RokBlok Portable Record Player

Vinyls are big. Turntables, even bigger. The RokBlok Portable Record Player is turning the turntable inside out, shrinking it down to a handheld device and requiring nothing but a flat surface on which to place your record. When ready, place the RokBlok on top of your record, sync it to a nearby Bluetooth speaker, and pull its lever up. It’ll start making rounds, turning at either 45 or 33.3 RPM, for up to four hours on a charge. To stop, hold your hand above the device to knock its lever back down, cutting the motor. It’s otherwise equipped with a built-in speaker if you’re got no other options and automatically slows down its actual speed as it approaches the center of the record to maintain proper timing (and revolutions per minute).

Learn more at Kickstarter – $60

GET IT: $60


Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bang & Olufsen’s latest toy, the Beoplay H9 Noise Cancelling Headphones, feature active noise cancellation like their H8, only now with an over-ear fit that’s conducive to both better passive sound insulation and improved comfort thanks to large, soft lambskin-covered memory foam ear cushions. Switch noise cancellation on or off; either way the H9’s precise audio capabilities are in line with what you’d expect from Bang & Olufsen. They otherwise feature touch controls that let you control the headphones via intuitive gestures, include the latest low latency Bluetooth 4.2 hardware with aptX for full quality wireless streaming, and last for up to 14 hours with both noise cancelling and Bluetooth on.

Get them in Argilla Grey or Black at Amazon – $500

GET IT: $500


Lamborghini Ixoost Esavox Speaker System

So maybe you could buy a car for the same price. But definitely not the car that the Lamborghini Ixoost Esavox Speaker System is designed to evoke. The 117-pound speaker features a multitude of supercar-like characteristics including a polymerized carbon fiber monocoque, a variable valve opening exhaust system that controls subwoofer pressure, passive shock absorbers to dampen vibrations, and adjustable ceramic supports. At its core lies a 15-inch down firing subwoofer that’s accompanied by two 6.5-inch full range drivers, two 8-inch woofers, and two 1-inch Mylar tweeters to cover the full range of frequencies (and likely a large range of volumes, too). Twin amplifiers, one of 600W and one of 200W just dedicated to the sub, drive the speakers, and two 24-bit DSPs handle filtering. Connectivity includes a traditional auxiliary jack, RCA, and Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX, so you’ve got options. Comes in black, red, orange, or yellow.

Learn more at the Lamborgini Store – $24,000

GET IT: $24,000


Mass Fidelity raD Wireless Speaker

Mass Fidelity’s Core packed a seriously expansive speaker into a compact package. Their new raD wireless speaker — its name short for radial dispersion — takes a similar sound and compresses it down even further to the point of portability. The speaker is ruggedized to withstand rain and dirt to IPX5 standards and packs along a rechargeable battery that endures 8 hours of playtime. More importantly, though, it’s powerful and clear, dispersing the sound from its four 1.5-inch tweeters and 3-inch woofer in such a way that it fills larger rooms that previous required multiple speaker setups. Should you decide one isn’t enough it’ll wirelessly link up with other raDs and Cores (totalling up to 8) with the push of a button — and same goes for the Core Sub for deeper bass.

Find it at Indiegogo – $170

GET IT: $170


AIAIAI Wireless TMA-2

Dividends from AIAIAI’s TMA-2 Modular Headphones are starting to pay off. If you’ve got a pair, all you’ll need to go wireless is to swap in their new cord-cutting H05 Bluetooth headband instead of the standard wired ones. Inside the sleek headband lies a battery good for 16 hours of playtime, an omnidirectional microphone, buttons for volume and play/pause on the temples, and a Bluetooth 4.2 chip with the aptX codec for better audio quality from devices supporting it. It’s comfortable thanks to a thick cushion and flexible since it’s made of the same nylon as the other components. And if you don’t have a TMA-2 already start configuring one yourself with your choice of earpads and speaker units alongside an H05.

Check it out at Kickstarter – roughly $90+

GET IT: ~$95


Roli Blocks

Roli Blocks is a bit unusual, just like the brand’s extremely unique piano-like instruments. But the system is undeniably versatile. It’s based around the colorful Lightpad block which boasts a pressure-responsive silicone surface that’s illuminated as a grid to guide you to notes and sounds. Connect it to your iOS or Android device, download Roli’s Noise app, and start making music, with the Lightpad helping you build sequences and loops while also doubling as a finger drum that responds to pressure and hold duration. Thanks to magnetic sides it interfaces with other Lightpads as well as both the Live Block and Loop Block, the former for live performances (by letting you switch scales, octaves, and for sustaining notes) and the latter simplifying song recording. The result is an intuitive and powerful music-making tool that’s customizable to your needs and that works well in live settings, too.

Learn more at Roli – $180+

GET IT: $180+


Master & Dynamic MW50 Wireless Headphones

Doubling down on comfort and sound quality, Master & Dynamic’s MW50 Wireless Headphones are like a modern thinking cap that goes everywhere you do. Firstly they’re 30% lighter than the over-ear MW60 and boast rotating hinges that fold down flat for carry. An exposed all-aluminum antenna on the cup boosts Bluetooth range to a best-in-class 100 feet and Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX ensures high quality sound is piped through even without wires. Top that off with a machined aluminum design, heavy grain premium leather in black or brown, plus custom 40mm Beryllium high-performance drivers behind soft lambskin-wrapped memory foam earpads and you’ve got yourself one hell of a pair of headphones that you could listen to from morning until bedtime without needing a recharge.

Learn more at Master & Dynamic – $450

GET IT: $450


Alpine Ice In-Cooler Entertainment System

Where there’s music outdoors there’s bound to be drinks. The Alpine Ice In-Cooler Entertainment System ticks both off your list in the form of a single big white box. Inside you’ll find a surprisingly generous 56 quart capacity that’ll keep up to 72 standard cans cold. One look at the outside and it’s obvious this thing’s loud, with dual 5.25-inch drivers, two 4″x8″ bass drivers, and two 1-inch tweeters, all powered by twin 90W amplifiers and all water resistant to IPX5 standards. Use it with a Bluetooth device or plug straight into its auxiliary port. It’s got no built in battery, though, so it needs to be plugged to a car or external battery like Goal Zero’s Yeti.

Find it at Alpine – $1,500+

GET IT: $1,500


Shinola Runwell Turntable

Shinola’s portfolio so far spanned luxury watches, bicycles, and leather goods. Now they’ve added audio equipment to their repertoire with the Shinola Runwell. Conceived in collaboration with turntable manufacturer VPI, the Runwell is build in Detroit and features a friction-free tonearm made entirely of metal, an integrated phono preamplifier, and an built-in Ortofon 2M blue phono cartridge. Structurally, it combines a machined aluminum plate atop a hefty oak base, giving it an instantly recognizable aesthetic that’s in line with Shinola’s other pieces.

Hit up Shinola for details – $2,500

GET IT: $2,500


Mag-Lev Audio Levitating Turntable

Playing a vinyl is debatably as much a tactile and visual experience as it is an auditory one. The Mag-Lev Audio Levitating Turntable heightens all three by being the first player to spin a disk that hovers above the platform using electromagnetic levitation, with a glowing ring of light added underneath for good measure. Mag-Lev’s drive system uses software and sensors to keep the spin rate and position of the floating platter consistent and precise, attaining a high quality of sound thanks to its Pro-Ject 8.6 tonearm and Ortofon OM 5E cartridge. The semi-automatic system switches between 33.3 and 45 rpm records at the turn of a selector — which also doubles as its power button — and the platter actually remains elevated when the turntable is turned off thanks to four platter feet that rise up to support it (and then retract again when flipped back on). It’s even got a built-in uninterruptible power supply to take care of your record and Mag-Lev’s tonearm in the event of a power failure.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $840+

GET IT: $840+


Mophie Power Capsule

Wireless headphones weren’t truly mainstream but they will be very soon. And unless you’re picking up a pair of AirPods that already come with a carrying case that doubles as a charger, Mophie’s Power Capsule should come in handy. A built-in 1,400 mAh battery makes this case not only protect — thanks to its durable soft-touch outer shell — but also charge your short-lived cordless headphones. Plug one end of your cable to the headphones in question and  the other to the USB port inside and they’ll start charging. There’s enough juice in the Power Capsule to add about 60 hours of playtime to most wireless headphones, though it’ll work well with fitness trackers and smart watches as well. There’s even a set of LED power indicators underneath that display current charge status at the push of a button.

Find it at Mophie – $40

GET IT: $40



Cable cutting is more or less decreed by the iPhone 7, though to be fair they do include a pair of wired earbuds that plug into Lightning (and an adapter for aux). But if you want to go all out wireless you can, making AirPods a perfect match. Pairing with their latest phone over the air thanks to Apple’s W1 wireless chip, they provide rock solid audio transmission in a power efficient way, and come with Bluetooth to work with older devices not W1-enabled at the cost of sound quality. Each one has an on-board accelerometer and optical sensor to determine when you’re talking or just listening, optimizing sound quality for the other party if you’re on a call and pausing or playing music when they’re inserted or removed. While they’ve got half-decent 5 hour battery life the case holds multiple more charges (over 24 hours total) to let you refuel them on the go — pop them in for 15 minutes and they’ll gain enough juice to run for 3 more hours, or longer for the full 5. However, now you’ll also need to worry about losing just one.

Arriving late October. Learn more at Apple – $160

GET IT: $160


Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless

Your potential next phone is probably without a headphone jack (we’ll know officially very shortly). Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless was just made ready, losing its wires in exchange for Bluetooth with aptX — fingers crossed that Apple finally adds support for this codec in their new line — and a long lasting 17-hour battery. While they don’t have active sound cancellation they do include over-ear memory foam pads that dull ambient noise, and they come with the same drivers as the standard P7 for uncompromising sound. And they fold like before for portability that’s enhanced by the lack of tangle-prone cables.

Find them at Amazon – $400

GET IT: $400