MiaCara Letto Dog DayBed

Your furry friend’s bed needn’t look like a pigsty, and here to prove it is the MiaCara Letto Dog DayBed. The Red Dog Design Award-winning lounger looks like a shrunk-down version of a nordic-styled human sofa, complete with a power coated aluminum body for structure, angled natural ash legs, and a comfy, super soft (and reversible, and washable for that matter) foam mattress that’s a welcome upgrade from the big pillow you’re currently using.

Find it at MiaCara – roughly $950+

GET IT: ~$950


Killspencer Floor Pillow

Think of the Killspencer Floor Pillow as a premium take on a beanbag in the brand’s typical black-on-black leather-laden fashion. This oversized pillow is wrapped in super soft full-grain leather — in the form of small hand-cut panels sewn together — and filled with furniture-grade polyurethane foam pieces for a lot of flexibility, conforming to your preferred recumbent position. Available in two sizes (with a $400 premium for the larger of them) and very limited in numbers, so act fast if you need one.

Find it at Killspencer – $2,800+

GET IT: $2,800+


Sobro Coffee Table Cooler

From the makers of PancakeBot comes a creation that’s just as inventive: the Sobro Coffee Table Cooler. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a tempered glass-topped coffee table with a refrigerated drawer. This completely eliminates the need to get up to grab another brew or soda or brick of cheese while watching your programs — handy, considering Netflix doesn’t have commercials. Otherwise features include integrated Bluetooth speakers, two USB charge ports to keep your tablets and phones fuelled up, underside LED mood lights, and touch controls integrated right into the glass up top to control it all.

Find it at Indiegogo – $500

GET IT: $500


Barrel Sauna

Ideal for your home or cottage, Almost Heaven’s Barrel Sauna is an effective way to kick back and relax without having to splurge on a permanent fixture — not that it’s particularly easy to displace either, but if you move just take it with you. Its unique barrel shape maximizes useable space as well as heating speed and efficiency and includes a stainless steel heater along with stones, a thermometer/hygrometer, and all the equipment you’ll need to fire yours up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit in under an hour. They’re made of one of several types of lumber, come with (shown) or without a canopy, and are offered in several sizes to de-stress between two and eight people after a long week at work.

Find it at Almost Heaven – $4,300+ [via]

GET IT: $4,300+


Anodized Aluminum Engraved Blueprint Art

The name is particularly self explanatory but it’s worth delving into a bit of detail nonetheless. Anodized Aluminum Engraved Blueprint Art puts highly detailed blueprints, drawn digitally and perfected by the company’s two owners, onto large plates of anodized 5251 aluminum by way of a laser engraver. The aluminum sheet come in your choice of three colors including black (shown), blue, and red, and they give you a carte blanche to pick the model, make and year of the automobile, plane, ship, helicopter, or firearm you’d like on yours. If you’re so inclined they’ll even include custom tidbits of information alongside the art, like a particular VIN number or other miscellaneous specs, making these truly custom pieces of wall art worth of a highly prominently spot on your walls.

Find it at Engraved Blueprint Art – $235 [via]

GET IT: $235


Samsung The Frame Television

Samsung’s Serif is one unconventional TV design that stood out from the spartan slim-framed black rectangles we’re used to. Now the Samsung The Frame television is another. While most sets strive for thin or nigh-nonexistent bezels, The Frame embraces its, well, frame, to look more like a work of art, and adds to this with an “Art Mode” that displays custom-designed art to liven up your living room. It also boasts Samsung’s Invisible Connection (a thin, partially transparent cable that separates the TV and its inputs/power) and No Gap Wall mount so you can hang it nearly flush with the wall just about anywhere without cables mussing up the view.

Coming sometime in spring. Read more of Samsung’s press release here – $TBA



Shinola Runwell Clock

Shinola’s Runwell moniker is having a good run: it’s a watch, a turntable, and now a series of clocks. Realized in collaboration with General Electric, the Shinola Runwell Clock looks not unlike an oversized version of their wrist-candy, with an all-metal polished chrome case and domed glass over the luminescent hands. They’ll sell you a gorgeous handcrafted oak clock stand for setting the piece in sight, though an opening along the back makes wall-hanging possible as well. Comes with matte black, white, or navy dials, or as an all-black variant that trades a bit of readability for a very unique style.

Learn more at Shinola – $395+

GET IT: $395+


Libation Station

You don’t need a ton of counter space to stash your ever growing spirit collection. Sean Woolsey Studio’s Libation Station mounted to a wall will take care of that. This circular shelving system is built of powder-coated high-grade aluminum and offers four high compartments for taller bottles, several slots for wine bottles and/or glasses, and a oil-finished slide-out walnut drawer on which to prepare drinks. Compact it may be but it’s got room for up to  45 bottles total, including wine, making it an elegant choice for bolstering your home’s compact bar.

Learn more at Sean Woolsey Studio – $1,250

GET IT: $1,250


Tanner Goods Tekio Modular Shelving

Tanner Goods is synonymous with quality leather goods. But they’ve been distinguishing themselves from traditional brands in other categories of late, and Tanner Goods’ Tekio Modular Shelving is just another fine example of this. These USA-made storage systems are crafted of quality hardwoods, steel, and aluminum, fitting nicely into modern spaces such as a home, office, or even retail shop. They ship flat packed and build up easily like would ubiquitous Swedish wares. Once the extruded aluminum frame is set up the shelves and cabinets can be moved up and down and configured as needed for the job at hand. And as your space grows and changes so can the system, combining together with additional units to store more stuff and fill larger walls.

Find it in all nine configurations at Tanner Goods (or read more here) – $1,270+

GET IT: $1,270+


Ollie Collapsible Chair

A new kind of collapsible chair, the Ollie combines a unique articulated aluminum body that’s contoured with a flexible slatted wood tambour to form a chair resembling a small bench of sorts. Ollie unfurls from its 2.25-inch thin folded form to a full-sized, comfortable chair in an instant, and collapses back down with a pull of the handle and string on its back, eliminating the slight hassle of folding and making it straightforward to store or even hang on a wall. Its tambour defaults to plain teak but can be customized with felt, distressed paint, or with WhIsBe’s Vandal Gummy Bear art in four colors. And perhaps best of all the chair doesn’t compromise on ergonomics despite its foldability, with a lumbar-supporting contour that makes prolonged sitting, dare we say, pleasurable.

Find it at Kickstarter – $300

GET IT: $300


Review: Flexispot Standing Desk Riser

If you’re anything like us, you’re glued to a desk for an unhealthy amount of time each day. One fix is to find a job suited to your skill sets that won’t have you working on a computer most of the day. Good luck with that. A less drastic solution is the standing desk, and Flexispot sent over one of their best-selling Standing Desk Risers (to be placed on top of your existing, non-standing desk) for us play and work with. As of this writing four sizes (27-inch, 35-inch, 41-inch, and 47-inch widths) accommodate different-sized desks and setups, though we got a 35-inch model that was ample big to fit our dual-screen rig. Read on for our full take.


GET IT: $270+


DNA Bookcase

The cells in your body (as well as virtually ever other living thing) store their blueprints in a double helix. So stashing your books in its image was inevitable. The appeal of the slender, steel DNA Bookcase is more than just aesthetic since this free-standing bookcase begs to be set in the middle of a room or beside a cozy reading spot without having to be placed against a wall like most traditional units. With 13 shelves on each side it’ll hold a fair bit of books, though it looks best when completely filled so better put some time aside for reading.

Find it at YLiving – $875 [via]

GET IT: $875


JellyTank Jellyfish Aquarium

They may not be as lively as goldfish but jellyfish are nicer to look at, and the JellyTank Jellyfish Aquarium houses a few in your very home. Despite its clean looks the acrylic tank features a safely concealed pump to simulate water flow in their natural environment, a mechanical/biological filtration system to keep the water fresh for your delicate, translucent friends, and an RGB LED that can be set to any color. All you’ll need to do is feed them once a day — or twice, to increase their size — and replace a fifth of the water weekly.

Find it in black and white at Kickstarter – $175

GET IT: $175+