Swidget Smart Home Outlets

Bring your home into the 21st century and optimize your organization using the innovative Swidget Smart Plug. With over 15 different uses, this plug will change your way of living forever. From monitoring motion and noise whilst you’re out, to working as a carbon monoxide sensor, this plug has it covered. It works by using different inserts to adapt the plug and improving usage for each function. Installing…



Dreem Head Band

The inability to sleep or the issue of broken sleep can affect you so much in your day to day life. Many companies have tried to fix this but none as effective as the new Dreem Band. It helps you fall asleep faster, get into a deeper sleep, wake up feeling refreshed and even tracks your day to day life to give you tips on how to improve your…

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The Chart Of Controllers Print

Fan of gaming and prints? This print, in particular, caught our eye. As an avid gamer, your controllers are very important to you and sometimes you may have more than you can keep track of. You may only have a few but aspire for much more. This hand illustrated print portrays just about every video game controller from the past seven decades, all categorized perfectly. There is everything…



Meural Digital Canvas

Have you always dreamed of having a Classic Monet, or even a Warhol masterpiece hanging on a wall in your home but don’t quite have the funds? Well, believe it or not… now you can! The Meural Digital Canvas is 27″, full HD and has 8GB to store all your favorite pictures or paintings. The frame comes with over 20,000 plus works of art, sourced from museums and…



Sandman Doppler

Getting up in the mornings is no mean feat, but now we have the Sandman Doppler to make those dreaded mornings a lot easier. The Doppler uses Amazon Alexa so you can communicate with this device using your voice and it has acoustically and digitally tuned full-range speakers, so your music will still sound perfect even through your alarm clock. As well as music, you can also keep…



Philips Sonicare Smart Diamond Toothbrush

It’s undeniably good looking but as well as that, the Philips Sonicare Toothbrush takes full control over your dental hygiene as well. This toothbrush has a microchip built into the brush head that sends data straight to your phone to ensure you don’t miss anything when brushing your teeth and your mouth is getting the care it deserves. The brush even tells you when you have to change…



SWAY Adjustable Desk

A standing desk is brilliant until you get back ache, leaving you wanting to sit down but in the predicament that your desk is then too high. Ergonofis have created the Sway Desk, which changes height catering for your every need. Built with an electric, touchscreen frame, and beautifully finished wood desktop, it allows you to change with ease between sitting and standing to ensure ultimate comfort and…

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Yale Real Living Keyed Touchscreen Deadbolt

Take your home security up a level with this Grade 2 certified, Yale Real Living electronic lock. You’ll gain full convenience of unlocking your doors using the touchscreen keypad and you’ll never have to worry about loosing your keys again. Add and remove up to 250 unique pin codes as and when you want to with complete secrecy and come night time the sleek touchpad lights up, initiated…



Suck UK Laundry Punching Bag

While a necessity, Hampers are neither interesting nor very desirable. Suck UK’s Laundry Punching Bag, on the other hand, is certainly a bit of both. Styled like a punching bag, you can use it to let out some steam before actually washing its contents, and it’s far less conspicuous than a traditional hamper when left out. Since it’s made of polyester it’s a cinch to clean and is…

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Tanner Goods Record Rack

Keep your vinyls within reach while simultaneously showing them off with Tanner Goods’ Record Rack. The made-in-Portland bent stainless steel wire rack sits on a console or desk and lets you flip through your growing collection. It’s compact and easy to move about from shelf to table, and comes in two sizes to hold either 12-inch or 7-inch vinyls, each available in three colorful semi gloss powder coated finishes….

GET IT: $55+


Anova Nano Sous-Vide Circulator

Anova’s original circulator brought sous-vide cooking to many homes. Their new Nano Sous-Vide Circulator will bring this method to even more. The compact device weighs (and costs) a fraction of most circulators, clamping onto the side of a pot and heating the water inside to within a tenth of a degree of the temperature to which it’s set. You can set it manually on its display, but it really shines when used in conjunction with Anova’s…

GET IT: $90


Woodsman Axe Table

The Woodsman Axe Table is as much about form as it is about perceived function. At least in the sense that you could rip its legs off and cut some wood or, with a team of three friends, stave off intruders, though the axe heads are unfortunately not fit for striking. Still, it’s more than a little intimidating, and a perfect match for a countryside cottage where its rustic nature and optional natural waney…

GET IT: ~$1,300+


Biersafe Underground Beer Safe

Keep your beer cold and safe from fridge-prowling friends with the Biersafe Underground Beer Safe. The beer-storing device consists of a large plastic tube and an aluminum rack that has room for up to 16 bottles, with a cap to keep out pests, water, and warm air. Because the ground is cooler than the surface the safe actually keeps your drinks cool without requiring power of any kind, and optional…

GET IT: ~$77


Apple HomePod

As usual, Apple’s not the first tech giant to make a play for your living room — Amazon and Google are already well-established in many homes. But if the soon-to-be-upgraded Siri is your voice assistant of choice, or if all your ecosystem is Apple-heavy, the HomePod will be worth the wait. The seven inch-tall, mesh fabric-wrapped device is first and foremost an AirPlay 2 speaker, with seven tweeters positioned…

GET IT: $350


TactiGrill Apron

It may not be bulletproof but it’ll shed grease and stains like it’s nobody’s business. 5.11 Tactical’s TactiGrill Apron shields your torso and thighs from errant grub while guaranteeing you look manly and not dainty like do so many other aprons before it. Plenty of pockets also keep grilling tools, your smartphone, and even a cold beer handy, while MOLLE webbing and a velcro patch add the option of customizing the apron with other…

GET IT: $70


Marc Newson x Hodinkee Hourglass

Overthought, overdesigned, and extravagant to a fault, you’ll still definitely not want to drop a Marc Newson x Hodinkee Hourglass, especially once you’ve had a peek at the price tag. The hefty, oversized borosilicate glass shape is formed using a complex choreography of torches and turning machines — and all completely by eye, no less — before being filled not with sand but with roughly 1.25 million nanoball spheres made of copper-coated stainless…

GET IT: $12,000

Food & Drink

Beyond Zero Liquor Ice Maker

Depending on who you ask, a touch of dilution can, very occasionally, serve certain spirits well. For all other drinks (and tastes) there’s the Beyond Zero Liquor Ice Maker, which literally puts liquor in the rocks. The freezer gets cold enough to freeze wine, cocktails, or even high-proof spirits like whisky and vodka, and makes ice in just a few minutes, with an optional freezer to store ice for later at temperatures a traditional freezer can’t…



Canary Flex Weatherproof Security Camera

Weatherproof, versatile, and even wireless (if need be), the Canary Flex Security Camera can keep an eye on your home without needing much in terms of installation. The included 360-degree magnetic swivel base lets you precisely point the 1080p mic- and night-vision-equipped camera while an assortment of accessories, including the flexible Twist Mount (shown), Stake Mount (which is exactly what it sounds like), and locking Secure Mount make it…



Futurefarms Spacepot Grow System

A hydroponics growing system for the masses, Futurefarms’ Spacepot takes all the work and maintenance out of growing fresh herbs. There’s little soil involved; instead, the plants grow bigger and faster in nutrient-rich water since crucial resources are more easily accessible. So using a Spacepot is as easy as filling it with a water and nutrient mix, planting seeds in the Growpod’s growth medium, and then waiting, no watering necessary. A…

GET IT: $50


Ironate Stovetop Pizza Cooker

Nothing compares to crispy pizza fresh from a genuine pizza oven, but anyone without the room or cash to drop on one can opt for the next best thing: the Ironate Stovetop Pizza Cooker. Load one with a pizza — frozen or fresh — and pop it on any type of stovetop, or even a grill or campfire. Its high carbon steel construction soaks up heat and disperses it into the pizza, with a…

GET IT: $145


Gather Modular Desk Organizer

Your workspace is packed with various miscellany and tools that all need to be kept within arms reach, a daunting task that the Gather Modular Desk Organizer is well-equipped to handle. This sleek, solid walnut or maple slab sits on your desk and features several slots in which to fit various white ABS components that span a phone holder, a sticky note pad, a pen holder, and both small and large trays. The pieces can…

GET IT: $100+


Killspencer Dog Collection

Killspencer’s black-on-black leather luxuries are finally coming to a pet near you. The Killspencer Dog Collection features expertly constructed leashes, collars, and harnesses, all handmade in their Los Angeles Workshop of thick bullhide leather or 1200lb mil-spec black nylon webbing. The leash comes in your choice of the two materials as does the adjustable collar (shown, left), which also features a military grade Cobra buckle, while the harness comes…

GET IT: $65+


Woolsey Shuffleboard Table

A shuffleboard table, not unlike a pool table, dominates the room its in. So make sure it makes the right statement. Sean Woolsey Studio’s Woolsey Shuffleboard Table certainly does with its fourteen foot long rift-sawn white oak top that’s finished with two coats of UV-resistant epoxy resin, grey felt-lined gutters around the board, and angular solid black walnut legs with hidden levellers for setting up a flat, fair playing surface on uneven…

GET IT: $14,000


Outdoor Edge Grill-Beam Tongs & Spatula

Keep grilling day and night with Outdoor Edge’s Grill-Beam Tongs & Spatula. This two piece series features a removable LED tactical torch on each tool that shines 22 lumens straight onto the burger you’re flipping. Available in either a tong version or a spatula version with a tong, they both also features a sliding shaft to extend the tools if you need to put more space between the fire and your hand (at…

GET IT: $35+