable Vest

If you’re got a broader build, you’ll be looking for one of those one-size-fits-most models, and MiR brings that to you with this premier weighted vest. This vest doesn’t wrap around your entire torso; it focuses on the upper chest and abdomen, putting up to 20lbs of weight in concentrated areas. This allows your arms and shoulders free, unrestricted movement, all while allowing your abdomen to twist and pivot with your workout, and reduce the possibility of injury. With the Air Flow breathability feature, you’ll be able to relax a bit more on your run or during your workout, and feel cooler; less uncomfortably heated-up.

ZFOsports 20lb Adjustable Weighted Vest

ZFOsports Adjustable Vest

This weighted vest is designed with you in mind. Whether it’s at the bench or out on the trail, you want to listen to music when you’re working out, and have some storage for a wallet incase you want to grab something to drink on the way back. ZFOsports thought of that, because they ask real users about what they want to see in weighed vests. This premium workout vest is one of the best weighed running vest models out there; with 20lbs being the sweet spot for most users, and a breathable, stretchy material for maximum airflow, you have nothing to worry about; ZFOsports took all the guesswork out of this one. Use the belt attached to the vest for an easier time, a more secure fit, and take off.

HumanX 20lb Weighted Vest

HumanX 20lb Weighted Vest

If you were ever a fan of GI Joe growing up, then you’ll feel like your childhood heroes with this tactical-looking black-and-green vest. This weighted workout vest is going to fit around your entire torso, right up to your shoulders, all for the best delegation of weights to give you an even workout, and excellent results on every part of your torso. You get twenty 1lb weights to customize your workout in any way that you want, all while remaining stylish. HumanX knows that a lot of weighted vests look ridiculous to take out of the house and run with. Don’t feel self-conscious—this vest is plain badass.

CAP Barbell Weighted Vest

CAP Barbell Weighted Vest

This is a hardcore workout vest that’s not really a weighted vest for running. It has a short style, so most of your weight is concentrated in your upper body. You get to customize up to 50lbs of removeable weights, making this a versatile exercise vest. While it won’t be your first choice for a crossfit vest, you’ll be able to mess around with the weights and create your own customized, comfortable middle ground.

Hyperwear Hyper Vest Pro

Hyperwear Hyper Vest Pro

With 10lbs of adjustable weights and a unisex design, this workout vest is the most versatile model on our shortlist. The material is relatively thin, allowing great motion and an easy time to clean it after a few workouts have come and gone. You get an even distribution of the weights all up and down your torso. This can be used by both men and women, and is easily concealed underneath a loose-fitting workout t-shirt or pullover depending on the season. If you want to enjoy the benefits of a weighted vest without being seen using one, this is the model for you.

Cross 101 Adjustable Camouflage Weighted Vest

Cross 101 Camouflage Vest

Ever wanted to get a workout in while you’re hiking or hunting? This is the weighted workout vest for you. Seamlessly blend into your environment, all while putting up to 40lbs of resistance on every step you take, building you up for that maximum effect—total personal body dominance. You’ll get back to the campsite, take off your weighted vest, and feel the weight of the world come off of your shoulders, as well as a few pounds.

SKLZ Weighted Vest

SKLZ Weighted Vest

If you’re just getting used to the idea of using a weighed vest more often, then you’ll be looking to remove a lot of the weights right when you get it out of the box. This model gives you twenty half-pound weights, all in a design that’s meant for upper body training and weight distribution. Be the master of how much extra weight you’ll be pulling, and prepare yourself to move up to larger vests, or a higher weight capacity, and really get the most out of your workout. This comes with super breathable material so you can get acclimated to extra weight, and doesn’t draw too much attention like some weighted workout vests tend to do.

Weighted Vest Buying Guide

Benefits of Weighted Vests

The whole point of your weighted vest is to improve your physical form with resistance training. If you were to carry a 5lb weight in each hand, (as you see many people doing,) you’re not going to get the same benefits as a 10lb weighted vest that’s evenly distributed across your torso. The main benefits of a weighted vest are:

1. Improved Cardiovascular Function

While you should always consult your doctor before making rash changes to your workout routine, you can still reap the rewards of a weighted vest. Resistance training is going to put however many pounds you decide into your workout, making it more strenuous, and making you work harder. The same way that cardio can help you remove blood clots over time, weighted vests can assist you with improving your cardiovascular health.

2. Resistance Training

Your muscles grow faster, and increase in size as opposed to non-weighted vest workouts. When you’re adding resistance, such as push-ups and lifting weights, you’re putting weighted resistance against your body, and putting your muscles to the test. Resistance training can help you if you’re plateaued and are not happy with where you are. Push past your limits.

3. Reach New Heights Quickly, and Effectively

Certain testing has proven that you can improve your leg muscle potential, and other key muscle areas that make your workouts easier, and your daily life more maneuverable, all with short-term exposure to weighted vest training. It’s just one more reason to grab a weighted workout vest today.

workout leg muscle

5 Tips To Get The Most Out of a Weighted Vest

So you’re looking to improve your overall physique, and we understand that. Weighted vests are an admirable way to go about it, and the entire process can be mostly effortless if you’re smart enough and implement them in clever ways. Below, read about the best ways you can use your weighed vest when it arrives and push past your limits.

1. Corporate Casual Training Machine

Crunching the nine to five, donning a nice suit every single day? You’re not alone. If you go with a more compact, breathable weighted vest, let it replace your tank or t-shirt underneath, and keep your jacket closed when you can. If your weighted workout vest is durable and flexible enough, you’ll feel like your normal self after a slight adjustment period. Everything you do from walking up the stairs, (take the stairs, man,) to walking across the street to get a coffee, will have 10lbs of resistance alongside it. You can actually burn calories while walking to the snack machine. Ironic, yet effective.

2. Cycling

While it’s not the first workout choice that comes to mind when you think of utilizing a weighted workout vest effectively, think about this: you’re pushing extra weight. That’s going to boost your leg muscle production that much more. Cycling is also a cardio workout, so you’ll burn more calories the more weight you’re pushing. If you’re looking to trim down, get lean and fit, pop on that bad boy when you fire up the Schwann on a Sunday morning ride.

Pro Tip: Utilize a weighted vest, ankle weights, and wrist weights to get a serious workout going.

3. The Extremist

We all may be thinking about a popular 1990s anime anytime a weighted vest comes into the conversation. If you’re on that bandwagon, then you know that the desired effect is to take off the weighted vest, and feel that much lighter, more nimble, and agile all-around. In this case, it’s true. If you only take off your vest when you sleep and shower, and wear it the rest of the time, you’re going to become so accustomed to it that you’ll be shocked when it’s off. Since real life doesn’t work like television shows, you’ll be happy to know that plenty of people have used it in this extreme way, and actually felt lighter when they were done.

4. Manual Resistance Training

So we’ve covered why these are so invaluable to your rapid physical development. Good old fashioned push-ups are always a great idea, but now, with your new secret weapon, you can get even more out of your manual resistance training. While it’s not recommended to use these for sit-ups, you could also use these at the pull bar for the same effect. More weight, no matter how much, is better for resistance training.

5. Crossfit It Up

Planning on doing some running with a weighed vest? It’s a great idea for multiple reasons. You can improve your cardiovascular health, while pushing the envelope and gaining a more agile way that you carry yourself. If you were to wear a 10lb weighted vest for every one of your runs for a month, and then suddenly run without it, you’ll see your previous average or best time dramatically increase. Your body acclimated to a higher weight, and when you take that away, all the results and hard work you put into it are going to shine through.