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Contrary to what they’d have you believe, using your tablet while sitting on a chair or a sofa is no picnic. Here to enhance your comfort is Booy, which fits most devices and attaches to it by holding to a leather and silicone plate attached to your tablet using a reusable adhesive. Popping it off takes nothing more than a simple pull to release it from the magnets’ grasp, and re-attaching is obviously even easier. It’s made of soft brown leather and filled with hypoallergenic millet hulls, conforming to your leg, lap — or any surface, really — just like a bean bag would.

Grab one at BiteMyApple – $100

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Hard Graft Fuzzy iPhone Cover

We tend to like our smartphone cases on the minimal side, i.e. barely influencing the size or shape of our device. And the Hard Graft Fuzzy iPhone Cover accomplishes this with a touch of unique style. On the inside it’s lined with a soft microfibre to carefully nestle your device while the outside is covered with a soft, grey fuzzy suede-like material that bears no flashy product logos other than two small gold notches below the camera, which along with its flash, are unimpeded. Available for both iPhone 6/6S as well as their bigger Plus counterparts.

Learn more at Hard Graft – $60

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Birdie For GoPro

We don’t all have a grand to drop on a high-def camera-equipped drone. Birdie was invented to give GoPro owners a cheaper device to which they can strap their action cam and take high flying aerial shots. Birdie disassembles and folds up small to make it easy to carry, and, when set up, resembles a sort of giant badminton birdie with a Hero 3 or 4 at the base. Pitch it up high and once it’s reached the apex it’ll start coming down slow with the camera facing down. It’s lightweight, protects your camera from damage, and even floats, making it useful everywhere from the city to the beach.

Learn more at Indiegogo – $35 [via]

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Vibes High-Fidelity Earplugs

Loud music will eventually damage your hearing. Wearing foam earplugs, on the other hand, obliterates clarity by muffling treble and letting through lower frequency bass, in large defeating the purpose of going to a show or concert in the first place. Vibes High-Fidelity Earplugs instead promise to lower decibel levels in your environment without unpleasant changes to any particular part of the audio spectrum. They’re far less expensive than custom earplugs and stay in place thanks to one of multiple size eartips, reducing sound levels by about 22 dB via an acoustic filter and inner sound tube. They’re also reusable and relatively subtle, with a crystal clear outer sound tube that sticks out just slightly from your ears (and doubles as a grip to pull them out after the fact).

Grab a pair at Amazon – $24

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Alt iPhone Case

The first thing the Alt iPhone Case makes us think of the Radius, which is probably not too shocking considering Mod-3 makes both of them. Alt is made of a high strength polymer and cradles your device between four outer corners which are each lined on the inside with a cushion to shield it from drops. But in contrast to the Radius the Alt also features neodymium magnets in its round core that lock it to Mod-3’s magnetic mounts, which come with either a peel-and-stick adhesive pad for affixing to walls and other flat surfaces or employ a pair of clips to attach to your car’s air vents. Detaching is as simple as pulling them apart, and the mount’s round shape allows for rotating to either portrait or landscape mode at a whim.

Preorder at BiteMyApple – $40

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Sure, you could secure your bike’s components by swapping out all its bolts with security bolts. But why bother when Hexlox can crank up the safety of the bolts already on your bike? Installation is simple: push your unique key with a Hexlox at the end into your unsecured hex bolt, turn, then pull off the key. To remove, push the key into it and pull it straight out. Magnetic attraction locks it to the bolt, but since it’s magnetically shielded using magnets won’t get it out any easier than tweezers, pliers, or lock picking tools. And it’ll secure everything from your wheels to your handlebars and seat post since they’re available in most common bolt sizes, including 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm.

Read more at Kickstarter – roughly $25+

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Champagne Gun

Burn through bubbly faster than a spray-happy hedge fund manager that just received his bonus with the Champagne Gun. Load the Super Soaker-sized weapon with a standard magnum of champagne and then shake. There’s no trigger: instead, shaking the bottle incites the champagne to erupt from the spout as a high pressure stream. Alternately, a serving spout makes the gun — which comes in chrome, gold, and rose gold (shown) —function as a fancy pourer, so long as no vigorous shakes are felt.

Read more at Champagne Gun – $460

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Downy Wrinkle Releaser

Assuredly the first Downy product to grace these pages, the Downy Wrinkle Releaser is a godsend when you’re running late on a frantically rushed morning. Grab a bottle, spray until garments are slightly damp, pull, then straighten where necessary: no iron, ironing board, and associated warm-up time needed. It works well to smooth out wrinkles on both synthetic blends and cotton pieces, and leaves clothing with a fresh, clean scent, so if you absolutely must reuse the same wrinkled clothing you wore yesterday, you can. And anyway, the shirt will dry by the time you’ve hit the office.

Grab some in several formats and sizes at Amazon – $6+

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Covr Photo

Taking photos on an iPhone is indisputably awkward due to its too-thin, rounded frame that makes us think we’re going to drop it every time we hit the shutter. Covr Photo lets you hold your phone like a TV remote instead thanks to a built-in lens and mirror that changes the shooting angle. A shock-absorbing rubber core wrapped in a hard shell protects your device should it slip out of your hands, though it’s far grippier than the bare aluminum. The lens even retracts to fully uncover the camera for regular shooting, should you be so inclined.

Grab one at BiteMyApple – $50

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Brixo Conductive Building Blocks

Wiring up your Lego creations? That’s not necessary with Brixo Conductive Building Blocks, which happen to be compatible with both Lego and Mega Bloks and are coated in chrome to safely and efficiently conduct electricity wherever they’re laid. Three types of Brixo blocks exist: Trigger blocks, Connector blocks, and Action blocks. Connectors, expectedly, act as wires, while Triggers include a slew of sensors (Bluetooth, sound, light, and proximity) and Action blocks include LED lights and motors. Rig them up to do tons of stuff including lighting up when it’s dark or upon sound, creating a dog treat dispenser that releases treats when he goes to his crate, integrating triggers with your smart home devices, and whatever else you can dream up.

Grab some at Kickstarter – $35+

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