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Samsung Turbo Powerbot Robotic Vacuum

Dyson’s Eye360 is dropping imminently. Still, there’s another capable competitor that just popped up: Samsung’s Turbo Powerbot Robotic Vacuum. It’s first and foremost equipped with suction that eclipses other robot vacuums thanks to their CycloneForce system that’s also less prone to clogging, separating dust out to ensure the filter stays clean. A wide combo brush picks up particles and pet hair with less tangling to properly clean carpets and large wheels roll over obstacles. like carpet-hard floor interfaces and such. But best of all it’s WiFi connected and knows its environment thanks to Visionary Mapping Plus and a FullView Sensor so it knows to avoid walls and furniture and lets you tell it which of its mapped rooms to clean using just your smartphone. All we need now now is one that can tackle stairs.

Grab one at Amazon – $1,000

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Kami Wooden Mug

If sipping on your morning cup of coffee is, to you, all about the experience, you’re unlikely to find anything quite like the Kami Wooden Mug. Each one is hand shaped by a master woodworker using wood from a rare Castor Aralia tree grown in Hokkaido, Japan, thinning down the edges to a mere 2 millimetres in thickness — so thin they’ll transmit light as well as a bit of warmth when you bring it to your lips. The mug holds about 9 ounces and is coated all-around in food grade urethane so your coffee won’t leak into the wood nor stain it. Though as a consequence you’ll need to hand wash them and forgo using the dishwasher. Coaster not included.

Find them at Ukiyo Home – $67

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100 Essential Novels Scratch-Off Chart

Got a good book list ready for the rest of the summer? If not, this one’s more likely to last you through to the fall, and maybe a couple more years after that. You’ll want to leave Pop Chart Lab’s 100 Essential Novels Scratch-Off Chart in a glass-less frame, though, for full access to its scratchable gold foil partially covering the covers of the hundred classics included in the print. The books span 1605 to today and each hides a narrative-specific design element to be revealed when scratched. So get to it, those books aren’t going to read themselves.

Grab one at Pop Chart Lab – $35

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Beer Cap Maps Desktop Map

Hanging a piece on a wall is fine and good, but what if you don’t have room for one near your desk or in your cubicle? Beer Cap Maps Desktop Map doesn’t hang but instead stands on a 3/4-inch acrylic and wood base, balancing and holding the map by Texas. It’s still got room for 48 of your favorite beers displayed by way of their caps. Or pull it out and hang it if you want. Though it’s currently only available as a full USA map.

Hit up Beer Cap Maps to learn more – $29

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Rock Climbing Mug

Sip on your coffee while simultaneously working on your grip with Climbergoods’ Rock Climbing Mug. The round porcelain mug has a 12 ounce capacity and is fitted with one of two custom cast rock climbing holds, a rounded pinch (shown) or an oblong one, both more challenging than traditional mug handles. Each hold is also equipped with a metal socket cap screw in it for decoration, like those securing real holds to rock climbing walls. Granted, it’s not microwave safe due to the metal nor dishwasher safe since the hot water could melt the hold, but true rock jocks shouldn’t mind.

Check it out at Etsy – $20 [via]

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Stellavie Maze Prints

You can lose yourself in a good painting. Though it’s more likely you’ll get totally lost doing one of Stellavie’s Maze Prints. Inspired by maze enthusiasts and their work over the past century or so, these prints feature a hand-drawn maze that’s aesthetically pleasing from far and that’s also a real challenge should you or a guest give it a go; it can be solved two ways, and is easier going in than getting out. It comes in one of two sizes — regular or colossal — and is printed with one of several custom-mixed inks on your choice of paper stock in seven colors, each hand-signed and limited to a run of 250 units.

Learn more at Stellavie – roughly $78+

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Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest’s cameras have been guarding the inside of houses since their release last year. But perhaps you’ve got something of value outside your house as well — like sitting in your driveway —  and for that there’s now the Nest Cam Outdoor. Install one (or several) easily all by yourself; all it takes is a wireless connection to your home’s WiFi, a single cord that runs to a power outlet, and either a bit of drilling or a metallic surface using its custom magnetic mount. You’ve then got 24/7 live video streaming in 1080p both day and night, with alerts on your phone if the cam detects suspicious activity. It’s also got two-way audio so you can hear and talk back, either 10 or 30 day video history that saves everything, just in case, and eight high-power infrared LEDs that illuminate darkness for a clear view of up to 20 feet away even in complete darkness.

Find it at Nest – $200

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Vadolibero Bike Safe

Bikes: they’re sitting ducks for thieves and even double as the getaway vehicle. If yours is at risk in your own home or garage then Vadolibero Bike Safe should pique your interest. Mounting is done with four included anchors that are covered up by a satin stainless steel plate, the same material used in the rest of the Italian-made mount. It’s also versatile thanks to a tube-shaped bracket that’s telescopic to fit virtually every handlebar in existence, from narrow road bikes to extra-wide mountain bikes. Its base features a Technogel pad to prevent scratches and tilts to hold bicycles with inclined top tubes straight. And of course it’s equipped with an anti-picking radial pins tumbler cylinder lock that secures automatically when closed and only unlocks with the three included sets of keys. Available in two variants: the standard S-304 stainless steel and a S-316 version with higher corrosion resistance that’s suited for outdoor use, even in the vicinity of the sea.

Learn more at Indiegogo – roughly $345

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Tan Leather & Concrete Valet Tray

A commercial gardener and engineer, Joseph Monier was many things. One of those things was saggy in the pants due to his cumbersome EDC. He was unsure of how to remedy his pants problem, but he did know what to do about the gear once he made it home or to the office. Drop them in a concrete tray. So in 1849 Joe invented concrete, as we know it. Sure it was used in buildings, bridges, and the Hoover Dam, but its real purpose was to keep keys, pens, phones and the like from rolling off his desk. Owen and Fred take over where The Big J left off with their Tan Leather and Concrete Valet Tray. Wickett & Craig provide waxy bridle leather to ensure your gear is safe and scratch free while a concrete base keeps everything anchored where it should be. With walls over an inch in height your wallet will never find its way to the floor without you again.

Grab one at Owen & Fred – $54

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Softub Hot Tub

Ever try moving a hot tub? We did once, and it wasn’t pretty, so we’re well open to lighter options like the Softub Hot Tub. It’s not nearly as heavy as acrylic models and can be rolled by a single person to the installation site, setting up relatively easily by connecting a few pipes and straps. Once filled with water it’s plenty heavy so don’t worry about it flying away in heavy winds, and the accompanying HydroMate unit incorporates a pump, motor, and heater in one compact unit that runs on a standard 110V outlet. It’s also the quietest hot tub you’ll find as well as amongst the most energy efficient, and can be fitted with a wood surrounding deck. And if you ever want to move it someplace else it’s as easy as draining and dismantling.

Learn more at Softub – $3,600+ [via]

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