Coolest Cooler

Picture yourself surrounded by friends and family, all trying to carry on polite, mundane conversation. Now bring up the same image but with blended drinks going around, beer on ice, and some solid beats blasting. If the idea of more liquor + music and less chatter sounds good to you, you’re not alone. The solution is the Coolest Cooler. This wheeled combination cooler takes the party anywhere, or rather, it is the party: it’s the world’s first portable cooler that integrates an ice-crushing battery powered blender, Bluetooth speakers, in-cooler mood lighting , tie downs to strap down your gear while on the move, and perhaps most importantly, a conveniently-accessible bottle opener. All it’s missing is a grill, and they’re even offering one that locks to the lid for easy transport and then pops off for use anywhere.

Find it at Amazon – $500