Simplehuman Voice Control Sensor Can

Some garbage cans open when you wave a hand above the lid. The upcoming Simplehuman Voice Control Sensor Can does even better, opening up with the words Open Can or Open Sesame. The stainless steel garbage bin also has an infrared sensor near its lid so you can wave to open if you’d prefer but when your hands are occupied words are more natural. Tell it to close and it will oblige; tell it to stay open and it’ll do that, too. It helps that the bin is super sleek and runs (i.e. opens and closes) whisper quietly at just 52 dB, though with Simplehuman’s record so far — and this can’s price — we’d expect nothing but the best.

Available mid-March. Until then check out Simplehuman – $180+

GET IT: $180+


Privacy Pop Bed Tent

If your idea of cozy is sleeping in a small closed-off space, you’ll fully appreciate the Privacy Pop Bed Tent. As you’d expect it’s basically a tent that fits your mattress and sits on most traditional bed frames, providing an oasis of privacy while also reducing ambient light. Openings on either side fitted with double-sided zippers make getting in and out (and even letting in more light) easy and two zippable mesh windows, at the head and foot of the tent, provide airflow if it’s getting stuffy in there. Available for a range of mattress sizes and in a range of colors — not to mention a Bug Tent version.

Pick one up at Amazon – $130 to $160

GET IT: $130+


Northern Lights Whiskey & Tobacco Candle

Nothing says manly like liquor and smoke. Northern Lights’ Whiskey & Tobacco Candle sets aside the flowery scents normally associated with candles and instead delves into something that’s closer to a cigar lounge, albeit subtler and without the unwelcome stench. The 5 ounce candle also comes in a handsome tinted glass jar topped with a large natural cork that burns for a total of 35 hours. Probably best enjoyed with a drink and a lit cigar in hand.

Find it at Amazon – $14

GET IT: $14


Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry Laundry System

It’s been a Samsung-heavy week, but with CES around the corner that’s to be expected. The upcoming Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry Laundry System innovates by including not one washer and one dryer but rather two of each. Their FlexWash front-loading washing machine already features a class-leading 5 cubic-foot capacity but also boasts a compact one cubic-foot top-loading washing machine for smaller loads, allowing you to energy-efficiently wash smaller loads or even use both simultaneously to clean massive amounts of clothing. The FlexDry dryer also has a smaller dryer with a Delicate Rack for laying out and gently drying delicates with controlled, heated air. Both are decked out in glass to peek in to see how your laundry is doing and, like most Samsung appliances coming out of the gate, are Internet of Things-enabled for controls and monitoring right on your smartphone.

Read more at Samsung – $TBA



Slide Smart Curtains

FlipFlic aimed to make your blinds smarter, and now Slide wants to do the same for your curtains. This little white box includes a modular mounting system to be retrofitted onto your existing horizontal straight curtains whether they’re on rods or rails and adds a wire connector to their ends that links to thin, nearly invisible wires that run to and from the device. Setup takes just a few minutes and the whole contraption hides behind your curtains out of sight. Sure, you can still open the curtains manually, but Slide lets you automate the process, with scheduling, remote access from anywhere, and If This Then That (IFTTT) compatibility for setting up simple programs, for instance opening the curtains by asking your Amazon Echo to or when your Fitbit detects that you’re awake. All controlled and set up using an iOS or Android smartphone app.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $83

GET IT: ~$83


Big Ass Light Bar

Big Ass Light — yes, the same company as Big Ass Fans — makes seriously heavy duty lights, but they’re not exactly portable. The Big Ass Light Bar addresses this for individuals in need seriously powerful yet versatile lighting. It’s the brightest battery-fuelled LED work light in existence, outputting up to 5,000 lumens (about as bright as three incandescent light bulbs) and running for up to 48 hours on a charge of its handle-integrated, fast-swappable battery pack. An octagonal shape keeps it from rolling away and its light, adjustable to one of six brightness settings, floods the environment thanks to a diffuser that spreads it over (and a bit over) 180 degrees. It’s also rated to IP66 standards to keep out dust, particulates and water, and stands up to ridiculous abuse including drops and chemicals, making it a no-brainer for workshops, garages, and the like.

Find it at Indiegogo – $425

GET IT: $425


Samsung POWERbot VR7000 Robot Vacuum

The upcoming Samsung POWERbot VR7000 Robot Vacuum is 28% thinner than its predecessors coming in at just under 4 inches tall, and not just for aesthetic reasons: it’ll better clean under your couch and other short furniture. But on top of its slim design, up to 20 watts of suction, and its Edge Clean Master feature — which puts the unit’s brush half an inch from the wall — the VR7000 is the first of its kind to offer connectivity with Amazon’s Echo. So bark out a verbal order and the robot will comply, sparing you the need to pull out your smartphone and fire up a Samsung app.

Read more at Samsung – $TBA



Hastens Vividus Bed

No, it’s not a new online mattress that’s just sprung up. In fact it’s just about as far from that as it gets. The Hästens Vividus Bed is dubbed the luxury bed of luxury beds, and we’ve got little reason to dispute that. It’s priced like an exotic sports car and built by four craftsmen that put in a combined 320 hours at Hästens’ workshop in Köping, Sweden. The bed itself is made of layers of fine cotton, wool, flax, and horsehair for breathability and both moisture and temperature regulation while the frame is made of solid pine, weighing, in total, a bit over 460 pounds. It’s a bed that’s literally good enough for royalty as Hästens has served as official supplier to the Swedish Royal Court for their last three generations.

Learn more at Hästens – $150,000

GET IT: $150,000


Emko Pill Wall-Mounted Desk

Not all spaces are built for gargantuan workspaces, nor do all jobs require them. The Emko Pill Wall-Mounted Desk is a more palatable option for smaller apartments, saving room when not in use while maintaining a clean aesthetic thanks to three closing doors that hide all of its contents when closed. The round cabinet’s top door folds down to form a desk suitable for getting work done on a laptop, tablet, or physical notebook, also revealing a few adjustable shelves to fit files, catalogues, books, a pen holder, and whatever else you need close by. Two other doors below just hold more stuff, and the desk includes power sockets plus optional integrated LED lighting. Comes in four equally minimal colors including white, yellow, blue, and black.

Find it at Gessato’s Shop – $2,200

GET IT: $2,200


DynaPad Durable Furniture Glides

Felt furniture glides work fine until they inevitably don’t, getting caught in something or unsticking which then results in painful scratches to your floors. DynaPad Durable Furniture Glides are quite a bit different. They’re made of a Teflon-like Dyneema fabric that slides better than felt across a variety of surfaces and that’s backed with a strong adhesive to stick underneath the legs of chairs, tables, and other furniture to avoid detaching as nearly as readily as traditional glides. Dyneema slides silently and is nearly indestructible so even a lot of sliding and shifting is unlikely to wear these glides down much.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $4+

GET IT: $4+


Teles Taxídi Levitating Coffee Table

Why is besides the point. Siren Design Studios’ Teles Taxídi Levitating Coffee Table does, for a price, exactly what its name promises, floating its large glass surface a couple of inches above the base. The table’s surface is held in check by a two-tier system of ultra-strong Kevlar cords — which are not really overkill when considering the fact that without them the glass would launch up — while two massive rare-earth magnets handle the heavy lifting. It’s more than stable enough for your coffee, board games, or even for resting your feet while watching TV.

Learn more at Siren Design Studios – $30,000 [via]

GET IT: $30,000


Nuts & Wood Oak Linen Sofa

Nuts & Wood’s Oak Linen Sofa is pretty self explanatory, aided by a very transparent name. It’s made of solid oak, with clean perpendicular lines for the couch itself coupled to angled feet that give the sofa a minimalist and lightweight feel. The cushions are themselves crafted of a grey natural linen that’s filled with down. Comes in three different sizes and is basically built with forever in mind, so as long as you don’t light the thing on fire or otherwise destroy it with an axe your lineage will likely be stuck with it for awhile.

Find it at Nuts & Wood – roughly $2,980

GET IT: ~$2,980


Pantone Christmas Ornaments

Gaudy holiday decorations not doing it for you? Pantone Christmas Ornaments by Italian designer Seletti puts the brand’s unique colors on a classic ball ornament, the top half dipped in color — with a matching hook and cap — and the bottom half white, bearing Pantone’s logo as well as the color’s number in case you’d like to buy a can or two of the matching paint. Each handmade glass ball is about 3-inches in diameter and work as well on a tree as in a large bowl.

Grab one at Amazon – $16+ [via]

GET IT: $16+