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CUBi Dice

Chances are your everyday carry is deprived of a pair of dice for obvious reasons, namely the inconvenience of lugging two fairly large, easy-to-lose plastic cubes around loose in your pocket. And that’s why CUBi Dice were created. Machined of titanium to exacting precision and measuring just 5mm across, these minuscule, sharp-edged dice are incredibly light and ridiculously durable. Better yet they’re small enough to carry in their stainless steel tube keychain – up to six at a time – which is barely over an inch and a half in length.

Grab a set at Kickstarter – roughly $23

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Ti Dice

Dubbed the strongest dice on earth, there’s a good chance you couldn’t break a pair of Ti Dice if you tried. Every die is precision machined of Grade 5 titanium for an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, also making them hypoallergenic, non-corrosive, and resistant to chemical damage. Simple straight lines instead of circles enumerate each side from one to six, laid out in a manner to maintain perfect balance and performance. Available in three finishes: mirror, stonewashed, and sandblasted.

Grab a pair at Kickstarter – $44

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ForeverSpin Tops

CNC machined from a solid block of metal, ForeverSpin Tops are meticulously balanced for a perfect spin and overbuilt to survive several lifetimes of use. These handsome tops are made of fifteen different metals to suit all tastes, including aluminum, titanium, copper, bronze, gold plated, tungsten — by far the heaviest — and numerous others, with different weights and thus spin properties. With a little practice they can even spin upside down.

Grab one at Amazon – $32 [via]

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Creating a 360˚ image is nigh impossible without professional equipment. But with Foldio360 that equipment is, all of a sudden, completely affordable. Foldio360 boasts a step angle motor plus Bluetooth 4.0 and an infrared sensor for communicating with your photographic equipment, whether it’s a smartphone or DSLR. Angle your shot up right, fire up the app, and hit start; the system automatically rotates, snaps photos, and even combines them to output a finalized 360˚ image. The platform itself also becomes invisible in your photos thanks to its Halo Edge light system, which throws light off the Foldio360’s back to soften and eliminate the lines between it and the backdrop.

Hit up Kickstarter for more information – $90

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Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster

As children we would’ve loved to get our hands on one of Nerf’s Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster. And as adults, even more so. It’s the first fully automatic Nerf Rival rifle ever, rapidly unloading its yellow foam projectiles on whatever hapless individuals end up before its scope by just holding down the trigger, and this at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. It’s also got a 40 round magazine so your ammunition won’t run out after three seconds. Though this sort of performance requires six D batteries to power the thing.

Arriving in fall 2016. Until then, check our the Nerf’s existing lineup or read more at Toyland – $70

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Just because your smartphone’s camera lens is half the size of a nickel doesn’t mean it doesn’t merit the use of a tripod for stability. Loft Labs’ smartphone-specific MonoShot comes with everything required for more stable shooting, including a universal smartphone mount, mini tripod, wireless Bluetooth shutter remote, a stainless steel spike for use in snow, grass, and sand, plus a full sized tripod (shown) that’s made of aircraft grade aluminum and extends from a portable 17 inches to nearly 6 feet in height. A universal 1/4 tripod mount accommodates other small cameras, including a GoPro using the included adapter.

Grab one at BiteMyApple – $60

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Power Energy Toothpaste

Can’t get enough caffeine? Then you’ll want to brush your teeth with Power Energy Toothpaste, the world’s first caffeinated toothpaste that’ll give you a jolt of energy before brewing your first cup of coffee. Its caffeine content absorbs through your tongue and gums quickly, far faster than the 30 to 45 minutes it takes for the ingested substance to hit the bloodstream, clearing up your morning fog in minutes. It’s packed with enough caffeine to work as a substitute for your morning cup of joe but not so much as to force you to cut it. Plus it won’t stain your teeth like coffee does, instead whitening and cleaning them like mainstream toothpastes. Just don’t use it in the evening, lest you need a boost to get some work done.

Check it out at Indiegogo – $12+

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Stop misplacing your keys with KeyCatch, a minimal way to ensure they always stay in the same one place. KeyCatch features a neodymium magnet in a carbonate housing and installs in seconds, replacing the bottom screw of your light switch. The rare earth magnet is powerful enough to hold items weighing up to three pounds, so feel free to stick heavier stuff such as padlocks and other metal gear you can’t ever seem to keep track of.

Grab a four-pack at our shop – $13

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KeySmart Nano Tools

Small but mighty, KeySmart’s Nano Tools are compact enough to go anywhere by hitching a ride on your keychain. A 2-inch ruler tackles measuring and straight line-drawing duties while the Nano wrench features five wrenches and a big flathead screwdriver on its end. Rounding out the set is the Nano socket which holds one standard bit, also driving it via either its two pronged holder and hex shaped hold, the latter useful for attaining greater levels of torque. They’re all built of heat treated stainless steel and made start to finish in the USA.

Grab a set at our shop – $25

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Ursa Major Stellar Shave Set

Ursa Major is all about minimizing human exposure to synthetic chemicals, instead using natural ingredients in their products. Case in point: the Ursa Major Stellar Shave Set, which includes a razor handle that eschews plastics for a reclaimed black walnut handle sourced along the Southeast Coast and that’s compatible with ubiquitous Gillette Mach 3 razor blades (and Venus cartridges, for the record). The kit also includes traveler formats of both their non-lathering soap-free shave cream, blended with hints of ginger, grapefruit, and vetiver, and their fortifying face balm that hydrates and keeps skin youthful with lavender, lime, spearmint, and rosemary.

Hit up Ursa Major for details – $62

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