Artifox Desk 02

It’s as minimal as its name would suggest but the Artifox Desk 02 isn’t lacking in thoughtfulness. It’s made of either white oak or walnut with either a surface of the same or of white powder coated steel. The classic design assembles easily, with features that include an integrated steel grid on the backside to cleanly attach chargers, a dock that acts as a resting place for your phone and tablet, holes in said dock to slip a cable through — and hold it in place using a soft felt Knot — plus a peg on each side that functions as a hook to hold headphones and a backpack. Also compatible with a handful of other Artifox accessories including a pen tray, a dry-erase slate, and a stand (shown on the left side of the desk) that adds an elevated platform.

Find it at Artifox – $900+

GET IT: $900+


Plumen 003 LED Light Bulb

So it’s a little costlier than your standard light bulb. Still, the Plumen 003 LED Light Bulb does something no other bulb does: handle diffusion while simultaneously warming the light to the color temperature of a candle. Accomplishing this is a series of clever facetted gold elements at the center which provide both a flattering, soft sidelight and direct downwards-facing light simultaneously. Its energy-efficient 60 watt-equivalent LED itself is rated for a lifespan of 10,000 hours so you won’t have to replace it any time soon, and the bulb is particularly well suited to hang over a dining table or bar area where both spotlight illumination and soft ambient light would be appreciated.

Learn more at Plumen – $170

GET IT: $170


It Bed

It ships in a compact box like the numerous other mattresses you can order online. Sleep Number’s It Bed stands out in a big way still, considering it’s the first to let you adjust the firmness of the mattress on the fly from your smartphone. ActiveComfort air-filled chambers can be switched from soft to firm and everything in between, though this unsurprisingly requires you to plug it in. Even better, the two halves can be independently controlled to give each sleeper a custom tailored firmness. It’s also got SleepIQ, which is essentially a sleep tracker composed of sensors built right in the mattress to measure heart rate, breathing, and movement to get a decent picture of how you’re sleeping and for how long, pushing feedback and metrics to your smartphone in the morning. And if you’ve got other smart devices like a fitness tracker or Nest thermostat link them to the It Bed, too, to get an idea of how workouts and home temperatures affect your sleep.

Hit up Sleep Number for details – $800+ ($1,100 for a queen)

GET IT: $800+


SunBrite Veranda Outdoor Television

Why watch your shows and movies in a gloomy living room when it’s gorgeous outside? SnapAV’s SunBrite Veranda Series Outdoor Television ups their previous set’s resolution to 4K and offers a water resistant powder-coated aluminum enclosure that’ll weather rain, dust, insects, and won’t ever rust. It’s not just a regular television slapped in an protective case, either: the screen is direct-lit to a brightness that’s about 30% greater than indoor televisions and, presumably to keep from getting wet, it’s got built-in speakers that fire downwards. Available in either 43-inch, 55-inch, or 65-inch sizes, and installable anywhere where there’s shade.

Learn more at SunBrite – $1,500+

GET IT: $1,500+


Stephen Kenn Victorinox Furniture

Victorinox is known for making tool-packed Swiss Army Knives. So it’s fitting that Stephen Kenn and Victorinox’ Furniture collaboration resulted in three pieces perfectly aligned with the Swiss brand’s obsession with function. The Stepladder Chair (left), for instance, is made of powercoated steel fitted with vegetable-tanned leather that pivots forward to become a stepladder (click to 2nd image). The Convertible Desk, which boasts a surface that lifts up to form a drafting table (and to expose a storage space beneath), can also be transformed into a coffee table by pulling out and reversing the legs. And the Storage Column functions as a storage box, mirror, and whiteboard, with fold-out bookshelves on the back and independently spinning cubes to customize the look.

Available at Stephen Kenn – $1,800 to $4,500

Photos: Stephen Kenn.

GET IT: $1,800+

Food & Drink

Taftware Titanium Drink Coasters

When nothing but the best will do — even for something as ordinary as resting your drink — there’s Taftware’s Titanium Drink Coasters. Each one of these 3.5-inch in diameter slim disks is machined of Grade 5 titanium in the USA before being glass bead blasted for a slightly textured finish that’s both durable and prevents condensation from sticking to your coasters. Naturally they’re also extremely lightweight and come with a non-slip neoprene rubber backing underneath to grip the table without leaving any scuffs. Grab a set of four and you’ll also get a black walnut base as well in which to keep them.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $25 for one, $75 for four


MWC Altimeter Wall Clock

MWC has been manufacturing military watches probably longer than you’ve been alive, and you don’t need to be in the military or in law enforcement to appreciate one. Similarly, the MWC Altimeter Wall Clock doesn’t need to be installed in a mess or military base to set itself apart from uninspired designs. The 9-inch wall clock is quartz powered and features three white hands that include a sweeping seconds hand that doesn’t tick but rather moves smoothly, producing no noise. It’s also adorned with obviously non-functional altimeter markings for kicks that adds to its appeal.

Find it at Cool Material’s Shop – $39


MDK9 Dog Haus

It’s the twenty first century. Ensure your dog’s residence is up to snuff with the MDK9 Dog Haus, the first such creation that uses both modern materials and design to come up with something far more attractive than the run-of-the-mill four-walled dog house. Brazilian Teak is used in the roof and walls, reinforced with power coated steel and built upon a concrete base. It’s also equipped with a custom Jax & Bones memory foam pillow for use as bedding and a Modern House Numbers name plaque customized with your dog’s name.

Learn more at Rah Design – $3,650


Terra Grass Armchair

Hanging out in nature would be more palpable to more people if it were a tad more comfortable. The Terra Grass Armchair aims to give your grass a shape that’s more ergonomic than simply “flat”, but it’ll take a bit of work to get the final result just right. What you buy is a cardboard frame to install and fill with dirt before covering in grass, giving it a proper shape. Once grown in, you’ve got yourself an immovable and literal lawn chair built into your back yard. Available in a variety of sizes including a cushion for your head, a chair (shown), plus larger two or three person sofas.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $67+


Casper Dog Mattress

Casper’s return policy on standard mattresses includes a 100 night trial. And it’s no different for the Casper Dog Mattress. Designed by the same team but customized to the average dog’s preferences, combining memory foam with a heftier support foam and a thicker upper surface material that mimics the sensation of loose earth to let your pup’s natural digging instincts kick in before he hits the hay. The removable bonded microfiber cover is also extremely durable to put up with teeth and claws and can be taken off (using zippers that otherwise hide in sewn-in pockets to keep from scratching your floor) and thrown in the machine for a quick wash when it starts to smell — or becomes absolutely covered in hair.

Learn more at Casper – $125



Chances are you’ve got a few folding chairs stashed away in a closet or under your bed for hosting extra guests. Double up on backup seating with Bookniture, a line of furniture that folds shut into a big book that can literally be kept on a bookshelf. They come in three colors — concrete grey, black, field brown, and red — and can support a ridiculous amount of weight unfolded and with their felt tops installed, that being over 2,000 pounds. Their strength makes them plenty versatile: add a plank of wood across two to make a bench, or just set one up as a footrest or a stool.

Learn more at Bookniture – $86 [via]