Cable cutting is more or less decreed by the iPhone 7, though to be fair they do include a pair of wired earbuds that plug into Lightning (and an adapter for aux). But if you want to go all out wireless you can, making AirPods a perfect match. Pairing with their latest phone over the air thanks to Apple’s W1 wireless chip, they provide rock solid audio transmission in a power efficient way, and come with Bluetooth to work with older devices not W1-enabled at the cost of sound quality. Each one has an on-board accelerometer and optical sensor to determine when you’re talking or just listening, optimizing sound quality for the other party if you’re on a call and pausing or playing music when they’re inserted or removed. While they’ve got half-decent 5 hour battery life the case holds multiple more charges (over 24 hours total) to let you refuel them on the go — pop them in for 15 minutes and they’ll gain enough juice to run for 3 more hours, or longer for the full 5. However, now you’ll also need to worry about losing just one.

Arriving late October. Learn more at Apple – $160