Davek Alert Mini & Grande Umbrellas

Following up their original Alert come Davek’s Alert Mini & Grande Umbrellas. The Alert Mini measures in at just 7-inches closed and easily fits into compact bags, pants pockets, and tight glove compartments, while the larger Alert Grande features a massive 55-inches in diameter canopy when opened for full coverage in heavy downpours. They’re all built extremely durably of fiberglass and aircraft-grade aluminum to attain a sweet spot of rigidity and flexibility: enough of the former to keep its form in strong winds and a touch of the latter to flip inside out and back in gale-like situations without permanent damage. And since any reasoning behind buying a quality umbrella is moot if you end up forgetting it someplace, they’re all equipped with Davek’s Loss Alert technology which pairs to your smartphone and pings you with a warning if the distance between you and your umbrella exceed thirty feet.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $40+