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Bookman Premium Bike Cup Holder

Bookman Premium Bike Cup Holder is a metal take on the original plastic-made bike cup holder. A steel spring securely attaches the gadget to your bike’s handlebar and the two rings hold anything from disposable coffee cups to cans and water bottles, the latter accomplished by a detachable silicone bottle basket. Take it off and flip it around to put the smaller ring on top for smaller cups, though any way you attach it won’t eliminate the need for a lid on your drink.

Grab one at Bookman – $39

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Blips Smartphone Macro & Micro Lenses

Never have cameras been so widespread, what with smartphones everywhere. And with Blips Smartphone Macro & Micro Lenses microscopes can be as well. Blips come in two varieties and are universally adjustable to fit any device — both phones and tablets — thanks to the use of sticky bands that adhere to both non-polished and polished surfaces, like plastic and glass. The Macro Blip lets you snap high definition macro imagery with 10x optical magnification while the Micro Blip offers microscope-like magnification levels of over 100x with the use of your phone’s digital zoom. The latter lens works best with a light source behind your subject like a normal microscope does, included alongside the lenses and a smartphone stage in the Lab Kit for about double the price.

Grab a set at Kickstarter – roughly $19

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Micro Tungsten I Top

If you know anything about tungsten, you know it’s very dense. Almost twenty times more so than water and 1.7 times denser than lead. So it follows that while J.L. Lawson & Co’s Micro Tungsten I Top — which is made of an alloy that’s 90% tungsten— is tiny at a half inch wide, it just keeps on spinning for up to (and maybe even over) six minutes at a time on their spin tray, helped by its low friction 1/16th-inch ceramic ball tip.

Grab one at J.L. Lawson & Co – $77

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Pocket Tripod

It’s identical to the original Pocket Tripod in almost every way, including portability (it folds up to stash away in your wallet or pocket) and versatility since it’ll tilt in various angles and even splits in two (as shown) to hold your phone in landscape orientation as well as portrait. But the new Pocket Tripod is also universal thanks to various phone mount sizes that range in half millimetre increments, fitting various phones with or without cases. This means you won’t have to remove your case to snap photos, saving time not to mention potentially saving your phone’s life (or screen) should its mounted position be less stable than thought.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $18

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Jeans Hanger

You’re bound to always own, at a minimum, a few pairs of jeans. Virtually everyone does. And yet the Jeans Hanger is the only low-profile hanger designed to nicely hold your jeans without the use of clips. Made of one solid piece of beech wood that’s fitted with a metal hanger that securely screws in. Fit it through your jeans’ belt loops on either end and then slide the middle belt loop into the hook to hang them nice and straight, perfect for wrinkle-free hang drying or just storing your pants away in a closet (they’re barely wider than standard top hangers).

Learn more at Kickstarter – $25 for three

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Kiyojo Magnetic Dock

Keep your phone handy in the kitchen, the garage, or anywhere there’s a ferromagnetic metal surface with the Kiyojo Magnetic Dock For iPhone. Kiyojo is CNC machined from aluminum that’s anodized to an Apple-like finish for long lasting looks, and sticks solidly to your fridge using powerful neodymium magnets despite the impression that it’s practically floating. Docking and undocking are a breeze, and it works just as well in both portrait and landscape orientations for handsfree calling, following recipes, watching videos, and just plain keeping your phone handy in one predictable place.

Find it at Kickstarter – $60

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Yohann P1 iPad Pro Stand

The Yohann P1 iPad Pro Stand is much like the original in that it’s versatile, acting like a stand at three distinct angles. And it’s also made of a single piece of hardwood, either oak or walnut, which shines through the finish. The P1, though, is their first to fit the 12.9-inch iPad Pro as well as the accompanying Apple Pencil, the latter in one of two ways: stash it in the perfectly sized hole at the base right alongside your iPad, or attach it using the stand’s integrated magnets right at its base underneath the tablet for quicker access.

Preorder at Yohann – $160+

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Contrary to what they’d have you believe, using your tablet while sitting on a chair or a sofa is no picnic. Here to enhance your comfort is Booy, which fits most devices and attaches to it by holding to a leather and silicone plate attached to your tablet using a reusable adhesive. Popping it off takes nothing more than a simple pull to release it from the magnets’ grasp, and re-attaching is obviously even easier. It’s made of soft brown leather and filled with hypoallergenic millet hulls, conforming to your leg, lap — or any surface, really — just like a bean bag would.

Grab one at BiteMyApple – $100

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Hard Graft Fuzzy iPhone Cover

We tend to like our smartphone cases on the minimal side, i.e. barely influencing the size or shape of our device. And the Hard Graft Fuzzy iPhone Cover accomplishes this with a touch of unique style. On the inside it’s lined with a soft microfibre to carefully nestle your device while the outside is covered with a soft, grey fuzzy suede-like material that bears no flashy product logos other than two small gold notches below the camera, which along with its flash, are unimpeded. Available for both iPhone 6/6S as well as their bigger Plus counterparts.

Learn more at Hard Graft – $60

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Birdie For GoPro

We don’t all have a grand to drop on a high-def camera-equipped drone. Birdie was invented to give GoPro owners a cheaper device to which they can strap their action cam and take high flying aerial shots. Birdie disassembles and folds up small to make it easy to carry, and, when set up, resembles a sort of giant badminton birdie with a Hero 3 or 4 at the base. Pitch it up high and once it’s reached the apex it’ll start coming down slow with the camera facing down. It’s lightweight, protects your camera from damage, and even floats, making it useful everywhere from the city to the beach.

Learn more at Indiegogo – $35 [via]

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