Honeywell MN Series 10,000 BTU Portable AC Review

Vital Statistics

  • A robust 10,000 BTUs of cooling capacity.
  • Auto-evaporative feature means no more pan to empty.
  • The handy LCD control panel features feather touch activation.
  • Remove up to 70 pints of water from the air every day using the dehumidifier feature.
  • Remarkable low price for such quality.

The Honeywell MN Series sets the bar when it comes to portable air conditioning units for home use. Their 10,000 BTU entry is yet another example of why. It cools your room fast and effectively, the controls are common sense and easy to understand, there’s no need to constantly get up to empty the pan and the series is a hands down winner in the looks department. Oh yes, and somehow they manage to do all this without charging significantly more than industry average for this class.

The Perfect Companion for Your Kitchen or Living Room

When you’re looking for a portable air conditioner you have a lot of options today and many of them are definitely serviceable. However, if you’re in the market for something that’s a cut above you have to consider the Honeywell MN Series. This 10,000 BTU version of their popular portable AC will easily cool a room as large as 400 square feet; which means it’s a perfect companion for large kitchens, good sized living rooms and basement home entertainment centers.


  • Design – All of the entries in the Honeywell MN Series sport the same sleek, sophisticated design that tapers at both top and bottom. The top swings open to reveal the fan and blow the air upward the way it should. This way air flow is not disrupted by furniture and other obstacles the way it can be if the fan is blowing cool air directly out the front of the unit. The cool air comes out at an upward angle and then settles down over the room. Nice. The control panel itself is a no-nonsense affair with all the necessary features laid out clearly and you can enter your commands either directly into the panel or use the handy remote.
  • Easy setup, effortless mobility – With the MN Series from Honeywell it’s really as simple as unbox, use the window kit to run the ventilator hose through the nearest window and hit “on”. If you want to move the unit detaching the window ventilator takes all of about 2 minutes. After that simply roll the unit to its next destination. While the unit is not necessarily lightweight, it moves about easily with one caveat: make sure you push from the middle of the unit not from the top. Because of the design which tapers at the bottom the unit may be easier to tip over than other, bottom heavy portable air conditioners.
  • 24 hour programmability – For those who like to come home to a nice cool living room or kitchen but don’t want to run their portable air conditioner all day the MN 10,000 BTU air conditioner from Honeywell offers full 24 hour programmability. While it sometimes seems that programming such an appliance can require a degree in engineering Honeywell keeps everything extremely straightforward. The owner’s manual lays out the process in easy to understand steps even a technophobe will appreciate.
  • Additional features – In addition to the outstanding features listed above the unit also sports a first class dehumidifier that can pull an estimated 70 pints of water per day from the air in your room. This is the same dehumidifier that’s on the 12,000 BTU model and it works just as effectively to turn your swamp into nice dry desert oasis. Also, the unit deploys environmentally friendly R410A coolant that won’t burn a hole in the earth’s ozone layer and the whole thing runs quietly in the background, never exceeding 55 decibels.


  • Window ventilator kit – The whole process of setting up the window ventilation system is as simple as can be. Where it could use a bit of improvement though is not in concept but in execution. By that we mean that the ventilator hose should be a bit longer than it is and also a bit more flexible. While neither of these things interfered with our setup of the unit we could see how they might cause a problem for someone who wanted to work around something near the window.
  • Balance – We mentioned this earlier but we’re just going to touch on it again for the sake of safety. We really love the way this portable air conditioner looks but the design, which tapers in at the bottom can lead the unit to become unbalanced if you’re pushing it from the top. Always put your hands lower, toward the middle of the unit and exert nice, even pressure when moving the unit around.