Flyte Story Levitating Timepiece

Flyte knows a thing of two about floating objects. This time they’re adding a mesmerizing twist to the clock. The Flyte Story Levitating Timepiece tells time by suspending a chrome sphere above a clean, unmarred wooden base seemingly magically, and does this in either horizontal or vertical (wall-mounted) orientations. Set it as a clock and the sphere represents the hour hand, making its way around every 12 hours. It’ll also function in a self-explanatory timer mode or in Journey mode, which counts down to a highly anticipated specified date such as the day of your next marathon or the start date of a much needed vacation. A concealed LED matrix display (which can be set to on, off, or motion-activated) shines through the surface of the wood if exact time is needed, and an RGB backlight that illuminates the wall behind Story can be set up using Flyte’s smartphone app to represent outdoor temperature via colors, moon phases, display the sunrise and sunset, and more.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $400+

GET IT: $400+


MyLifter Bluetooth Enabled Winch

Your garage may have a high ceiling, but all that vertical space is most likely not being put to use for storing stuff. The MyLifter Bluetooth Enabled Winch changes that by lifting even some of the heaviest equipment to the ceiling. It’s small, yet one MyLifter alone can lift up to 100 pounds of stuff and controls wirelessly from your smartphone via Bluetooth, easily handling seasonal products like bicycles, kayaks, or miscellaneous gear without having one more dedicated remote to undoubtedly lose. Smart points can also be programmed on the fly to quickly — and safely — get objects to the right height. For heavy duty tasks up to four MyLifters sync up to handle loads of 400 pounds such as, for instance, a platform loaded with a snow blower and lawn mower.

Find it at Amazon – $180 [via]

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Ryobi Whole Stud Detector

Stud detectors are not user friendly devices since they’re usually just equipped with a light or two and a speaker, emitting an annoying beep that vaguely lets you know where a stud is hiding. Ryobi’s Whole Stud Detector leaves less to chance thanks to Auto Deep Scan technology and a series of seven lights that illuminate to show you the entire length of the stud as you pass over it, leaving less to luck while also helping steer clear of wires. A ring of LEDs around the center indicator light up when the stud’s center is located, and when that happens just press the stud marker button to leave a slight dimple in the drywall so you’ll know exactly where to drill, hammer, or screw.

Find it at Home Depot – $30

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Milwaukee Redstick Level

You might not think much about spirit levels, but Milwaukee does. And the fruit of their labor is the Redstick Level. It’s first of all precise, with a guaranteed accuracy of just 0.029 degrees provided by highly readable, high-contrast (and replaceable, in the event that one breaks or ceases to be accurate) magnified vials. Moreover its red aluminum frame isn’t completely hollow but is instead reinforced by a metal backbone at the level’s weakest points (namely, where the middle vial is held) for added durability against drops and added resistance against bends. The Redstick also features rare earth magnets for serious gripping power, precision milled measuring surfaces to ensure there are no slight production defects that might affect your results, removable rubber end caps, and comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 16 inches to 96 inches depending on your needs. Bigger models even feature a handle or two to simplify use and carry.

Grab one at Acme Tools – $60+

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Food & Drink

Nostalgia Retro Series Breakfast Station

Who needs a dedicated stovetop, toaster, or drip coffee maker when you’ve got a Nostalgia Retro Series Breakfast Station on your counter (or in your RV)? This one stop shop is all about breakfast, letting you brew up to four cups of coffee while toasting four slices of bread at once and frying eggs or cooking meats on its roof-mounted non-stick griddle, equipped with a glass lid. Perfect for a family-sized breakfast or a single monstrous appetite.

Find it at Amazon in red or blue – $78 [via]

GET IT: $78


WeMo Mini Smart Plug

Remember those clumsy timer plugs used for sprinklers, heaters, and thwarting would-be burglars by scheduling when the lights would go on? WeMo’s Mini Smart Plug is like those, only better in every possible way. The single-outlet plug simply sits between your appliance and the wall, and the WeMo app controls power delivery live from anywhere with internet access, whether at home or on the other side of the planet. Of course you can set up simple or complex schedules within the app too, protecting your home even better than old school mechanical timer plugs thanks to randomized power delivery to your lights, turning them on and off to make it look like somebody’s actually home. Since it’s slim two can be plugged into the same one outlet and it also takes voice commands to Alexa on your Amazon Echo for seamless control around the house without having to whip out your phone every time.

Grab one at Amazon – $35

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Perpetuum Calendar

Time is seemingly infinite, but most calendars and date-tracking apparatus aren’t, instead relegated to recycling once full. But as its name suggests the Perpetuum Calendar isn’t going to run out or wear down in any foreseeable future. Made of a minimal three parts, its sawtooth roof-inspired base — with month and day markings — is 3D-printed of a fabric-like plastic in either grey or jet black that almost looks like it’s made of concrete, and the two timepieces are plated with 14 karat gold. Of course you’ll need to move the timepieces yourself but maybe pulling your attention away from your computer for a few seconds every day isn’t so bad.

Find it at Othr – $510

GET IT: $510


Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum

Think of Milwaukee’s M18 Compact Vacuum like your typical handheld vacuum, only one that won’t clog up or fail when sucking up fine drywall dust, sawdust, and other waste created on the job site. The M18 boasts a high performance motor that nabs it best in class suction at 40 cubic feet per minute and couples this to a removable HEPA filter to ensure you’re not blowing fine particulate matter back into the air. It’s also powered by the same batteries as Milwaukee’s other M18 tools, lasting up to 43 minutes on a charge with the bigger High Demand 9.0 battery pack, and includes a variety of accessories like a crevice tool to reach tight spaces and extension wands to elongate the vacuum into a full-sized handheld.

Find it at Milwaukee – $150

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Lounging around on the sofa isn’t truly lazy if you need to reach far and grab your drink off of a side table or, worse, the floor, every time you want a sip. The CouchCoaster guarantees you won’t need to — and also that the drink in question won’t accidentally spill while resting someplace on the uneven sofa surface — by adding a cup holder to the arms of your couch, regardless of their shape. It does this by using silicone “wings” with weighted ends that add stability and that won’t slip much on fabric. An included adapter fits smaller drinks like narrow glasses or aluminum cans while a cutout on the silicone accommodates mugs with handles, too.

Find it at The Grommet – $20

GET IT: $20


Roche Bobois Furtif Desk

Timeless and gravity defying, the Roche Bobois Furtif Desk is a magnet for flattering adjectives, though we’re fairly certain its price isn’t. Conceived by acclaimed French designer Daniel Rode, the desk’s cantilevered form is far more stable than it looks and can handle anything a four-legged desk could. Though somewhat voluminous the Furtif makes use of its hollow structure with a cable hole that lets your wires pass through the desk itself on their way to a surge protector, cleaning up your setup. Available in two sizes and fifteen lacquered colors or with an oak Alpi veneer.

Find it at Roche Bobois – Price upon request [via]



Simplehuman Voice Control Sensor Can

Some garbage cans open when you wave a hand above the lid. The upcoming Simplehuman Voice Control Sensor Can does even better, opening up with the words Open Can or Open Sesame. The stainless steel garbage bin also has an infrared sensor near its lid so you can wave to open if you’d prefer but when your hands are occupied words are more natural. Tell it to close and it will oblige; tell it to stay open and it’ll do that, too. It helps that the bin is super sleek and runs (i.e. opens and closes) whisper quietly at just 52 dB, though with Simplehuman’s record so far — and this can’s price — we’d expect nothing but the best.

Available mid-March. Until then check out Simplehuman – $180+

GET IT: $180+


Privacy Pop Bed Tent

If your idea of cozy is sleeping in a small closed-off space, you’ll fully appreciate the Privacy Pop Bed Tent. As you’d expect it’s basically a tent that fits your mattress and sits on most traditional bed frames, providing an oasis of privacy while also reducing ambient light. Openings on either side fitted with double-sided zippers make getting in and out (and even letting in more light) easy and two zippable mesh windows, at the head and foot of the tent, provide airflow if it’s getting stuffy in there. Available for a range of mattress sizes and in a range of colors — not to mention a Bug Tent version.

Pick one up at Amazon – $130 to $160

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Northern Lights Whiskey & Tobacco Candle

Nothing says manly like liquor and smoke. Northern Lights’ Whiskey & Tobacco Candle sets aside the flowery scents normally associated with candles and instead delves into something that’s closer to a cigar lounge, albeit subtler and without the unwelcome stench. The 5 ounce candle also comes in a handsome tinted glass jar topped with a large natural cork that burns for a total of 35 hours. Probably best enjoyed with a drink and a lit cigar in hand.

Find it at Amazon – $14

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