Baladeo Folding Cutlery Set

Just because you’re camping in the middle of a forest draped in rags and sleeping in a 20 dollar tent doesn’t mean you should be eating with your hands like a barbarian (on top of the fact that beans and Chef Boyardee aren’t exactly finger foods). In fact, pigging out is arguably the most anticipated part of the whole trip, so be ready to chow down like a champ with Baladeo’s Eco133 Folding Cutlery set. Featuring a spork, knife, bottle opener and can opener, the set is made of stainless steel and weighs in at a paltry 52 grams, meaning you’ll forget its in your pack until it’s time for lunch.

Hit up Amazon ($50), Moontrail (50$) or Baladeo (roughly 60$) to learn more.