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Jerry Can Bar Cabinet

They were originally designed to carry supplies like gasoline and water. And now they’ve been recycled and transformed to stash something far more valuable: liquor. The Jerry Can Bar Cabinet takes a genuine Jerry Can from World War II and has it cleaned, stripped of rust and paint, powder coated, and fitted with oak shelves and trim. Each handmade cabinet will fit up to three bottles of liquor alongside up to twelve glasses, and locks using included keys to keep kids out.

Find them in a variety of colors at AHAlife – $680

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CoeLux Artificial Windows & Skylights

We’d never say no to a little extra sun. Problem is living or working anywhere but the top floor of a big building means natural light is a scarcity. Enter CoeLux Artificial Windows & Skylights. Using nanotechnology to create an atmosphere-accurate influence on the lighting and a variety of LEDs that output light similar to that of the sun, these windows and skylights install on any ceiling or wall (with sufficient width) and mimic the look and depth of a clear blue sky and the sun in the distance. Its directional brightness is consistent with the idea of a single light source (i.e. the sun), unlike light fixtures, and its light is cast upon the room at a fixed 45 or 60 degree angle depending on the model.

Learn more at CoeLux – $TBA

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The Connected Characters of Seinfeld

For a show about nothing, Seinfeld sure has a lot going on. Pop Chart Lab’s The Connected Characters of Seinfeld catalogs over 230 of the show’s characters on one illustrated chart as well as their type of relationship — whether romantic, antagonistic, professional, familial, or just friendship — with each of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer. They include recurring roles like Newman, Mr. Steinbrenner, and David Puddy to the most obscure characters only committed, die-hard Seinfeld fans would remember. Each is printed on 100 lb. archival stock and optionally ready to go up on your wall beside your DVD collection with some hanging rails or a frame.

Preorder at Pop Chart Lab – $35

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737 Cowling Chair

It might not take you to 30,000 feet anymore, but the repurposed Boeing 737 cowling turned 737 Cowling Chair is bound to impress guests and provide far more comfortable seating any airplane we’ve been on. The massive chair — made by Fallen Furniture — sits upon an equally polished aluminum base, spinning effortlessly despite its dimensions and weight, with high quality dark leather upholstery that fills the inside as if to confirm its luxuriousness. Two issues remain: first, paying for it, as we’re certain it nor its shipping come cheap, and second, getting it through the entranceway of a normal-sized house.

Learn more at Fallen Furniture – $TBA

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The Original Po’ Man Charcoal Grill

It’s looks exactly like a garbage can, so don’t leave the Original Po’ Man Charcoal Grill sitting on your front lawn lest your city’s waste collectors accidentally throw out its innards. But that doesn’t take away from this high capacity cooker. Pop the top to reveal a frame that’s fitted with a grill, skewers, a drip pan, and a coal box. Light the coals then drop some beer, pork, fish, or whatever you eat on the grill and hang some more on the skewers. The meat is slowly cooked and smoked simultaneously just as well as pricier barbecues (and far better than a dumpster fire). And despite its looks, it’s actually made of durable rolled stainless steel and painted with high temperature barbecue paint so it’ll keep on cooking for a long while.

Grab one at Amazon – $115

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Haiku Designer Series Light Fixture

Not your typical ceiling light, the Haiku Designer Series Light Fixture boasts a die-cast aluminum housing around 144 spaced-out LEDs that evenly diffuse up to 1400 lumens light, one of 16 distinct brightness settings. More than that, though, it’s equipped with passive infrared motion sensors that track the presence of humans in the room to turn the light on or off automatically, also diminishing or increasing light output depending on ambient sunlight thanks to light sensors. It’s controllable in synchronicity with the Haiku Home app, letting you set scheduling as needed, is compatible with Amazon’s Echo, turning on using straightforward voice commands responding to each light’s location, and comes in a Premier version that lets you customize color temperature on the fly.

Learn more at Haiku Home – $150+ [via]

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El Purista Smokers’ Armchair

It’s both a lounge chair and a personal retreat to enjoy a cigar or two. The El Purista Smokers’ Armchair is crafted of molded beech and walnut and covered with pure, smooth aniline leather dyed in a barrel without any artificial pigments, preserving its characteristic features. But making it truly unique, the armchair boasts Spanish cedar drawers — one extending from each arm — that have a scent like a humidor and themselves feature room for smokers’ utensils, room for a glass, and an all-important ashtray for your smoke.

Read more at El Purista – Price available upon request.

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Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier

Air purifiers have never looked this good. But more than just an elegant piece of tech, the Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier pairs the British brand’s air multiplier technology to a 360° Glass HEPA filter that removes 99.95% of unwanted particles as small as 0.1 microns — including bacteria, pollen, pet dander, to name a few — as it circulates air, simultaneously capturing odors, toxins, and the like thanks to a layer of activated carbon granules. It’s also quieter at night thanks to an automatic night-time mode that continues to purify on the most silent setting, and is app enabled for full control right from your smartphone, though it comes with a dedicated remote (that can conveniently be stashed in the machine using inbuilt magnets).

Get it in white or blue at Amazon – $500

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Beer Factory Fermentation Chart

Ignorance is bliss, maybe. But more complexity goes into everything you consume than you’d ever know, and Vincent Avila’s Beer Factory Fermentation Chart sheds a bit of light on it, or at least for beer. While intricate details are spared, the chart outlines the general process that plays into turning some water and barley into the drink you enjoy over a few long weeks. Each is printed in full color on 12- by 18-inch 120 lb matte paper and ready to hang on a wall over your bar or kitchen.

Learn more at Vincent Avila Design – $20

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FlipFlic Smart Blinds Controller

Automate your blinds in literally minutes with FlipFlic, a solar-powered smart blinds controller that installs onto ordinary window blinds with no tools or permanent modifications. The compact device snaps on and takes the place of the tilting wand on your horizontal or vertical blinds (it doesn’t work with pull cords, yet), letting you control tilt using the FlipFlic app, set up timed schedules to, for instance, open the blinds to wake you up in the morning and close them at night, or even decide whether they should be opened or closed by judging temperature and/or light levels thanks to on-board sensors. And since it’s powered by a solar panel that sticks on your window the device is entirely maintenance free, though a built-in battery holds a month’s worth of charge in case it’s being used in a dark or shaded area.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $85+

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