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This was potentially the most exciting guide we’ve ever compiled. We’re coffee enthusiasts—aren’t we all? Everybody loves a great cup of coffee, but seldom do we want to go the extra mile and do everything in our power to make that happen. That’s why the single-serve coffee industry will always be booming; the cost of convenience. If you’re looking to get perfect coffee without ever having to leave the house, you’ve come to the right place. It all starts with the grinds, so let’s walk through the best options available to you on the market today, and get grinding.

Prepare The Freshest Coffee With These Great Coffee Grinders

Krups Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder

Krups Electric Coffee And Spice Grinder

Over 12,000 customers can’t be wrong—Krups brings us one of the most simplistic and easy-to-use coffee grinders, with the widest array of options. Whether you want to go blade or burr, you’ve got options every which way you look. Krups took the time to listen to what we’ve all been looking for in a coffee grinder—options. You get a two-year warranty on the whole device, which says a lot about the quality of their stainless steel blades.

You can use this as an all-purpose grinder. Grains, spices, herbs, and everything in between can all be ground to perfection. Grind the perfect amount of coffee for small batches, or get fine-diced spices to fill up your glass jars. Whichever way you use it, Krups electric coffee grinder brings you versatility at a completely killer price. Fine-tuned enough to be an espresso grinder, spice dicers, or anything you make it.

javapresse coffee company manual coffee grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

The best hand crank coffee grinder that you can possible get comes from JavaPresse—you’ve dealt with electric coffee grinder models before, but they just didn’t output the perfect blend of grinds for your cup of coffee. You’ve gone the hand crank route, and you’re never going back. JavaPresse makes your choice even easier with an extremely easy to maneuver hand crank in this stainless steel coffee mill.

JavaPresse is also great for spices, as well as grains and nuts. If you’re a fan of using almond flour as an alternative to bleached flour, you’ll be able to get the most out of your grinder and make it an all-purpose kitchen gadget. Fans of hand-crafted espresso beverages in their own home enjoy hand grinding their beans as opposed to using electric grinders. You get a better grind, and more control over your perfect cup. If you’re looking to bring your latte or cappuccino to the next level, you’re looking at your solution right now.

black+decker smartgrind coffee grinder

Black + Decker Smartgrind

An automatic coffee grinder is there to help you with your morning brew. Black + Decker has been America’s top brand for small, inexpensive appliances and tools for decades, and they don’t disappoint when it comes to their stainless steel coffee grinder. With a larger capacity for storing grinds than most electric coffee grinder models on the market, you can make a full pot without having to go back to the grinder two or three times, which can give inconsistent results.

If you’re looking to go low-end on your budget, you know that you’re dealing with America’s best brand for inexpensive and reliable products. Black + Decker never disappoints. No other brand can bring you immeasurable quality, stainless steel working parts, and fully electric and automatic grinding with pulse control, for this low introductory cost. If you’re just getting into the world of coffee grinding, then you’re looking to get your feet wet—you’ve just found your beginning.

Vremi Blade Small Coffee Grinder

Vremi Blade Small Coffee Grinder

Vremi doesn’t just know a thing or two about coffee—they’ve done their homework, extensively. One of the biggest problems with commercial-grade grinders is their inability to handle coarse grinds, as well as fine, powdery grinds for espresso and a finger palette. Vremi saw that issue and filled in the market’s need for an optimal small coffee grinder that puts all the control in your hand. Herbs, nuts, spices—Vremi can do it all, and it’s insanely easy to clean.

Not only do you get a large capacity for storing your coffee grinds, but you get simplistic operation alongside portability. If you just can’t stand hotel coffee, why not bring your own grinder and beans? It’s not obscene; you just have a finer taste for only the best cup of coffee. Vrermi is practically urging you to take it wherever you go. It’s your perfect morning companion to start you off right and keep you going strong throughout the day.

kitchenaid bcg111ob blade coffee grinder

KitchenAid BCG

One of America’s favorite mixer brand brings us a slim, sleek coffee grinder without rival. It not only comes with KitchenAid’s hassle-free warranty but makes itself an aesthetic addition to any kitchen. If you’re looking to grind big batches of beans in a small, confined space, look no further. Though it looks small, this powerful grinder packs a punch—grind up to 12 cups of coffee in a single go. The clear dome along the top allows you to see the process, giving you insight into your perfect grind, and what it should look like.

With a stainless steel blade to grind your beans, you’ll be able to rely on quality grounds time after time. Stainless steel doesn’t build up coffee bean grease as quickly as plastic chambers do, so you’ll be able to clean this quickly, and effectively. Apart from this being one of the best coffee grinder models on the market, it’s also helpful—look at the interior markings to determine the ideal amount of beans to put in for how many cups of coffee you want. It’s like this grinder is doing half of the work for you.

cuisinart dbm-8amz supreme grind

Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic

You’ve seen similar products in the coffee shop down the road, and now, you can have the exact same thing in your home for next to nothing. Fill the hopper up with beans, and grind as you see fit. It’s a great solution to storing your beans without having those pesky, greasy bags half-rolled up and taking up your cabinet space. If you’re going for high volume, Cuisinart has you covered—you can make up to 32 cups of coffee with a single grind. You may be a little overcaffeinated at that point but to each their own.

Cuisinart thought of everything. You get an included brush to keep the hopper clean when not in use. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay close attention to the hopper for regular cleaning. Remove any chamber you wish and grind on 18 different positions for the optimal grind every single time. Stainless steel on the outside and the inside makes this a top-of-the-line machine for any coffee consumer.

bodum bistro burr grinder

Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder

Get all the flair of the coffeehouse equipment, in the comfort of your own kitchen. If you’re a fan of how local coffee shops do their thing, you’ll soon be able to mimic the same practice. Whether you want to go with the compact, small coffee grinder model, or go for something a little bigger, it’s all available. Select your color, your size, and transform your kitchen from a boring place with a can of pre-ground coffee, to an aromatic wonderland that smells just like your favorite coffee bean brand. This model is insanely easy to use, so you’ll be able to plug and play.

Get enough grinds for up to 12 cups with ease. While pre-grinding (grinding, saving them for later use) isn’t going to give you the best flavor in your grinds, you can still do it if you’re strapped for time. Use the chamber to catch and store grinds for days ahead. This grinder is optimal if you’re using a Keurig K-cup adapter and looking to get a quick bit of coffee for a single cup in the morning. Fill the grinder, and turn your kitchen into a coffee shop.

breville bcg820bssxl the smart grinder pro

Breville Smart Grinder

We all knew that kitchen gadgets would be revolutionized with smart technology, and now you can get the smart tech experience with your grinder. You get over 60 precise grind settings, operable to a fraction of a second—adjust for how many grinds you want, how coarse you want them to be, and more. Everything’s better with a small LCD screen—get all the internal information about your grinder on a handy little display, and fill up the hopper to host over 16oz of coffee beans.

Ever thought about starting a micro roaster company? Little companies that operate like small alcohol distilleries, except, they grind specific coffee varieties and ship them around to small coffee shops, or sell them online. If you’re going that route, you can’t afford to waste time—use smart technology to handle all the logistics for you, so you can get back to business. Whether you’re looking to make an at-home business venture or simply enjoy your favorite branded beans in your morning brew, this is the grinder you’ve been waiting for.

secura scg-903b automatic

Secura Coffee Mill

Go from French press-sized grinds to fine-chopped espresso—whatever your preference is, you get the top of the line grinder at an unbelievable price. You’ll take up such a minimal amount of counter space; keep your grinder out to accentuate your kitchen instead of hiding it away in the cabinet after each use. You’re a coffee consumer—it’s time to start showing it. Get the grind that you’ve been waiting for, the one that makes the perfect cup every single time. If you’re a fan of espresso, you’ll be ecstatic to know that all the espresso enthusiasts rave about Secure—this is the ultimate grinder for espresso lovers on a budget or otherwise.

With a powerful motor and an attractive design, you’ll be able to add this to your coffee arsenal. Before long, you’ll be a full-fledged, one-man coffee shop in your own kitchen. Secura offers you an excellent warranty, no-slip grips along the feet of the machine to keep it nice and steady, and the best cup of coffee you’ll ever drink.

kingtop coffee grinder electric 200w

KingTop Electric Coffee Grinder

Every aspect of your perfect cup of coffee has to be on point. You need the right beans, additives, and coffeemaker—however, all of that is fruitless without a top of the line, state of the art grinder. Plug and play with the KingTop stainless steel, double blade coffee grinder. With a sleek, attractive gold-and-black design, you’ll be able to proudly showcase your new grinder while treating your guests to the best cup of coffee, ground first in your KingTop.

With its small size and versatility, you can leave your grinder out on the counter beside your favorite bag of beans and grinder. Every perfect cup of coffee starts with the right ingredients, and ends with the right equipment—KingTop is inexpensive and simple to use, ranking it as one of the most versatile electric coffee grinders on the market.

Buyers Guide

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, then this is simply something you have to have in your kitchen. There’s no second-guessing it—you want fresh-ground coffee, and you want it to be absolutely perfect. There are a few different features that make grinders tick. We’ve asked ourselves all the same questions that you’ll need to know when hunting down your next kitchen coffee grinder.

coffee grinders

Does Price Play Into Quality?

Some of the most durable coffee grinders out there are the inexpensive models. You don’t have to dish out a whole lot of money on your grinder to get a good one. The biggest thing you want to pay attention to is the grinding feature itself: how are your beans ground? If you love coffee, then you already know that grind size and coarseness play into the flavor of your coffee (and the strength), and depending on which grinding method your new coffee grinder uses, you’ll get a different experience.

How Often Should Coffee Grinders Be Cleaned?

If you’ve never watched oil and water attempt to mix, then you’ve never seen the process of coffee being brewed. Coffee is naturally oily, some might even say greasy. Coffee beans leave a distinct slick oil on your fingertips if you were to knead a coffee bean. Any plastic components of your grinder (plastic is also an oil) can get very greasy, very quickly. You’ll want to clean out your grinder once a week, or at least after every third use if it’s not a daily ritual for you.

I Want a Grinder Specifically For Espresso

Your grinder isn’t prejudice. Espresso beans and coffee beans are virtually the same things, especially when they go through a grinder. You’ll just have to pay attention to the coarseness of the grinds to ensure that they’ll actually make a great espresso. You want a superfine or powdery consistency. Coffee beans, espresso beans—it’s all the same to your grinder.

How Long do you Grind Coffee Beans?

To answer it simply, between eight to ten seconds. Any longer and you’re making espresso grinds. Espresso grinds are usually ground for twelve to fifteen seconds, or longer. When you’re grinding for espresso, you’re going for a medium to fine, powdery type of grind. This is going to allow pressurized, hot water (which is in your espresso machine) to better flow through the grinds, and give you a finer coffee flavor.

Do Your Grind Sizes Work Differently on Different Coffee Machines?

There are a thousand different ways to brew your cup of coffee. If you’re using a French press, you want coarse coffee. This is what’s going to give it that Earthy, rugged flavor. As you progress from ultra coarse to super fine, you’re going from French press to standard drip coffee maker (think any Mr. Coffee or Hamilton Beach coffee pot maker), right on down the line to espresso. The finer the grind, the high-caliber your machine should be. A simple rule of thumb.

Blade or Conical Shaped Burrs?

This directly affects your coffee coarseness (which we will get into in a minute). Conical burrs are more machine-like and will give a uniformity to your coffee grinds. This is going to allow you to control your grind quality and size, while a blade burr is basically a big propeller in a tunnel. It chops up what comes through it, but if it comes through at different speeds, you’re looking at an inconsistent chop to your coffee beans.

What Is the Difference Between Steel and Ceramic Burrs?

There’s far less of a difference than you may think. Whether you’re using a steel or ceramic burr, you’re going to get a similar taste within a fraction of a difference. Steel burrs leave your grinds smaller—not small enough to leak through your filter (if you’re using a reusable filter that is), but it makes your grinds finer. Ceramic burs give you a more textured feel to your grinds. Now, why does this matter?

Our writer here managed coffee shops for five years. There was something of a quality assurance test on grinds, where you would use the perfect sample of grinds and compare them to how your machines were performing. The perfect coarseness of the grinds ensured that you got a full-bodied flavor without it tasting watery. If the grinds are too fine, you get a slightly thinner taste (weird way to explain it, but we’ve all received a single-serve cup of coffee that tastes watery). If you’re up-to-date on your equipment, you won’t have to worry about this. It also depends on taste preference. Generally, espresso uses finer, powdery grinds, while coffee will use coarser grinds.

coffee grinders

Can You Grind Spices in a Coffee Grinder?

You absolutely can, but you should be wary of a few things. If you want to grind up cinnamon sticks or perhaps dried, fresh herbs, you’re going to flavor your grinder, which can be a pain when it comes time to actually grind coffee beans in the future. It can flavor your coffee, and while a little hint of cinnamon never hurt anyone, (it’s actually quite good in a latte), getting the taste of basil or thyme may not be the best taste.

If you’re hell-bent on using this as an all-purpose grinder anyway, here’s what you should do after each and every use. This also applies to when you use it for coffee, because, in reverse, nobody wants coffee-flavored herbs.

Remove All Parts – Sounds simple, right? You want to pay close attention to your model, and how the blade goes back on. If you put this on backwards, or it’s not balanced properly, you can turn on the grinder in the future, and the whole thing can discombobulate itself in an instant. If you didn’t break the thing, you’ll have to disassemble it and start from scratch. If it helps, take photos at each stage and reverse engineer yourself back to a clean, rebuilt model when you’re done.

White Distilled Vinegar Soak – Nothing flavors worse than vinegar, right? White distilled vinegar is the top choice of those looking to clean and sanitize their homes, primarily in the kitchen, and who are also looking to avoid the use of harmful or harsh chemicals. When you’re holding the steel blade to your grinder, the last thing you want to do is expose it to chemicals that can cause rust, or worse—bleed into your coffee or spices, which essentially poisons you ever so slightly. Soak the parts in white distilled vinegar (the non-electric ones), and you’ll have them clean in no time.

Reassembly – As stated before, take some photographs to ensure that you’re putting this back together properly. You can use your coffee grinder to grind spices. If it’s against the manufacturer’s policy in the handbook that you’ll receive with your grinder, (and they will be against it), it could void the warranty. We’re saying that you can, not that you should. Reassemble properly, and be sure to clear your grinder after every use if you’re going to make it an all-purpose.