Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s next generation console — the Nintendo Switch — is trying its hand at besting two markets: gaming handhelds and the dedicated console. As a result the core device is more tablet than set top box and comes apart from a dock that’s fit for your television stand, with two detachable Joy-Con controllers than slide on to attach, one per side. It’ll play games on your TV or on its built-in display by running on battery pretty much anywhere. It sets up like a game pad with controllers attached but also plays with the two controllers combined as one (with a Joy-Con Grip accessory) or even with multiple players using one half. It’s also powered by Nvidia Tegra hardware, is compatible with a more traditional Switch Pro controller (also wirelessly, like the smaller Joy-Cons) and has a pop-out kickstand to prop it up if you’re gaming on the go using controllers.

Touching down next March. Learn more at Nintendo – $TBA