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There are a million needs for self defense flashlights. If you want to look at the world today, all of the natural disasters and terrorist threats, you can do that, but the fact of the matter is there’s never a time to not have a self defense flashlight on you. You can utilize all of these models as a personal defense flashlight, or stun flashlight to disorient enemies and make a getaway. Having a self defense flashlight at the helm is just one of those necessities you should always account for.

Top Self Defence Flashlights:

VIPERTEK LED Tactical Flashlight

VIPERTEK LED Tactical Flashlight

You’re looking for a self defense flashlight for those specific situations that we’re all hoping don’t happen. However, you’re a prepper, and you want to be ready for anything. We don’t blame you. This is the self defense flashlight to end all of your worries. Hand-picked by our editor, the VIPERTEK LED Tactical Flashlight is second to none. You get a 100,000-hour bulb, meaning even if you used this every single minute of the day and never shut it off, you would have over eleven years of continued use. At most, you may have to replace the bulb once in your lifetime.

This tactical flashlight is so powerful, it’s banned (for shipping purposes,) in a fair amount of states. Let’s get to the point: you want to ward off an attacker, or at least stun them. The light is so powerful, that it will actually disrupt signals coming from your attacker’s brain the go directly to their muscles. The attacker in question will have no choice but to drop to their knees, and render their nefarious efforts ineffective. This is more than enough time to escape without a trace. Even after your attack raises up, they would be completely disoriented for some time to come, and the last thing on their mind would be subjecting themselves to that level of stun again. If the attacker gets close enough to touch, a simple touch will emit a shock, and bring them down with the power of a taser.

Police Security Extreme

Police Security Extreme

This is one of the most powerful self defense torch models out there. Just scouring the internet for self defense flashlight reviews will certainly yield the Police Security Extreme personal defense flashlight; it’s that excellent, and well-known. Let’s dive into some of the features.

The stun option for this self defense flashlight is nothing to joke around with. It packs a serious punch, and has users buzzing about it’s overall strength and power. With a standard 100,000-hour bulb, you’ll be able to enjoy this flashlight for over twenty years of frequent use, and up to fifty years of infrequent use. One seriously awesome feature of this tactical self defense flashlight is the all-metal chassis is designed to be able to shatter glass, and allow you to escape any hairy situation. These are the bridge between police and military grade flashlights and stun guns, yet still available for civilian purchase and use. This is one tactical self defense flashlight you really need to get your hands on.

SABRE Tactical Stun Gun

SABRE Tactical Stun

The good folks at SABRE wanted you to know how powerful this tactical flashlight is so badly, that they included a video on how to effectively utilize their tactical stun gun self defense tactical flashlight on potential attackers, rendering their efforts completely useless. It isn’t just about power, either; you don’t have to use batteries for this bad boy, and you’re completely safe to carry this self defense flashlight with absolutely no worry.

This tactical flashlight also comes full with a wrist strap, belt clip, holster, and SABRE’s warranty that has your back no matter what. Depending on your preference, or on the situation, you’ll be able to use the LED night vision to illuminate any path in bright, white light, a strong, yet more dim light, or the strobe effect for quickly maneuvering while also evading whoever, or whatever may be preying on you out in the wild.

Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson

So this is not your conventional tactical or self defense flashlight, and that’s what makes it so ingenious. We all know Smith & Wesson—yes, that Smith & Wesson—and their infamous products throughout American history. We also know that they can make anything drip that trademark flare, and they’ve done it again, only this time, in a water-resistant tactical pen. This is the perfect solution to campers, hikers, and fishermen who want to be able to stay alert and ready for those worst-case scenarios, but without packing military-grade equipment.

This tactical pen and self defense flashlight combination is designed out of anodized aluminum, making it safe to drop from a few feet without dismembering any of the components. You just need to twist the ON/OFF switch to utilize the full effects of the tactical flashlight, which is especially easy with diamond-cut knurling for a tight grip. This also doesn’t shy away from the necessary functions that make this the optimal pocket-sized self defense flashlight. You get a sharp-pointed tip for either shattering glass, or using as a last-ditch effort self defense weapon. No matter what your need is, this Smith & Wesson self defense flashlight is optimal for every use.

Vaxiner Electric Shock

Vaxiner 1101

The ultimate in flashlight torch models; fully-equipped LED tactical flashlight with a police-grade light display. This is what you need when you’re in the thick of it. When you purchase a tactical defense flashlight, you are unaware as to exactly what type of scenario you’re going to need it for. That’s why they’re built for everything, and the Vaxiner is no exception. When you test the million-volt stun gun, you can actually hear the electricity crackling through the air.

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and complete with a carrying case, you get everything you need to be on the defensive from Vaxiner. You don’t need to carry around spare batteries; you’re able to recharge this for long-term use, and hit the ground running. This is the perfect device for thickly-settled cities; you never know what’s around the corner, and the element of surprise can be the most frightening. Don’t be caught unguarded ever again with the ultimate all-in-one self defense flashlight. Blind and stun your enemies, make a clean getaway, and still have a charge to illuminate the path home.

J5 Tactical V1-PRO 300

J5 Tactical V1-PRO

With an all-black chassis for concealment, the J5 Tactical is one of the ultimate self-defense flashlight models. While you’re not going to stun anyone with an electric shock, 300 lumens will definitely disorient any attacker, and allow you the optimal getaway. With strobe light features, you can safely light up your escape path, all while leaving any additional attacks oblivious to your whereabouts.

When utilizing this flashlight for it’s basic function, you can span over two-hundred yards with ease on a clear night. This is also an essential item for your disaster kit if you’re in the middle of compiling one, as not many self defense flashlights run off of disposable or rechargeable batteries, depending on your preference. If you have a twenty-four pack of AAs, you’re going to have light even with no power for recharging.

LuxPower Tactical V1000 LED Flashlight


You’re not mistaken; this is the same “As Seen on TV” model, but now, they’ve taken to Amazon to offer lower prices. Hailed as one of the most inexpensive self defense and tactical flashlights on the market, LuxPower offers you great lighting effects without breaking the bank, and a full aluminum frame for a solid build. This comes with two flashlights for the price of one, and each are pocket-sized. You still have enough power to disorient your attackers, while still being able to use these for practical purposes.


How long does an attacker stay disoriented?

It depends on how many lumens your self defense flashlight has. For the most part, they will be disoriented and unable to move for ten to fifteen seconds, though it will still greatly impair any further attempts at pursuit.

How does this help with identifying attackers?

The most common advantage that any attacker will utilize is the cover of darkness. When you take away their element of surprise, it could lead to them evacuating the scene and leaving you alone. Since most self defense flashlights come with stun guns, and the public-at-large is aware of this, they don’t want to get electrified, and worse: thrown in jail.

self defence flashlight

What other uses can I get out of a self defense flashlight?

Apart from just ensuring your own safety, there are a bunch of uses for a self defense flashlight that can get you out of a tight spot.

Serrated Bezel

Ever seen those tools found in a center console or glovebox, the awkward hammer-shaped thing? That’s to be used incase of a dire emergency. If you’re in your car and have your flashlight with you, you can shatter glass to break through your window or windshield, or use it to sever your seatbelt if, in a crash, it melts to your clothing, and you’re unable to escape on your own.

Improvised Tool

If your car breaks down on the side of the road, and a passerby offers to help, you need to be wary. If your AAA tow truck isn’t going to get there for a little while, you’ll want to be on your toes and be as safe as can be. You can also use the durable chassis to break, sever, or shatter anything you may need in an emergency situation.

Blackout Light

If the power goes out for any reasons, whether it’s due to a blackout, natural disaster, or what have you, being able to see what’s in front of you is pretty critical. These long-lasting batteries will allow you days or weeks to see at night even without a charge. You’ll be able to see every single nook and cranny.

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