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Kai Takeshima Record Display

Sure, you could stash your records in milk crates. But showing them off in Kai Takeshima’s Record Display is in far better taste. Made of your choice of wood type — oil finished walnut shown — this display features 9-inch deep sections for your records, with the shelf segment tilted at 6 degrees for optimally perusing through your collection (and to gently encourage them to recline backwards ever so slightly). It’ll stash up to 290 of your standard-thickness vinyls in their sleeves, and maintains a sleeker design aesthetic than bulkier store-bought models thanks to open concept legs.

Learn more at Kai Takeshima – roughly $1,140 and up (contact Kai for specific pricing)

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Grovemade Entryway Collection

Keep your entryway clean and tidy while giving your everyday carry items a home with Grovemade’s Entryway Collection. The series includes a wall planter and wall mirror to spruce your entrance while wall hooks and a catch-all (shown) hold your coats, bags, and small accessories — including smartphone, glasses, wallet, watch, and even a few sets of keys thanks to three hidden brass hooks (note the three brass dots). They all also incorporate premium materials including maple or walnut domestic hardwoods, wool felt, brushed aluminum, and cork, adding a modern but warm flair to the mix.

Hit up Grovemade to view the whole lineup – $40 to $130

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Foosball Coffee Table

It’s a coffee table. And, simultaneously, a foosball table. The Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table is a relatively subtle way to get a foosball table — and a conversation piece — into your living room, at least compared to other, typically flashy options. An elegant wood frame surrounds the playing surface while a glass surface makes the table useable as an actual coffee table, as well as the standard shelf underneath for storing stacks of magazines you’ll never get around to reading. Otherwise, the hand-painted foosball men are controlled via three separate wooden handles per side and a set of wooden beads on each end lets you keep track of the score.

Pick one up at Amazon – $540

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Sander Mulder Pandora Cabinet

Forget particleboard. Sander Mulder’s Pandora Cabinets are built of steel just like the rugged shipping containers most inexpensive furniture arrives to our shores in. Designed by Sander Mulder and made in the Netherlands, they come in various colors and sizes, the former inspired by the palette of tones coming and going atop container ships in harbors around the world. Each piece also includes an oversized, overbuilt door latch and stacks nicely with other Pandora cabinets to create the perfect unit for your needs.

Learn more at Sander Mulder – roughly $1,300

Photography by Studio Sander Mulder.

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Air Bonsai

Bonsai trees are primarily grown for contemplative purposes. Air Bonsai is an attempt at making these little conversation pieces even more intriguing. The Japanese team behind this project paired an energy base — complete with a built-in electromagnet and rotation mechanism that are both fuelled by a power outlet — with a little star pot that leverages its built-in magnet to float 0.8-inches above the energy base. Weight limits for your favorite plant inside the little star is about 9 ounces (250 grams), though they’ll support more transplanted bonsai trees with little effort. They come in both affordable basic designs (that are ripe for DIYers) and handmade porcelain models (that have all but sold out fast), each more exotic than the last.

Check out the lineup at Kickstarter – $200+

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OUTlet Pop Out Wall Plug

There are rarely enough wall outlets where you need them. Short of setting up some serious octopus wiring, the OUTlet Pop Out Wall Plug lets you double the amount of outlets of a single plug in an instant while keeping them out of sight and out of mind when unneeded. OUTlet’s standard size means it fits normal electrical boxes and installs just like you’d expect despite its hidden outlets, with a spring that automatically reveals the latter when pushing the release button. It can be installed in various orientations to open to the left, the right, or even along its top, and tamper resistant features built into the ports eliminate the need for extra gadgetry. Here’s hoping they hit their soon-to-be-revealed stretch goal to unlock the USB upgrade option (shown).

Learn more at Kickstarter – $28+

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Casper Pillow

Little thought has been paid to the pillow, yet you’ll spend about one third of your life with you head on one. Casper’s tackling it with their Casper Pillow, a dual-layer pillow that’s made up of a plush outer layer of low-friction fibers that surrounds a springy, adaptive inner core that molds to your head and neck through various sleeping positions and movements. It’s also highly breathable thanks to a percale weave and sports a supportive gusset that ensures a well distributed fill for a more even pillow structure.

Find it at Casper – $75+

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Stop misplacing your keys with KeyCatch, a minimal way to ensure they always stay in the same one place. KeyCatch features a neodymium magnet in a carbonate housing and installs in seconds, replacing the bottom screw of your light switch. The rare earth magnet is powerful enough to hold items weighing up to three pounds, so feel free to stick heavier stuff such as padlocks and other metal gear you can’t ever seem to keep track of.

Grab a four-pack at our shop – $13

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Snow Joe ION18SB Electric Snow Blower

The prevalence of gas-powered snow blowers is a question of snow clearing power and cordless operation. Snow Joe’s iON18SB Electric Snow Blower makes both of these a non-issue while ditching the noisy, dirty gas engine altogether. It’s equipped with a large dual bladed steel auger that eats through 500 pounds of snow per minute thanks to the 500 Watt brushless motor powering it, blasting the remains up to 20 feet away with its motorized 180 degree rotating chute that turns at the push of a button. Sufficient juice in its 40V 4Ah EcoSharp battery keeps it running through about 50 minutes of snow clearing, though a corded plug comes included just in case you’ve got a job too big to handle in under an hour (or forgot to recharge the battery and desperately need to tackle the driveway cleanup). It’s also lighter than gas models at 32 pounds, runs whisper quietly, and doesn’t directly pollute one bit.

Find it at Amazon – $360

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Ruggie Alarm Clock

Outsmarting your alarm clock, snoozing repeatedly, or simply disabling it is far too easy, even for our half-asleep selves. But the Ruggie Alarm Clock isn’t as easily outmaneuvered. This white high-density memory foam mat with built in alarm clock features a bright LED display with the time that lights up when stepped on. Set its alarm, though, and it won’t let you snooze or shut it off remotely. In fact it won’t stop ringing until it detects significant weight, i.e. you standing on it, and this for three consecutive seconds. At that point it’s that much harder to go back to bed. You can also set a custom sounds — such as positive affirmations, songs, or a motivational snippet — to play after the alarm is deactivated by loading them on Ruggie via a USB connector.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $80

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