Crovel Extreme II

Crowbars and shovels are two of the handiest tools of any handyman. Combining these two can really make for a more efficient completion of a job. But if you’re going to add some more tools to further increase its versatility and functionality, then there really is no other multifunction crowbar and shovel tool to get than the Crovel Extreme II. Boasting of military grade performance features, the Extreme II simply beefs up all the amazing qualities of the 1s generation Crovel to make it even more responsive to the needs of today’s highly active men of the outdoors. The Crovel Extreme II is simply a survivalist tool on steroids with shovel and crowbar as its base.

The Crovel Extreme II comes with several unique characteristics. First, it’s quite heavy. Its weight can help improve its digging and prying abilities. One can also use it to slash on tree limbs and other objects with a single swing since one side of the shovel blade is already sharpened,turning the Extreme II into a mighty and powerful axe. Chopping firewood or even cutting down dead tree limbs is just a matter of making the perfect swing. And it’s not really difficult, too, since the heavy weight design means it will cut through any object with fewer strokes than you normally would.

Saw teeth are integrated into the other side of the Crovel Extreme II’s blade. This can truly come in handy when you require a more refined cut in your wood. Chopping is easy, but it leaves irregular often jagged edges. Using the saw blade functionality of the Extreme II should provide you with more precision cuts. Either way, you already have two cutting mechanisms fully embedded into the Crovel Extreme II.

The shovel blade also features a bottle opener so you can enjoy a really frosty beverage right after accomplishing your task or even when taking a break. There really is no need to go out looking for a bottle opener since one is already available on the Crovel Extreme II itself.

The pry bar of the Extreme II features a nail puller which can simplify demolition work. There’s paracord, too, that is conveniently wrapped around the entire length of the Crovel’s handle. You can always rely on the strength of this cord as you use it for almost anything if ever you find yourself in an emergency or survival situation.

You’d also be amazed at the design of the handle. It is actually hollow, allowing you to store many of your small outdoor gear and stuff like a fishing tackle or any other device that you think might come in handy when you’re already in the woods. Suffice it to say, you’d be better off with it if you have to face the zombie apocalypse.