Jack Daniel’s Coffee

It won’t get you tipsy but Jack Daniel’s Coffee will get you up and at ’em in the morning with a hint of whiskey taste. This blend of medium-roasted Arabica gourmet coffee goes through an infusion process with actual Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. While no alcohol actually reaches your mug after brewing (none was left in the beans, anyway, though nothing’s stopping you from spiking the coffee itself with a bit of Jack) the whiskey’s notes of vanilla and caramel come through in every sip. Also available in a decaffeinated version as well as smaller 1.5 ounce sample sizes ($7).

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Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle

Fellow’s original Stagg Pour-Over Kettle had a precise thermometer up top so you’d know when its water was at the right temperature. The Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle, on the other hand, takes care of for you thanks to a base that heats it up to exactly the temperature you’ve set. This is accomplished through the use of an intuitive twist dial on the right side that then pushes down to activate, showing the selected temperature — anywhere from 135°F to 212°F — on the inverse LCD to the right. Once the desired temperature is attained the EKG either goes to sleep or holds for 30 minutes, this choice dictated by the only other physical input on the device: a toggle on the back. Each of course includes the kettle, with a precision pour spout and a counterbalanced handle for a more stable hold. And it’s also available in a EKG+ model that’s got all of the same features but that’s powered by Acaia and includes Bluetooth for full controls from the Brewbar app and for connectivity to Acaia’s scales and the Baratza Sette 270W grinder to produce (and reproduce) precise brew recipes with ease.

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Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper

It’s not just a nice looking coffee-making device. The Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper took a lot more effort to design and build than its minimal facade would have you think, with a small team of engineers and scientists working on a better pour-over device through 70 iterations. Notable design elements include forty interior ridges that pull coffee downward by capillary action, a flat bed for uniform extraction, and a precision nozzle that optimizes coffee exiting the dripper. It helps that it’s made of Japanese porcelain for heat retention and pairs well with Blue Bottle’s Coffee Filters made of bamboo-based paper that eschew the need for pre-wetting.

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Arctic Cold Brewer

Cold brewing rids coffee of its acidity and bitterness. More than that though the Arctic Cold Brewer also wants to rid you of the need to brew up fresh coffee every day. Fill Arctic’s micron filter with ten to fifteen tablespoons of coffee, submerge the grounds in cold filtered water, cap it, then place the whole borosilicate carafe in your fridge overnight. The next day you’re left with about 50 ounces of a caffeine-packed coffee concentrate that can be diluted to taste, for example mixing 1:2 with cold water or even with hot water to warm up in the winter months. The concentrate stays fresh in a fridge for up to two weeks so regardless of consumption each brew should last awhile.

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Spinn Coffee Maker

The Spinn Coffee Maker is as convenient as a Keurig machine while resulting in far better coffee. One single machine can make either Espresso, Lungo, Americano, or a carafe full of standard drip coffee with a touch of its capacitive front panel. Its name — Spinn — insinuates what lies within the machine: a centrifugal brewing core varies in speed between 500 and 6,000 rpm depending on the selection of coffee and during the brewing process for optimal extraction. Alongside this is an instant flash heater, a nano water filter, a conical burr grinder with variable grind coarseness, and a reservoir for your whole beans. It’s also connected through Amazon’s Alexa and your smartphone (via an app) to start a brew or schedule one from anywhere with minimal effort, always making just as much java as you need and not one cup more. Higher end options include a larger XL bean reservoir and a milk frother.

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Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper Brewing Set

A good pour-over dripper doesn’t absolutely require a stand, but for a few extra bucks, why not? The Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper brewing set includes Osaka’s reusable laser-cut stainless steel cone ($25) — that’s doubled-up to avoid grids making their way through — as well as a 20 ounce borosilicate glass carafe and a wire stand. The latter boasts a base made of treated wood (for water resistance) in either black, mahogany (shown), or natural, matched by the wooden handle and lid of the carafe for a slick-looking setup overall. All that’s missing is a good pour-over kettle (and perhaps a bit of skill refining).

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Steamm Espresso Shots

Quicker than Nespresso yet still resulting from hot steam forced through finely ground coffee beans like at your local cafe, Steamm Espresso Shots are made of true espresso, only it’s done before they get to you. Each of these ready-to-go shots comes in a convenient blue glass bottle and packs 130mg of caffeine to give you energy for hours. It starts with organically farmed beans that are solar roasted in small batches and hand pulled, not mass produced. They’re also steeped in Peruvian cacao for a hint of chocolate and lightly sweetened with cane sugar or Stevia.

Learn more at Steamm – $20 for six

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Gina Smart Coffee Instrument

Brewing coffee is only an art once you’ve got the science down pat. And Goat Story’s Gina Smart Coffee Instrument can actually help you perfect your technique. An integrated Bluetooth scale allows you to optimize the coffee to water ratio, using your phone (and an accompanying app) for its display. It’s custom valve can be left wide open for pour-over, completely closed for immersion brewing, or even tuned to a slow drop for making cold drip. Gina also comes with a ridged ceramic funnel and cover, a borosilicate glass pitcher, a smaller glass module and filter for use with cold drip methods, and an app which does everything from guiding you through the brewing process to doubling as a drip meter for your cold brewing setup. All its other materials are rock solid too including a heat-resistant silicone pad plus both stainless steel valve and frame.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $160+

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Libra Coffee Pourtables

Instant coffee’s reputation needs some work. Libra Coffee’s Pourtables aren’t actually made of instant coffee but they are nearly as fast and convenient to prepare, especially while camping, and require no special coffee making equipment. Pourtables start with quality coffee that’s sourced by Libra, small batch roasted in-house, and flushed with nitrogen while sealed in a foil pouch to greatly delay oxidation. Tear the latter open, then tear open the smaller fabric pouch inside, set it over your mug, and pour about 7 ounces of hot water over the grind. The result is a cup of joe could have just as well been made by your local cafe and that’s far superior to the instant swill you currently drink when you need a quick pick-me-up.

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Concrete Pour Over Coffee Maker

Tailored to coffee junkies and purists brewing up just a couple cups at a time, SmartConcrete’s Concrete Pour Over Coffee Maker boldly claims a spot on your kitchen counter or, hell, your desk. It boasts a ruggedly handsome concrete base that’s surface-sealed to shield against coffee stains and that’s topped with natural cork as a cup holder. Rubber feet protect the table surface underneath while its glass funnel sits high up, suspended by a copper pipe. Just add small coffee filters, coffee, and hot water.

Find it at SmartConcrete’s Etsy Shop – $116 [via]

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Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground Coffee

Roasting the perfect coffee is complicated by the oxidation process that follows. Even whole beans don’t stay fresh long, but ground coffee typically fares much worse. Blue Bottle’s Perfectly Ground Coffee may have finally uncovered the secret to making ground, ready-to-use coffee stay fresh until it’s ready to use. The coffee is consistently ground and sealed in individually dosed airtight pouches that keep their contents fresh and tasting like they just came out of the grinder for a full six months. This process, which is likely more complex than we’re making it sound, was developed by Neil Day of Perfect Coffee, acquired by Blue Bottle early last year. Bean varieties include Bella Donovan, Decaf Noir, Giant Steps, and Three Africans, with more to come on rotation. Now you’ll just need to work on your brewing technique since the grind can no longer be blamed for a poor result.

Available tomorrow. Learn more at Blue Bottle – five pouches for $17

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Stagg Pour-Over System

Perhaps you’ve already got one of Fellow’s Stagg Pour-Over Kettles. If your dripper isn’t up to par to your kettle, though, check out the Stagg Pour-Over System. It starts with a dripper that’s vacuum insulated for improved heat retention while brewing, features drainage that won’t clog for consistent drip times, and has a steep slope to boost extraction. Drip it straight into the included double-walled borosilicate carafe and pour into the two tasting glasses, also borosilicate and also double walled. And if you’re getting started in the pour-over game and can’t get quite so perfect results, simply match the markings in the dripper and carafe to get your coffee-to-water ratio right every time.

Learn more at Fellow – $107

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Food & Drink

La Colombe Triple Draft Latte

No, La Colombe’s Triple Draft Latte isn’t just a hot latte that’s been cooled and sealed in a can. It starts with cold-pressed espresso from specialty beans that’s mixed with lactose-free milk and sealed in a special Innovalve can. Crack the latter open and pressurized gas froths the melange nicely, producing a rich foam that’s worthy of the product of an actual café — and certainly far from what you’d expect of a drink coming out of your fridge. The new Triple Draft flavor packs in three shots of espresso for a more vibrant buzz, though other tasty and less caffeinated flavors include Vanilla and the original Draft Latte.

Learn more at La Colombe – $10 for four

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