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Set For Set Steel Mace

At first glance, the Set for Set Steel Mace somewhat resembles the Fitness Sledgehammer. But better not hit anything with it lest you cause serious property damage. Loosely inspired by the weapon of the same moniker, this mace is big, heavy, and forged from hand-sculpted cast-iron, with a knurled handle for grip and a welded-on head that concentrates most of its weight. This uneven weight distribution puts added strain on your stabilizer muscles for hitting your core harder during movements like the barbarian squat, gravedigger, and 360 swing. Available in both 15 and 20 pound versions.

Find it at Set for Set – $50

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Fitbit Alta HR Activity Tracker

A few of Fitbit’s fitness monitors trackers already come with heart rate sensors packed inside. The Fitbit Alta HR is another to add to the list, and the brand’s thinnest — and indisputably best looking — that monitors heart rate to date. The OLED display-equipped device’s shrunken PurePulse heart rate sensor tracks your pulse all day long while barely affecting battery, lasting for a solid seven days per charge. Like the non-HR Alta it of course also counts steps, distance covered, calories burned, stationary time, and identifies activities (namely, sports) automatically, classifying them in the app’s exercise section. It’s also compatible with a wide range of bands in various materials (leather, metal, rubber, etc) and syncs stats wirelessly to any relevant iOS or Android device.

Learn more at Fitbit – $150

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Onnit x Marvel Iron Man Kettlebell

The Kettlebell’s design — a handle sticking out of a big hunk of metal — makes it rife for interesting customizations not possible with other workout equipment. We’ve seen others, but the Onnit x Marvel Iron Man Kettlebell is particularly fitting considering it’s made up of 40 pounds of cast iron in the shape of Iron Man’s helmet. Despite its aesthetics it functions just like a traditional (and more boring) ball-shaped kettlebell, and features a chip-resistant coating that won’t scuff even if your lose your grip and drop/throw it (same probably can’t be said for the floor). While it’s currently the only kettlebell in the Onnit x Marvel lineup we reckon their Captain America Shield barbell plates, available in weighs of up to 45 lbs, are worth a gander as well for die-hard comic book fans who pump iron at home.

Find it at Onnit – $120

GET IT: $120

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Monkii Bars 2

Can’t sit still long enough to consistently work out at one given gym? Maybe Monkii Bars 2 is more your speed. This compact fitness device is made of powder coated aerospace-grade aluminum and accommodates a variety of environments to help you work out anywhere, including parks, hotel rooms, or your own home. The Ultralight Kit (shown) contains a pair of handles and straps that stash inside the former and are easy to rig up to a tree or playground. An Adventure Kit is a bit more complete and includes a case that transforms into door attachments and that double as a phone holder to let you follow along on your device. And on that subject, their app hosts a large catalogue of workouts and individual exercises if you’re not quite sure what to do with your Monkii Bars 2.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $120+


Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle

You probably don’t walk around in public with a foam roller much. But strap a water bottle to it and you may have more incentive to. The Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle — Mobot standing for Mobility Bottle — is the first such creation, combining a thick-walled 18/8 stainless steel water bottle with a washable, heat-pressed foam roller. This foam also doubles as insulation to keep your water cool a little while longer, and the wide mouth bottle opening accommodates ice cubes. Besides from the 27 ounce Grace (left) and 40 ounce Big Bertha (right) models shown here, a smaller 18 ounce Firecracker is also available, all in a variety of colors.

Find it at Mobot – $39 to $59


MostFit Core Fitness Sledgehammer

You could slam an enormous truck tire with a sledgehammer repeatedly and call it a workout. Or you could ditch the tire and swap out the latter with a MostFit Core Fitness Sledgehammer. Available in two weights — 8 lbs and 12 lbs — the American-made sledgehammer boasts a solid urethane head at the end of a plastic-covered fiberglass handle. Slam it into the ground and it rebounds upon impact, so all you’ll need for a workout is a [very solid] concrete or asphalt floor or sidewalk.

Grab one at MostFit ($200 to $225) or grab the 8 lbs version at Amazon ($200) [via]


Misfit Shine 2

While its predecessor was one of the thinnest and most understated wearables around, the go-anywhere Misfit Shine 2 is even thinner — a near-invisible 8mm — and stronger thanks to a T6 aircraft-grade aluminum construction. The device’s internals includes a 3-axis accelerometer and magnetometer to accurately track both sleep and activity, also optionally nudging you via a subtle vibration to get you off your chair and moving, if for a moment. Twelve multicolor LEDs display daily activity progress while a capacitive touch sensor on its face lets the device respond to your touch. It also doubles as a wireless remote to playing/pausing music, snapping photos, and more, is equipped with 6 months of battery life off of a single coin cell battery, and offers smart notifications (and wakeup alarm) by way of vibrations, ensuring important alerts never go unnoticed.

Get it in black or rose gold at Amazon – $100