PCBJ Beef Jerky Candle

Your man cave isn’t lacking in scents like potpourri and cherry blossom. So instead of grabbing a candle that smells like the above (or other, similarly emasculating scents) try a PCBJ Beef Jerky Candle. The soy wax candle is the result of a collaboration between People’s Choice Beef Jerky and Chicago-based Wax & Wick, pairing a long-lasting (up to 60 hours or so) soy wax with a sturdy wooden wick. Burning it releases notes of salt and pepper, chilli pepper, and smoky beef that are sure to get your mouth watering, but don’t eat it — grab some jerky and maybe a drink instead.

Find it at People’s Choice Beef Jerky – $25


Modpool Shipping Container Pool

Investing in an in-ground pool is risky if your career comes with the possibility — or necessity — of an eventual upheaval and relocation. Not that most above ground pools are much easier to move. One exception: the Modpool Shipping Container Pool. Because it’s built into a modified and windowed shipping container this pool is both easier to set up and dismantle, and doesn’t require the pouring of concrete or the digging of a particularly large hole. Instead, it comes in one size: 8 by 20 feet. All mechanical and electrical equipment are self-contained within one side of the unit and controls are accessible right from your smartphone, as are jets and lighting. Its heaters are powerful enough to get temperatures up in subzero climates as well, so it can also keep serving as a hot tub in colder months as well as a refreshing pool in summer.

Learn more at Modpools – $27,000+

GET IT: $27,000+


Teodoor Smart Lock

There’s no keypad, nor a dizzying amount of buttons on the Teodoor Smart Lock, which installs on the inside of your door rather than outside (the reason for this in a minute). Instead, interacting with it physically is as simple as twisting its circular handle, though of course the accompanying Bluetooth-connected app can handle this for you with a click. This system is easier to install than most smart locks since it sits over your existing cylinder deadbolt mechanism, replacing the cylinder itself in a couple of minutes and with just a screwdriver. The outer lock can still be accessed as usual using the same old key you’ve always used, and a set of CR123A batteries powers the thing for a year (though of course it’ll warn you through the app when charge is low). Otherwise the app lets you grant permission to others to access your home — like a friend to water your plants while you’re away, etc — and an optional WiFi adapter also adds on extra functionality like door movement sensing to warn you of suspicious activity.

Find it at Kickstarter – $100

GET IT: $100


Albert Clock

Telling time has always been a science. From observing the orbital rotation of planets to the first clock designed for maritime travel, pendulum clocks on a pitching and yawing ship being so annoying… and those damn Westminster chimes. The Albert Clock by Axel Schindlbeck designs, the self ascribed purveyor of products, objects, spaces and stuff you don’t need, makes telling time once again that much more sciencey. The Albert is a digital wall clock, but to discern the time you need to calculate the hours and minutes. It was designed to keep one’s brain active and improve the mathematical skills of children (and adults) while still looking svelte. As you get better, up the difficulty: it’s got four levels you can set, though you’ll never need calculus (or any math more advanced than multiplication and division) to solve the equations it puts forth. Best for use after a first cup of coffee and not when calculating how much longer you can stay in bed after your third snooze time has elapsed.

Find it at Albert Clock – roughly $300

GET IT: ~$300


Honda Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower

Mowing the lawn is harrowing work. And while not the first autonomous lawn mower to grace these pages, the Honda Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower is the first coming out of an established multinational corporation whose stellar reliability track record warrants confidence (and, probably, your hard earned bucks). Miimo comes equipped with a computer and a handful of 360-degree sensors to take care of your lawn completely independently (and safely), though you’ll need to set up a boundary wire either over or underground that’ll keep the robot within limits and away from obstacles like flowerbeds, trees, and your pool. Because you’re not paying somebody to do it (or doing it yourself) you’re welcome to have Miimo trim your lawn more often, making for an more uniform overall look, and since it runs quietly and self-charges, once everything is set up you won’t need to give it much thought. It’s also equipped against theft much like a car radio, with an alarm that’ll sound if lifted off the ground and a bricking of the unit that can only be undone by entering a unique anti-theft PIN code into its control panel.

Read more at Honda – $2,500+ [via]

GET IT: $2,500+


Asprey Sterling Silver Combination Safe

You’ll most definitely want to keep the Asprey Sterling Silver Combination Safe in yet a bigger safe, and not only because of its diminutive size of 8 by 8 inches for the biggest model: as its name suggests it’s actually made of sterling silver, meaning this safe’s value is likely similar to (or at least in the same order of magnitude as) that of its contents. Each is carefully crafted by British brand and royal warrant holder Asprey in their London workshop and opens with the combination dial mechanism and lever in front. A slot on top lets you drop in coins (and notes) without opening the safe so you can accumulate some money for a rainy day. And on a rainier day cash the whole safe in to a jeweller for even more. Also available in a smaller 5 by 5 inch model that cuts the larger version’s $27,000 down by nearly half.

Find it at Asprey or Mr Porter (small only) – $15,000+

GET IT: $15,000+


Beer Cap Maps USA Puzzle Map

Are Beer Cap Maps’ standard offerings, at up to 3 feet wide and holding up to 177 beer caps, still not big enough for you? Then the Beer Cap Maps USA Puzzle Map should tickle your fancy. This set is made up of 48 pieces that ship in either individual regions totalling six, so you can get started with a smaller segment of the USA, or as a single set that includes all state pieces. It’s enormous at 8 feet wide and holds a staggering 979 beer caps… so better get to work polishing off brews, maybe even with a little help.

Find it at Beer Cap Maps – $200

GET IT: $200


Atari Pong Coffee Table

Air hockey tables are sort of like Pong in real life. And so is the Atari Pong Coffee Table. Instead of playing Pong on a screen this coffee table recreates the game in the physical world using magnets underneath the surface, complete with paddles, a cube for a ball, and the same simple to pick up but hard to master gameplay. When you’re not challenging friends to rounds of Pong it doubles as a coffee table with covers that fold down over the controls on either side. The retro-styled cabinet also boasts four USB ports to charge several devices simultaneously as well as speakers for recreating the game’s original sounds (as well as playing music when it’s off-duty).

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $990+

GET IT: $990


Tesla Solar Panels

Not to be confused with their Solar Roof made of solar panel roof tiles, Tesla’s Solar Panels accomplish a similar reduction in your energy bill — and spare the environment of some carbon output — without the need for retiling your entire roof. It’s not quite as discreet as that first option but is still conspicuous than most others thanks to a low-profile design, integrated front skirts, the absence of any visible mounting hardware or wiring, and a customizable design (which we hope includes a choice of color). Naturally, it’ll also play nicely with a Tesla Powerwall to charge up during the day and keep supplying energy as needed once the sun goes down.

Learn more at Tesla – $TBA



Traeger Timberline Grill

Grilling typically requires a fair bit of attention. The Traeger Timberline Grill finally changes that. Though you can still use it as a standard hardwood barbecue or smoker, the Timberline features Traeger’s WiFire controller (see that boxy screen-equipped unit on the right?) that gives you the ability to control temperature and set timers from anywhere using your smartphone and an app (though it won’t flip your burgers for you just yet). The selected temperatures are attained by using an induction fan to fuel the fire and create a heat and smoke vortex around the cook chamber, which as a result also evenly distributes flavors across all of its contents for greater consistency. The grills come in two sizes: the 850 with an (you guessed it) 850 square inch grilling area and the 1300 with even more, each equipped with a pill-shaped barrel door for more vertical space, three stages of racks, and manual digital controls to ignite the hardwood pellets and to change settings right from the grill, should your phone’s battery give way.

Find it at Traeger Grills – $1,700+

GET IT: $1,700+


Mandem Safe

Even the best safes are prone to picking, hacking, and brute force attacks. The Mandem Safe instead counts on the fact that it’s a little more discreet (in that it’s disguised as a Nike shoebox) to work in your favor so that would-be thieves miss it altogether. It’s made of hand-finished black powder-coated steel and is fitted with dual cam locks, pre-drilled holes in its base should you wish to physically secure it to a surface (which is not a bad idea considering its compact size), and a protective foam lining on the inside so fine watches and jewelry will feel right at home. All you’ll need to add is one hinged Nike shoebox with a semi-circle on either side to accommodate the lock and you’re good to go.

Grab one at Mandem Safe – roughly $147

GET IT: ~$147


MiaCara Letto Dog DayBed

Your furry friend’s bed needn’t look like a pigsty, and here to prove it is the MiaCara Letto Dog DayBed. The Red Dog Design Award-winning lounger looks like a shrunk-down version of a nordic-styled human sofa, complete with a power coated aluminum body for structure, angled natural ash legs, and a comfy, super soft (and reversible, and washable for that matter) foam mattress that’s a welcome upgrade from the big pillow you’re currently using.

Find it at MiaCara – roughly $950+

GET IT: ~$950


Killspencer Floor Pillow

Think of the Killspencer Floor Pillow as a premium take on a beanbag in the brand’s typical black-on-black leather-laden fashion. This oversized pillow is wrapped in super soft full-grain leather — in the form of small hand-cut panels sewn together — and filled with furniture-grade polyurethane foam pieces for a lot of flexibility, conforming to your preferred recumbent position. Available in two sizes (with a $400 premium for the larger of them) and very limited in numbers, so act fast if you need one.

Find it at Killspencer – $2,800+

GET IT: $2,800+