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Flyte Story Levitating Timepiece

Flyte knows a thing of two about floating objects. This time they’re adding a mesmerizing twist to the clock. The Flyte Story Levitating Timepiece tells time by suspending a chrome sphere above a clean, unmarred wooden base seemingly magically, and does this in either horizontal or vertical (wall-mounted) orientations. Set it as a clock and the sphere represents the hour hand, making its way around every 12 hours. It’ll also function in a self-explanatory timer mode or in Journey mode, which counts down to a highly anticipated specified date such as the day of your next marathon or the start date of a much needed vacation. A concealed LED matrix display (which can be set to on, off, or motion-activated) shines through the surface of the wood if exact time is needed, and an RGB backlight that illuminates the wall behind Story can be set up using Flyte’s smartphone app to represent outdoor temperature via colors, moon phases, display the sunrise and sunset, and more.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $400+

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Lyfe Levitating Planter

When NASA says they want to cultivate plants in zero gravity this isn’t what they mean, but the Lyfe Levitating Planter is still plenty interesting and unique. Its twelve-sided geodesic planter is molded out of silicon, making it extremely durable, leak-proof, and non-absorbent, with a hidden inner reservoir that mitigates against over-watering and that sits above a custom shaped magnet. The planter itself floats above a block of quartersawn sustainably sourced oak with an electromagnet within that pushes up against the magnet in the planter, enabling levitation and a slow rotation, the latter which has the benefit of exposing all sides of the plant’s leaves to incoming sunlight for an overall more nurturing environment. Each kit also includes an air plant which grows without the need for absorbing nutrients from soil, instead deriving them from the air around.

Find it at Kickstarter – $180+ [via]


Flyte Levitating Light

Not your typical light fixture in the least, the Flyte Levitating Light does just what its name suggests — levitate, seemingly magically, while also pulling in power through the air. Setup is easy: plug Flyte’s base into an AC adapter, then hold the bulb over it: electromagnets grasp of the bulb’s socket in seconds, suspending it in the air while an induction coil lights up the ultra bright, lower-power LEDs in the core of the bulb. It’s also made of your choice of sustainably-sourced oak, ash, or walnut, turns on or off with a simple touch of its surface, and employs shatterproof materials in the bulb that ease worries of breakage should it fall off. Oh, and the base even doubles as a wireless charging base station for your smartphone (with compatible third party accessories).

Grab one at Flyte – $350