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MDK9 Dog Haus

It’s the twenty first century. Ensure your dog’s residence is up to snuff with the MDK9 Dog Haus, the first such creation that uses both modern materials and design to come up with something far more attractive than the run-of-the-mill four-walled dog house. Brazilian Teak is used in the roof and walls, reinforced with power coated steel and built upon a concrete base. It’s also equipped with a custom Jax & Bones memory foam pillow for use as bedding and a Modern House Numbers name plaque customized with your dog’s name.

Learn more at Rah Design – $3,650

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Terra Grass Armchair

Hanging out in nature would be more palpable to more people if it were a tad more comfortable. The Terra Grass Armchair aims to give your grass a shape that’s more ergonomic than simply “flat”, but it’ll take a bit of work to get the final result just right. What you buy is a cardboard frame to install and fill with dirt before covering in grass, giving it a proper shape. Once grown in, you’ve got yourself an immovable and literal lawn chair built into your back yard. Available in a variety of sizes including a cushion for your head, a chair (shown), plus larger two or three person sofas.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $67+

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Casper Dog Mattress

Casper’s return policy on standard mattresses includes a 100 night trial. And it’s no different for the Casper Dog Mattress. Designed by the same team but customized to the average dog’s preferences, combining memory foam with a heftier support foam and a thicker upper surface material that mimics the sensation of loose earth to let your pup’s natural digging instincts kick in before he hits the hay. The removable bonded microfiber cover is also extremely durable to put up with teeth and claws and can be taken off (using zippers that otherwise hide in sewn-in pockets to keep from scratching your floor) and thrown in the machine for a quick wash when it starts to smell — or becomes absolutely covered in hair.

Learn more at Casper – $125

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Chances are you’ve got a few folding chairs stashed away in a closet or under your bed for hosting extra guests. Double up on backup seating with Bookniture, a line of furniture that folds shut into a big book that can literally be kept on a bookshelf. They come in three colors — concrete grey, black, field brown, and red — and can support a ridiculous amount of weight unfolded and with their felt tops installed, that being over 2,000 pounds. Their strength makes them plenty versatile: add a plank of wood across two to make a bench, or just set one up as a footrest or a stool.

Learn more at Bookniture – $86 [via]

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Grobo Smart Indoor Garden

The Grobo Smart Indoor Garden is a simple home growing system that makes growing plants as easy as planting seeds once and occasionally refilling its reservoir with water. But chances are you’re not paying close to a grand to grow tomatoes indoors, so Grobo’s just as well-tailored to medicinal marijuana. Carbon filters purify all scents given off by your plants while a fluid glass window can switch from transparent to opaque in an instant to block out light and give them the darkness they’ll need to grow optimally. Grobo also takes care of watering, temperature, humidity, and provides just the right amount and wavelength of light (varies depending on the species selected) to help densely packed plants flourish. And WiFi connectivity keeps you in the know whenever you want to check and wherever you are.

Hit up Grobo to learn more – $900+

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Zero Gravity Rack

Storing a bike (and other miscellaneous sporting equipment) in a tight apartment or overfilled garage takes some serious Tetris skills. Or a Zero Gravity Rack. Each is customizable with one of several hook systems to hold your bike, surfboard, skis/snowboards, and more, lifting them up and out of the way thanks to a gas strut system that locks in both raised and lowered positions to prevent accidental movement. Installation takes a bit of drilling but then you’re set, and the highest capacity rack can lift up to 50 pounds of stuff.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $120+

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BuchholzBerlin Branch Knife Rack

Products made of wood are normally shaped and sculpted but still show off their natural grain through their finishing. BuchholzBerlin’s collection of Branch Knife Racks takes it one step further, maintaining everything about the branches used in their products. The knife racks come in three sizes which sport three, four, or five powerful magnets onto which to affix some knives and mounting hardware on the back. They’re particularly fitting for rustically styled homes or cottages. And if the price is too steep for your already suffering wallet, we figure making your own can’t be all that difficult.

Find it at BuchholzBerlin – $155+

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Bear Mattress

Online mattress firms have been popping up at an alarming rate. A good thing overall considering they’re cutting prices while simplifying the buying process by shipping a box straight to your door. But figuring out which online mattress brand to go for can be daunting. Bear Mattress stands out from the pack with a mattress that’s specifically engineered for athletes and individuals living an active lifestyle. The 10-inch mattress has three layers of memory foam which, top to bottom, include a highly breathable graphite-gel memory foam that has far superior thermal conductivity compared to regular foam, a quick response foam under that, and a high-density core that adds support, attaining an overall medium level of firmness with just the right amount of bounce and support. Bear Mattress’ removable cover is also made with Celliant textile technology, a thermo-reactive mineral imbued in the threads of the fabric that converts body heat into infrared light to help reduce muscle recovery time after a strenuous workout all the while keeping the mattress surface temperature cool and comfortable.

Learn more at Bear Mattress – $500+

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Homesick Candles

Transplants know there’s no place like home. As do the creators of Homesick Candles, relocated from states they were close to. Each of their hand-poured candles brings a bit of home into your new house with a variety of state-themed scents: for now there are 27 to choose from, with some states split in two, and a presumed final goal of covering all fifty. Current candles include Florida (which smells of orange, sea mist, and a bit of driftwood), Texas (hints of leather, fresh cotton, and a touch of sage), Northern California (pear and redwood), and New York (hints of apple and pumpkin). Each is made of all-natural soy wax in the USA and burns for about 60 to 80 hours — plenty of time to drown yourself in nostalgia.

Find them at Homesick Candles – $30 [via]

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Samsung Turbo Powerbot Robotic Vacuum

Dyson’s Eye360 is dropping imminently. Still, there’s another capable competitor that just popped up: Samsung’s Turbo Powerbot Robotic Vacuum. It’s first and foremost equipped with suction that eclipses other robot vacuums thanks to their CycloneForce system that’s also less prone to clogging, separating dust out to ensure the filter stays clean. A wide combo brush picks up particles and pet hair with less tangling to properly clean carpets and large wheels roll over obstacles. like carpet-hard floor interfaces and such. But best of all it’s WiFi connected and knows its environment thanks to Visionary Mapping Plus and a FullView Sensor so it knows to avoid walls and furniture and lets you tell it which of its mapped rooms to clean using just your smartphone. All we need now now is one that can tackle stairs.

Grab one at Amazon – $1,000

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