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Xangar Hanger Spacers

Buy the fanciest hangers you want. It still won’t help with spacing in the least. Unless you had a few Xangar Hanger Spacers to the mix. Made of a flexible and lightweight heavy duty foam, Xangars slip over standard closet rods and forces in one inch of spacing between each hanger. For suits or dress shirts, two Xangars between each adds a bit of extra room, keeping your clothing organized and wrinkle free. Not to mention easier to search through than that bunch of crammed shirts likely inhabiting your closet at this very moment.

Learn more at Amazon – $20 for ten

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Whaletone Royal Digital Grand Piano

Grand pianos are already bold and beautifully dominating pieces. The Whaletone Royal Digital Grand Piano, however, is on another level. With the sweeping lines and smoothness of the aquatic mammal after which it’s named, this piano is adapted to chamber performances and can even fill the largest of stadiums thanks to its digital output. In fact, the piece boasts a built-in Roland sound processor with numerous natural-sounding piano choices to choose from including those from vintage models of the mid to late 20th century. While there are no strings or hammers, the PHA III Ivory Feel keyboard features fully balanced escapement to imitate the feel of real keys while reacting acoustically to the slightest of nuances in pressure. The finishing touch is an electrically-lifted hood that rises at the push of a button to reveal the piano’s five speakers.

Learn more at Whaletone – $110,000

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Molekule Air Purifier

According to the EPA, indoor air can be as much as five times more polluted than the air outdoors. That’s why the Molekule Air Purifier takes a different approach to cleaning air. Instead of capturing allergenic particles, airborne chemicals, mold, viruses, and bacteria in its filters, Molekule breaks them down into harmless molecular components using a process called Photo Electrochemical Oxidation. It’ll quickly destroy pollutants as small as 0.1 nanometers, 1000 times smaller than what traditional HEPA filters can capture, all while operating whisper quietly. Controlling the device is easy thanks to a touchscreen display on top, though it’ll also connect to WiFi to notify you when it’s time to replace its filter. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also covered in machined aluminum and adorned with a natural leather handle, making the 18 pound device easy to move around within your home.

Learn more at Molekule – $500

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Framed Tech

If you’ve ever grabbed a screwdriver and taken the repair of something electronic into your own hands, you’ve likely known the pleasure of laying all parts out in an ultra-organized fashion to facilitate finding the littlest bits and pieces — and ensure putting the thing back together is feasible. Framed Tech is like that, only ten fold more organized and with all parts affixed to a PVC board. The series includes deconstructions of PS3 controllers, several generations of iPhone, a few Atari game cartridges, and even an Atari 2600 itself, each within a lightbox frame perfect for hanging on the wall of your man cave.

Learn more at Framed Tech – $450+

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Only Clock

Minimal is hardly the word to describe Kibardindesign’s Only Clock: in fact, most of the clock has been stripped away. What’s left is a simple ring made of ABS Plastic, holding its own to Dieter Rams’ design principle that good design is as little design as possible. Around the ring numbers designate the hours while minute markers tell you the time to the exact minute, lighting up thanks to LEDs to make it legible both in daylight and at night. A concealed wall mount lets you hang it up, though it’s just as suited to use as a table or desk clock, and it’s also equipped with an alarm.

Pick one up at Kibardindesign Studio – $130

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Nomo Auto Icon Series

It doesn’t take much more than a few drawn lines to instantly recognize iconic automobiles, and the Nomo Auto Icon Series proves it. The rather large series covers most well-known automobile brands, spanning Honda, Toyota and VW to supercar makers like Lamborghini, Ferrari, as well as many in between. Each 18- by 24-inch print features a multitude of minimal designs of the front of cars by the maker spanning their history. The Mustang also has a print all to itself, as do the tail lights of some of BMW’s most notable vehicles.

Check out the full ineup at Nomo Design – $30

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Google Home

Amazon’s Echo has been largely unchallenged — until now. Or soon, rather, since Google Home isn’t officially for sale just yet. Google’s compact but stubby device boasts a speaker and long-throw microphone to listen out for voice commands and then respond appropriately, both giving you information on things like weather and traffic while also controlling different devices around your home including lighting, your sound system, and other home automation devices (we assume including Google-owned Nest devices, but time will tell). The speaker itself is room-fillingly loud, a benefit of the unit relying on your wall outlet for power instead of small batteries, and we’re fairly confident its feature base will continue to expand until it launches later this year.

Stay notified at Google – $TBA

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It’s living art without the cluttered-looking wire hanging down. Acanvas is a 23-inch digital frame with an ultra-wide viewing angle, up to five hours of battery life, and an accompanying app that curates gorgeous art pieces from around the world specifically for you, letting you get them up on its display with a click. Of course, it can also display your own photos or favorite images straight from your phone, and can easily be customized in appearance via compatibility with various frames. And you won’t need any custom wiring to keep the frame plugged into a wall socket: when its battery is low and no one’s around — for instance, at night — Acanvas quietly lowers its retractible cord and charging puck into the accompanying charging base to fuel up.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $400

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Opløft Sit Stand Desk

Many standing desks are big, lumbering contraptions that we wouldn’t describe as minimal in any way. Conversely, we would the Opløft Sit Stand Desk. Opløft can be raised from essentially completely flat to almost 16 inches and literally anywhere in between, adjusted thanks to a handle and a stepless locking system. As it’s raised the desk platform moves forward to make more room for your legs (since you’d naturally not want them to touch the desk Opløft is perched upon), and its concealed springs and pneumatic lifting system compensate for weight on the desk to make the process basically effortless. Plus, with a weight limit of almost 90 pounds, even multi-screen desktop computer setups are supported.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $340

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Beer Cap Maps Steel Groove Edition

Exiting your comfort zone and trying something new takes a little extra motivation, something Beer Cap Maps (and frankly, beer itself) was already good at. Not sure where that was going. But I digress. Now Beer Cap Maps’ Continental USA map is also available in a Steel Groove version that’s made of hefty 20 gauge corrugated steel and boasts the same 150 front-loading cap spots to fill with the caps of your victims. Plus its slots are now also accessible from the front so you can keep on loading it as you go through bottles without so much as having to take it off the wall.

Learn more at Beer Cap Maps – $100

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