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Conceived by Mininch — the guys who came up with the Tool Pen, Tool Pen Mini, and Wrenchit — Duoket this time isn’t a tool but is equally ingenious. Duoket is both a jacket and bag, switching between the two at a whim with nothing but a zip/unzip and making it easier to tackle chilly morning commutes without having to deal with carrying your jacket by hand in the evening. The…

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Wild Card

Some people are consistently harder to shop for than others. Maybe they’ve already got just about everything and don’t fit any specific stereotype. Hence the need for our 2016 Holiday Wild Card Gift Guide. There’s no pattern here, just randomness and cool stuff a wide range of personalities can appreciate. Some notables include a multitasking pan that can cook up a full meal simultaneously, a minimalist razor, a hoodie that…




In the same way that their Tool Pens cycle through bits, Mininch’s WRENCHit cycles through interchangeable wrenches. The slim tool is made up of a SUS 420 stainless steel sleeve that holds up to five wrenches, each made of the same metal and engraved with their size and spec. To cycle through, pull out the bit in the tail end and push it smoothly into the front, in turn pushing the other…


2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Everyday Carry

Staying prepared requires careful consideration of every item in your carry. And if yours (or that of a person you plan on gifting this season) is lacking, we’re full of suggestions in our 2015 Everyday Carry Holiday Gift Guide.  Also be sure to check out our other four themed gift guides here, which span various gift ideas across a range of prices. 1. KeySmart 2.0 – $16+ 9. Machine Era Machined Pen –…


Mininch Tool Pen Mini

Hot on the heels of the Tool Pen comes the Mininch Tool Pen Mini, a brand new screwdriver that doesn’t simply use the same bits as the original. The aluminum Tool Pen Mini employs a similar Pop-A-Point design that lets you’d select bits like the push-up pencils of old, exposing their sizes and shapes through windows while cycling through. The 21 bits offered are of the smaller varieties used in eyeglasses, compact electronics, and the like, crafted with long…


Mininch Tool Pen

Never leave home without a set of screwdrivers? Whatever your reason, Mininch’s versatile Tool Pen might be worth a gander. Made of 6061 aluminum, the Tool Pen works like those push-up pencils of yesteryear, carrying 6 bits — one exposed and five within the pen body — that are sequentially accessed by pulling out the first and pushing it into the back. Each Tool Pen comes with a magnetic cap, 13 bits including…