Travellr XL Leather Dopp Kit

Our main takeaway points for most toiletry bags is that they’re neither big enough nor well enough built to last for some version of forever. Range Leather’s Travellr XL Leather Dopp Kit, which follows up on their more compact Travellr, is both of these things. It’s capacious enough at 10 inches long and 5 inches tall to hold a full array of toiletries including full-sized tubes of toothpaste, large cans of pomade, an electric toothbrush, plus much more. Each is made of thick, full-grain leather with all metal hardware — including a metal zipper — and a leather handle added on for carry. It pairs particularly well with Range Leather’s safety razor shield and accessory pouch, the latter which keeps your smaller necessities (think nail clipper, contact lenses, etc) nice and tidy.

Available in both black and brown at Kickstarter – $95

GET IT: $95


Travelmate Robot Suitcase

Some people travel light. Others, not so much. Instead of having to run through the airport with multiple bags and suitcases in tow, the Travelmate Robot Suitcase can follow you around instead as you walk or even run, with a max speed of 6.75 miles per hour. Its two large main omni wheels are powered to move in multiple directions regardless of the direction the suitcase is pointing in, and a fifth wheel on its back lets it travel just as well vertically or horizontally (i.e. lying flat), the latter a boon should you want to pile up more stuff on top for it to carry. Integrated sensors allow Travelmate to smoothly navigate crowds and obstacles while following you for up to four hours per charge in full autonomous mode. Its features aren’t limited to autonomy, either, with a USB port to charge your other gadgets, an integrated scale to ensure you don’t blow your airline’s weight limit, an upper surface that doubles as a portable desk for your laptop, and a removable GPS tag to keep tabs on your suitcase — and belongings — if misplaced.

Hit up Indiegogo for details – $400+

GET IT: $400+


Douchebags The Tour Bike Bag

They started by making ski bags. Over the last few years Douchebags has expanded to making excellent bags for transporting other unwieldy sporting goods — like the Tour Bike Bag for most kinds of bikes. While compressible for storage, the Tour features a raised back that fits a bike with its seat on, EVA pods to fit snugly around its handlebars without requiring you to remove or loosen and twist them, an aluminum stand on the base that adds structure and supports the bike at its fork, plus plenty of pockets to contain the wheels, tools, and pedals. Otherwise a rib protection system protects your bicycle from the presumed roughing-up it’ll suffer at the hands of baggage handlers, and shock-absorbent wheels to drag it around in between.

Find it at Douchebags – $1,000

GET IT: $1,000

Sports & Outdoors

Air Opus Inflating Camper

Unless you’ve got one of those fancy (and usually tiny) pop up tents, pitching one up is a huge hassle, and taking it down isn’t much better. The Air Opus Inflating Camper sets up without much fussing around, and without having to thread through gigantic traditional poles. In their place are integrated Air Poles that inflate and stiffen using an electric pump inside the box that’s activated by the flip of a switch. About ninety seconds is all it takes for the tent to fully inflate, and releasing the valves brings it down in about the same amount of time — so you and your crew can dedicate more to relaxing, drinking, and eating and less to setup.

Read more at Opus Camper – $TBA



Hang & Roll

Basically a series of sequential packing cubes, the Hang & Roll is a way to both better organize and better compress your clothing for travel. The lightweight packing tool boasts eight individual compartments to stash about a week’s worth of rolled up items of clothing. Roll it up when filled to save some space, and when unpacking at your destination just hang it up in a closet using the same straps that kept it nice and compressed. Windows on all the compartments make locating a specific garment easy and all of its materials are waterproof if the luggage or backpack you’re using isn’t.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $18

GET IT: ~$18


Winnebago Paseo Van

Say goodbye to wood plated decals, the brand new Winnebago Paseo looks as sleek and as classy as ever, only smaller. Built on the chassis of a Ford Transit Van, it’s been designed to optimize living space inside the vehicle through effective compact design and by the ability to customize the rear third of the coach’s layout to your needs. All basic necessities are covered thanks to a refrigerator, bathroom with toilet and shower, and a complete kitchen. With hideaway beds and furniture, you can switch between two completely different setups: one for night time and one for day. To maximize counter space, its two-burner stove top and stainless steel sink can be covered by a perfectly fitting heat-proof glass cover. Also addressing the concern of fuel efficiency, the Winnebago Paseo is equipped with a Ford EcoBoost engine that allows you to travel the continent without worrying too much about destroying it. Sadly, though, most van lifers are priced out.

Learn more at Winnebago – $115,000

GET IT: $115,000


Heimplanet Dopp Kit

Sitting somewhere in between a standard and a hanging toiletries bag in terms of design, the Heimplanet Dopp Kit accommodates and adapts to both uses equally well. It’s composed of two halves made of 840D ballistic nylon that unfurl thanks to a zipper in the middle, revealing more gear while leaving everything just as accessible. Concealed in a pocket hides a strap with standard hanger end to hang it up fully open for when in hotels and roomier settings or keep it closed for camping, hostel hopping, or finding your toothbrush amongst other toiletries in a busy airport.

Learn more at Amazon – $75 [via]

GET IT: $75


Airstream Basecamp Trailer

We can’t all afford to buy dedicated a recreation vehicle, let alone to store it. The Airstream Basecamp Trailer is the next best thing. Both small and tough enough to take anywhere, this trailer only requires a mid-size SUV with which to pull it. It’s got the same aluminum panels as Airstream’s full-sized Land Yacht along with panoramic front windows, subtle tones inside that accentuate the view, and room to sit five and sleep two. A full kitchen with stove, sink, microwave, and fridge negates the need to eat out three times a day and an on-board bath and restroom means you won’t need to use local gyms for showering. It’s also pre-wired for solar should you opt for renewable power sources, features ventilation and heating, the latter for both the cabin and water, and comes with a Bluetooth Bose SoundLink Color speaker which is more than enough to fill the trailer with booming sound.

Find it at Airstream – $35,000

GET IT: $35,000


Bugaboo Boxer Luggage

Building strollers is conducive to designing luggage systems, as Bugaboo’s Boxer Luggage demonstrates — and it’s just as feature packed as their premium baby carriers. A four-wheeled system makes the set easy to both pull like a traditional wheeled suitcase or push it in front of you for quick maneuvering, and its two large wheels fold in when the wide-grip handlebar is pushed all the way in (the smaller front wheels fold in and out in an equally clever, lever-powered way). The system is modular, allowing the chassis to work with both the black cabin case and the larger white travel case, and the two cases clip together to make running through a crowded airport a touch easier. Also included are a liner in the luggage that doubles as a daypack and a slim organizer to keep your laptop, passport, phone, and other gadgets within close reach.

Learn more at Bugaboo – $1,030 to $1,490

GET IT: $1,030


Crumpler Vis-A-Vis Clear Trunk

You’ll have to check this one since it’s way too big for overhead compartments. Still, the Crumpler Vis-A-Vis Clear Trunk is as unique and expressive as luggage gets, carry-on or not. Its shell is made of durable polycarbonate that also happens to be crystal clear, showing off the entirety of its contents on all sides, so consider stashing your flashy undergarments in an opaque packing cube. A heavy duty zipper divides the case and two beefy zip safety straps take the strain off the zippers during travel. It’s also got an integrated TSA lock, cushioned fabric handles for comfortable carry, a clothes compression system to keep clothing secure, and smooth glide wheels plus an extendable handle for smoothly dragging it all along en route to your flight.

Learn more at Crumpler – roughly $560


Nomatic Travel Bag

You might know Nomatic from their ultra-compact Basics Wallet that cleverly makes contained cards accessible. Now they’re tackling a different carry with their Nomatic Travel Bag, a carry-on designed for trips up to one week in length and that’s packed to the brim with features. First, the straps: switching from backpack to duffel modes takes literal seconds thanks to a unique design that eliminates dangling straps. A flap with both laptop and tablet pockets lets you fly through security checkpoints without removing them from the bag while also granting full access to the bag’s contents for optimal packing. And if you’re into putting everything in its place, you’ll appreciate the umpteen other pockets, including individual ones for your chargers, cords and backup batteries, a book, a water bottle, hell even an RFID shielded one for your passport and wallet. Each also comes with a vacuum bag that compresses and seals to squeeze the volume out of your clothes, a hangable laundry bag, a shoe compartment, a sock and underwear compartment to keep essentials close at hand, and a roller bag sleeve to fit over your other luggage as you’re wheeling them — that is, if this bag wasn’t enough.

Find it at Kickstarter – $150+


Bruder Expedition EXP-6

Stick to the road, or don’t. The Bruder Expedition EXP-6 will follow either way. With Four Corner Independent Air Suspension its wheels have double the travel of conventional independent systems and can be controlled on the fly to better suit current conditions. Once you’ve arrived adjust the height to your stature before enjoying its full amenities, including a flat screen TV with surround sound audio, a queen sized bed, a rest room with shower, a whole lot of storage, and several optional bunk beds — not to mention an extendable awning outside that covers a slide out kitchen and fold down external table. The tapered chassis is also air tight to keep out mud, sand, salt, and water, so you won’t need to worry about your trailer any more than you do about the vehicle pulling it.

Learn more at Bruder Expedition – $TBA


Tashtego Roll-Up Dopp Kit

It’s a little unconventional, but this sort of change is more than welcome. The Tashtego Roll-Up Dopp Kit is crafted to resemble a tool roll more than a traditional travel kit, which are typically simple bags with one or two compartments full of haphazardly strewn stuff. It’s made of durable #10 waxed cotton canvas and features ten pockets with various widths and depths to hold everything from your toothbrush to a bar of deodorant, plus an eleventh zippered one at the end to be filled with miscellaneous smaller, easy-to-lose goods. Once packed, fold the flap down to prevent items from touching each other (or falling out), roll it up, and secure it with the thick 7 oz vegetable-tanned leather strap. And once at your destination unrolling it gives you plain and simple access to all your stuff, no digging around required.

Find it at Kickstarter – $35,